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by Pete

I have been searching for a security cabinet for interim storage of a few firearms and have come up dry. My requirements are something more than a locked closet but less than a full-on safe for overnight storage. Luckily social media introduced me to Gallow Technologies, a Utah based company that designs and builds cabnets, racks and wallmounts for businesses and end users alike.

The options are nearly limitless, so I have hand picked a select few examples that caught my eye. But if you are in the market, I recommend taking a virtual walk through their website. There’s something for everyone.

Gallow Technologies Weapon Cabnets:

  • 14 gauge American steel thought-out the entire cabinet
  • Complete welded construction
  • Heavy Duty welded hinges
  • Key locking handle
  • 3-point locking system
  • Steel mesh front door for easy inventory
  • Heavy-duty powered coat finish
  • Gallow’s modular back panel for unlimited configurations
  • 100% made in Southern Utah, USA
  • Additional Specifications:
  • External dimensions: 50” high x 34” wide x 15” deep
  • Internal dimensions: 47” high x 33” wide x 13” deep
  • Cabinet weight: 157 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 171 lbs
  • $500 (estimated, many options)

Wall Mount Packages:


This rack system uses a combination of the new 11” x 29” thin wall panels and the new Vertical stock floor shelf. It will hold 9 rifles vertically and is perfect for a stand alone system or safe interior. Both the stock cups and the the upper hanger can be adjusted to each specific rifles for the perfect cup.


  • (1) WPT-11.29 – Thin wall Panel, 11″ high x 29″ wide
  • (3) VH-SSF-3.2 – Vertical stock floor shelf, 3 rifles
  • (9) VH-S-1 – Vertical rifle hanger, 1 rifle
  • $244.49

Wall Mounts:


Horizontal wall hanger that supports 3 rifle barrels. This part is used to support the rifle barrels when hanging them horizontally on any of the wall panel products. Two horizontal hangers are required for each set of rifles.

Note the opening of the hanger and make sure it fits the barrels. Some accessories such as suppressors may not fit so you will need to use a part with a wider opening such as part #HH-S-3.

  • Made from 14 gauge steel.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Available in Tan and Grey color.
  • Rubber insert to protect the rifle.
  • Dimensions: 4″ high x 10″ deep.
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • $17.99 ea

A-Frame and Free Standing:

A-Frame & Freestanding Racks

Gallow offers a full range of Free-standing and A-frame products. We have free-standing racks to fit each of our packages but also make custom pieces to fit any size you need. The A-frame racks also can be built to any size to fit any application.

The A-frame racks are perfect for Gun Ranges, Showrooms, Training facilities, Weapon Manufacturing and the list goes on and on. Most of the racks are custom built to meet certain requirements.

Examples of nstalled Gallow Technologies products:

Headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, The Armory, LLC, just opened the doors of its new location and features Gallow Technologies displays and storage. Their storefront is housed in an old bank branch, complete with a vault room. This is probably one of the nicest gun stores I have seen.

The Armory, LLC – Outfitted With Gallow Technologies


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