Kahr Releases 7 New Models for 2017 Including NY SAFE Compliant .44 Magnum

    Kahr, along with sister company Magnum Research, has announced no less than seven new handgun models for 2017. The new models include lightweight Desert Eagles, integration of integrated muzzle brakes, and various nice additions to Khar offerings.

    Fans will appreciate a broadening of offers and those in New York State may jump for big-bore joy as the new lighter L5 .44 Magnum Desert Each now clocks in at less than 50 ounces. For those outside the state of New York, 50 ounces is a “SAFE” Act requirement designed specifically at excluding big-bore Desert Eagles and similar handguns.

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    Other updates for the Magnum Research line include other lighter-weight offerings of popular loadings, specifically the offering of aluminum frames in their L6 line-up for the .44 magnum and .357 Magnum. The .50 AE was originally introduced in 2015.

    On the Kahr side, they’ve seen fit to upgrade some of their most popular models, the CM9093, CM4543, CW3833, and CT3833. Specifically, the new handguns are getting 3-dot sights, a Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove and a Pearce finger rest magazine extension. As a small bonus, all four included Tungsten Cerakote finish on the slides. Kahr does note that the CM4543 does not include the pinky extension.

    MSRP for the L5 is clocked at $1,790 and MSRP for the Kahr offerings range from $439 to $499.

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