Galveston County, Texas offers free concealed license course to staff

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry and County Commissioners Ken Clark and Ryan Dennard are personally paying for employees of the country to take concealed handgun license. Guy Sagi reports

Galveston County, Texas, staff members received an unexpected fringe benefit this week, thanks to the generosity of Judge Mark Henry and County Commissioners Ken Clark and Ryan Dennard—the ability to attend a concealed handgun license course free. The announcement went out Monday to every employee of Galveston County, Texas, which encompasses 873 square miles of the Lone Star State, including popular oceanside destination Galveston Island.

“The class was filled within five minutes of sending out the e-mail, and we’re still getting calls,” Judge Henry said. “We plan to host many more classes, and eventually include employees’ spouses as well.”

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Haunted Puppeteer Haunted Puppeteer on Aug 28, 2015

    It is worth mentioning that College of the Mainland, which is within Galveston County, offers civilian handgun practice, basic handgun, CHL qualification, and intermediate defensive handgun classes in an on-campus range. If you're in Galveston County, it's worth a look, as the prices are quite reasonable ($100, all-inclusive).

    Yes, a community college campus has a range.

  • Anomad101 Anomad101 on Sep 12, 2015

    Most of the women I have seen in Galveston must not work for the county.