First Look at Mossberg’s New LBA Trigger

    John Taranto at The Gun Shots is the first to review the new Mossberg LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger:

    The LBA’s trigger blade is not nearly as deep as that of the AccuTrigger. In fact, without using a measuring device, I’d say it’s about two-thirds to half as deep. Considering one of the primary purposes of this type of trigger system is to eliminate trigger creep, I think it makes sense that there isn’t a lot of anticipation as you bring the blade flush with the trigger itself. Bottom line: When I wanted the 4×4 to fire, it broke crisply at that moment, and not a millisecond later.

    LBA Trigger

    While I love the Savage AccuTrigger I hate the little tool it uses for adjustment. I just know if I ever need to adjust it the thing will have gone missing. The LBA uses a screwdriver which is a much better idea.

    The LBA will be available next year on Mossberg 100 ATR and 4×4 bolt action rifles. I previously wrote about the LBA here.
    More at The Gun Shots

    Steve Johnson

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