Quiet Shotgun

    How far would you go to enjoy 12 gauge shot gunning without disturbing the neighbors?

    Wendell Diller has invented a lightweight shotgun barrel extension that is about 5 feet long!

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    When Sean Coffey’s honker call pulled a flock of geese within range, paraplegic Dave Guzzi swung his shotgun with a 7-foot-long barrel and dropped one of the geese dead.

    There was a moment of stunned silence — and not after the goose tumbled out of sky. The morning stillness was barely disturbed when Guzzi pulled the trigger on his extraordinarily long shotgun.

    The sharp blast of the 12-gauge was replaced by a muffled fzzzttt. Sitting just four feet away, I was struck by how the shotgun sounded like a loud air rifle. Guzzi, who lives in Burnsville, laid the experimental shotgun between his legs and waited for more geese.

    “Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” he said of his gun.

    Apparently it is also useful for deer hunting.
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    Steve Johnson

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