MAXIM Defense Universal PCC BCG & PDW Stocks- Big 3 East

You may know of Maxim Defense and their PDW stocks/braces. Well they are getting into the PCC bandwagon. Maxim Defense joined up with Tresna. Jose Jaureguizar of Tresna is now working for Maxim Defense. The Universal BCG is his brainchild.

The undercut rail makes it compatible with Glock, Colt, Walther, Beretta, S&W, and MP5 magazines.

The BCG weighs 13.8 oz and compatible with JP Silent Capture spring. If you want, there is an additional weight that you can add to the back of the Universal BCG to make the overall weight 15.5 oz.

The rear of the BCG has Mil-Spec dimensions to make it compatible with the LAW Tactical folding adapter. According to Maxim this is the only 9mm BCG that can do this.  There are ways to modify an existing 9mm BCG but that reduces the weight.

Of course Maxim Defense brought out a variety of guns with their PDW Stocks.

Here is their HK416 next to my Umarex HK416P with brace.


As a fan of the Sig MPX/MCX I was very interested in their MPX/MCX PDW Stock.


Here is my MPX braced pistol compared to the Maxim Defense PDW Stock. 

The MPX/MCX PDW Stocks have a faux mini buffer tube which is used for storage.

The Maxim Defense PDW brace will fit the MPX stock saddle but it is not a perfect fit. The rubber brace needs to be redesigned to fit the saddle better.

SB Tactical is working on a brace design for Maxim but here is what the MCX looks like with the regular PDW brace and MCX PDW stock saddle.

Nicholas C

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  • Timmah_timmah

    That one close-up profile shot does not look some comfortable

    • Nicholas C

      Im used to shooting PDW stocks since I got the Troy M7A1 PDW stock. It really isnt that bad.

    • mig1nc

      Shooting heads-up with night vision and an IR laser might not be too bad. I’m thinking of jumping on the PDW style stock bandwagon for my night carbine.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im getting closer to the tipping point of having to get one.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Any word on pricing? I didn’t see listings on their website for the BCG.

  • M

    Wait, there are ARs lowers with magwells that take Walther, Beretta, S&W, MP5 magazines?

    • Mr._Exterminatus

      Missed your comment, that’s exactly what I asked lol. If there’s an AR platform that takes MP5 mags I’m in.

    • Wzrd

      Wilson Combat was doing Glock, Beretta, & S&W (independent of one another) but don’t know if they sell lowers for builds in which you’d need to buy the bolt separately. Also Nordic Components was doing a PCC AR with changeable magwells for different brands. Again not sure if they sell anything other than complete guns. As others mentioned QC10 for MP5. I guess if you have an upper you’re swapping between these lowers then it makes sense to have the multi-compatible bolt.

  • pun&gun

    I really don’t understand the fascination with PDW stocks. Harder to adjust, not that much shorter on an AR15 thanks to the buffer tube, gets in the way of the pistol grip when used fully-retracted on a gun that doesn’t have a buffer tube, less structurally sound, no cheek rest, and they take longer to deploy than simply smacking open a more rigid folder.
    That said, the idea of a bolt that is compatible with so many different magazines, as well as the LAW Tactical adapter, is pretty sweet.

  • Mr._Exterminatus

    Does anyone make an AR PCC that uses MP5 mags? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Paul Reavis

      Quarter Circle 10 has been working on this for a while and just announced their availability I think.