Revision Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses With Photochromic Lenses

    Revision Military recently released a new model of the popular Hellfly ballistic sunglasses. The difference with this model is they have photochromic lenses. As most of you know these lenses darken as the amount of UV rays increases and become almost clear as the UV rays decrease.

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    This type of lense has been available in prescription glasses for many years. With this new model they are offered without a prescription lense as a base option. If needed they can be ordered with an appropriate prescription lenses. Of course the big plus is they meet the military requirement for ballistic eyewear.

    Hellfly with photochromic lenses

    Hellfly with photochromic lenses

    I’ve worn these for several weeks now and I like them. The nose piece is easily adjusted, they weigh very little and don’t have that annoying tendency to slide down your nose. That can be especially irritating when you’re on the range! I found they do work as advertised. If you’ve never used glasses with photochromic lenses you need to be aware that the lenses don’t immediately change quickly or become as dark as they will be after some use. After a few hours in the sun the lenses react better and become darker faster. This is just the nature of the lens when first used and exposed to the sun.

    The MSRP is $79.99 without prescription lenses. Visit the Revision website for more information on ordering for the prescription lens.

    Revision’s Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses perform
    double duty: protecting your eyes from unexpected fragments
    and environmental elements both on the job and off.
    FEATURING HIGH IMPACT LENSES, the Hellfly Sunglasses fuse the demand for sleek,
    comfortable eyewear with unrivaled sunglass- style ballistic protection. The Hellfly features
    flawless optics, wrap-around frames and Revision’s commitment to the highest level of quality.
    OPTICS DESIGN – 2.2 mm thick lenses made of high impact, optical grade polycarbonate
    ensure visual clarity
    UV PROTECTION – 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays
    WRAP-AROUND – Wrap-around design with wide field-of-view protects from light, wind and
    unexpected fragments
    FIT – Comfortable fit contours to face; overmolded temples keep eyewear in place; adjustable
    nosepiece for customized fit
    DESIGN – Low profile and streamlined ergonomic design provides comfort for all
    TOUGH – Durable material resistant to chemicals, moisture and extreme temperatures; lens hard
    coated for maximum scratch resistance
    LIGHTWEIGHT – At 1¼ oz. (35g) Hellfly Sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable
    OPTIONAL COLORS – A variety of frame and lens color options available

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    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.