POTD: A Rare Japanese Firearms Owner’s “Wives”

    Kuma sent us a photo of his uncle’s hunting rifles that feature handmade fully customized stocks.

    These are my uncle’s rifle. He use this rifle as a hunting guide in Hokkaido, Japan.

    Action and barrel:SAKO
    Stock:Maple wood(Custom)

    Action and barrel:Sauet
    Scope:Carl zeiss

    He spent ¥2 million($16,000) each rifle.
    Both stocks cost him ¥1.5 million($12,000) !

    He call them “Another wives”.

    Very few Japanese are allowed to own firearms so it is interesting to see firearms owned by a Japanese hunter. The laws banning weapons date back to the days when Japanese government decided to extinguish the Samurai.

    UPDATE: Kuma wrote …

    After submission, my uncle told me some information.

    In japan, it is almost impossible to get new permission of rifles or shotguns with thmb hole stock now.

    All firearms with pistol grip is inhibitted substantially.

    And new permission for rifle is limited for person that own shotgun more than 10 years.

    His rifle is exceptional permission for continued use.

    (All rifles and shotguns are required to get permission every three years.)