4×32 Browe Sport Optic

    4x32 Browe Sport Optic

    4x32 Browe Sport Optic

    The 4×32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO) was designed with AR-style rifles in mind for sports shooters who want top-shelf optics without top-shelf prices. The housing is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum billet and is designed to accept accessories. It is hard anodized and provides a solid, lightweight durability. Unlike other Browe optics, the BSO is not available in titanium.

    The BSO has fixed 4x magnification and .5 MOA adjustment per click. It is waterproof to 130 feet. Browe created the BSO in order to put high quality optical components like those in the much more expensive Browe Combat Optic into a simple but rugged 34mm housing.

    The Browe Sport Optic’s reticle features Rechargeable Illumination Technology, battery-free illumination which can be “recharged” by light from any source. Simply shine a flashlight, for instance, into the BSO and the reticle will be illuminated for hours. RIT is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.

    The Brow Sport Optic is made in the USA and retails for $999.

    4x32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO)

    4×32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO)

    Shelby Murdoc

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