Model 632 Carry Comp Pro Series .327 Federal Magnum

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The J-Frame’d Model 632 Carry Comp Pro Series is now available in the newish .327 Federal Magnum.

The .327 Federal Magnum cartridge, which was announced just over a year ago (Nov 2007), was specifically designed to offer .357 Magnum performance in a 6 shot compact revolver although it does not deliver this.

This pro-series model features a full length extractor rod, powerport with expansion chamber and full lug barrel.

Capacity: 6 Rounds
Action: Single/Double Action
Barrel Length: 3″ Full Lug
Front Sight: Pinned Serrated Ramp
Rear Sight: S&W Adjustable
Overall Length: 7 1/2″
Weight Empty: 24.5 oz.
Grip: Synthetic
Material: Stainless Steel Frame and Cylinder
Finish: Matte Black

MSRP $980

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Red Red on Nov 28, 2009

    Finally got one! Love it! Lightweight, reasonable noise, low recoil. nail driver at 25yds! This thing shoots like a 38+p with 3" accuracy, 6 rds instead of 5, and it packs a bigger wallop. Out-shoots .357 snubbys by 300fps. Now if I can get ammo and brass...

  • Ray Ray on Jan 27, 2010

    Now that's what I call a carry gun! I love it! As I have read and was told, my 632 Carry Comp Pro is no exception to nail driving at 25yrds or less. If your wife or gal pal is a bit shy to recoil, but wants to carry something with a lot of punch? This is the gun! How much punch? My test in ballistic gel was just over 9 inches of internal depth. The .327 expanded to .50+ Try it yourself on a watermelon! This round is not given a fair shot by some who claim it is no good for self defence. Combined with all of the benifits of the .327 Fed in this 632 by S & W, it becomes one of the best J frame carry gun I have ever known!
    P.S. If the Mrs. still hates the recoil of the .327, slide in six rounds of a good .32 H & R Mag for her. Too tame for me, great for her and the boys!