New XS Sights F8 Night Sights Introduced

After about two decades of offering two handgun sight options, the new XS Sights F8 night sights diversifies the company’s product lineup and give shooters yet another option to consider when upgrading their sights.

The new F8 night sights feature a figure-eight style sight picture with one tritium dot stacking on top of the other for fast sight alignment that focuses on vertical alignment of the tritium vials instead of gauging the space on either side of the front sight. XS has also developed a new orange paint and something they are calling the ‘XS Orange Ring” that gathers ambient light to help the shooter focus on the front sight no matter the lighting conditions.

The XS Big Dot and the XS Standard Dot sights will continue to be produced in both DXT and DXW (Defensive Express Tritium and Defensive Express White if you were wondering.) for the handgun models that they currently support and will be adding the new F8 night sights for the following models by the NASGW show in October.

  • Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 30, 34, 40, 41, 42, 43
  • Sig Sauer –  9mm and .40 S&W in P226, P229, P320 and other original P series pistols
  • S&W M&P Full Size, Compact and S&W M&P Shield
  • Springfield XD, XDS, XDM, and XDE
  • FNH FN509

XS Sights also rolled out a new warranty with the new F8 Sights, 10 years of ‘no questions asked’ warranty, after the 10 years had passed, XS will replace the sight at a discounted price.

MSRP for the F8 night sights will be a lofty $184.99 according to the press release that XS Sights sent out. While this may seem like a stupid price for sights, I have been told that street price will be in the area of $130. You can find more information about XS Sights on the web at

Patrick R

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  • Remember the Basics of CQC

    That’s a steep price, that’s half way towards a Leupold Delta Point.

  • Munson

    That’s funny, they look EXACTLY like the Ameriglo i-dot pros I’ve been using for about 10 years now. Oh, and for almost half the price

  • Jeffrey Smith

    The absolute worst sights I have ever used were the dot over dot style by Ameriglo. If you are aiming at barns, perfect! Anything else, horrible.

    • Risky

      If you’re having trouble hitting anything other than barns… maybe its not the sights 😉

      • Although I won’t claim that they are completely useless, dot over dot sights have more vertical stringing in low long situations than 3 dot sights. It is harder to judge if they are proper aligned with just 2 dots.

        • Stuki Moi

          Most realistic handgun targets are more vertical than horizontal precision agnostic….

          I’ve only ever used Heinies, and haven’t had much issue either way. But those sights are biased towards precision to begin with. (.125/.125 width, deep rear cut, _sharp-edged_ well serrated surfaces and with small dots).

          Judging solely by the picture above, I could see the sheer size and busyness/colorfulness of the front dot degrading precision. Possibly past the point of usefulness on harder targets.

          But those “in the know,” claim repeatably measurable benefits on typical police qualifications from these HD type front sights. Citing increased speed of acquiring front focus, and higher likelihood of maintaining it, even faced with moving or otherwise distracting targets.

          • Yeah humans are more vertical than horizontal which is good, except for the fact that 3 dot sights don’t have either problem in low light.

            They don’t degrade precision, but they make it hard because it can attract the attention of the eye. But it is still doable if you are aiming at a target bigger enough to see seen around the sight. I’ve made 25 yard upper A zones hits with ease. And Trijicon also dealt with that with the new XR version of the HD sights.

            I used to have access to a range where I could shoot 24/7 (which is no longer allowed after Sonny shot his AI at the range a few years ago). So in addition to professional training, I’ve done a lot of practice work with various night sights, and come to the conclusion that 3 dot yellow rears with a green front is the best night sight setup. All the other setups including two dots have deficiencies of some sort at night.

            Now if only Trijicon offered their HD XRs with yellow rear tubes, and they would be damn near perfect CWP/HD sights.

      • Jeffrey Smith

        Ameriglos = horrible

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I don’t think the sights are the problem.

  • Bill

    All I car about is if they drop a suppressor height option. Ameriglo and Trijicon neither one have done so yet.

  • Madcap_Magician

    What? Half the reason for buying two-dot sights is that they’re cheaper than three-dot sights by the cost of a tritium tube. Those are MORE expensive than Trijicon HDs.

    • iksnilol

      Can’t you get them even cheaper if you use the short tritium vials? I mean, it’s not like the length matters.

      Also, can’t you turn regular dotted sights into night sights by just drilling into the dots, and inserting/gluing some tritium vials in?

  • James Young

    I do best with three dot sights where the front sight is a different color than the rear dots. I’m just talking how fast I’m able to line up the sights. Never tried dot over dot, but it seems like it’d be difficult, similar to dark rear sights and a white front sight dot that gives me trouble picking it up quickly.

  • Tom

    These prices for night sights are getting ridiculous, they are not very far away from being a $200+ MSRP. Funny part is the tritium vials should be the most expensive part of the sights, and these have one less than most night sights, yet still have one of the highest price points. I guess as long as people are stupid enough to keep paying $150 for night sights companies will keep raising the prices.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Did you miss the part where I said that the street price will be closer to the $120-$130 area?

      • Tom

        Nope, but frankly even a street price of $130 is ridiculous for a sight with no adjustments and only 2 tritium vials. I’d say the same thing about other sights with street prices in that range.

    • MikeA

      I paid about $325 for my Performance Center Shield with the current sales and rebates. The street price of these sights is 40% of the cost of the pistol. I have to agree that the cost is way too high versus the value of changing them out.

  • Michael Powers

    TFB=Sell, Sell, Sell! How about some useful articles instead of selling crap?

  • Chris Miller

    I’ve been looking for this kind of setup for my SIG’s for a while (the Heinie solution did not look like it belonged). How I missed the Ameri-Glo sights that others have mentioned is beyond me. Personally I prefer the bar dot (or dot dot) over the 3-dot system.