POTD: Glock 41 Nintendo Zapper

    So I am not the only one dressing up their guns like 1980’s era toy nostalgia. Black Sheep Arms custom coated a Glock 41 and laser engraved the “NINTENDO Zapper” logo into the slide. Gave it some red accents, added a muzzle brake and a red dot. I am just upset that I didn’t think of doing this myself. Oh and in case anyone is curious, the extended magazine is for the KRISS Vector. It is a +12 rd extension for the factory 13rd Glock 21 magazine to give 25+ rounds in .45acp. The original mag extensions were 17 rd extensions making them long magazine hold 30rds of 45acp. However due to a mag spring change it reduced ammo capacity for the sake of reliability.

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