Potentially Rare Colt AR-15 Rifles Found At A Gun Show

Patrick R
by Patrick R

I think that we have all been in the position where we see something at a gun show that stands out as really rare or interesting, but just don’t have enough information to act on it. Even the internet can fall flat sometimes, this was one of those cases. I don’t know if I would come off of $15,000 for a non NFA AR-15 with nothing more than a promised letter from Colt to verify the rifle’s legitimacy. I am sure that the seller is an upstanding guy and I understand that Colt is currently working on those letters, so verification is coming.

When I called the Colt archives they were not willing to make any statement other than “those serial numbers sound like how we would serialize”. I guess verbal verification of whether or not a rifle left the factory in that condition is not allowed by archive employees.

The photos do a great job of outlining what each rifle is, and its price at the gun show. I am nowhere near a Colt expert but I am sure that someone that reads the blog might be. If you happen to be that expert that can tell us more about the rifles, please let us know.

Hat tip to Vhyrus for the photos.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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  • Wjkuleck Wjkuleck on Aug 19, 2016

    If there are Colt Model Numbers on the boxes, those numbers could be illuminating.

    • Coltcollector Coltcollector on Aug 20, 2016

      @wjkuleck Out of the 30 guns, 28 have boxes and 24 have matching serial boxes. The other 4 boxes are colt boxes with hand written serial numbers on them or simple stamped stickers.

  • Wally Wally on Aug 19, 2016

    Note the manufacturer marking on the receivers. They are the late style ending with the last line " --- USA --- ". Colt didn't use that marking until well after these rifles should have been made. Rumor has it they are legit guns built with pieces, and may have been done in the factory - or in an employee's basement - but were not official colt production.

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    • Coltcollector Coltcollector on Aug 20, 2016

      @Wally Yes the coltguard was originally on the sp1 in 1982. This is one of the few tests they did on the a2 style. The lower itself is stamped with a Z near the corner confirming it is a 'Salesmans sample' as Colt calls them.
      The 9mm is not 'THE' prototype for all 9mms. It is a version. Just like all the other protoypes are for versions of the 5.56, not the original from 1959 Armalites