TFB FIRST LOOK: The New Gen5 GLOCK 17 And Gen5 GLOCK 19

Finally, the firearms industry’s best-worst kept secret is now official. We no longer have to use hushed voices or sneak into the shadows to discuss finger grooves and ambidextrous slide release stop levers (ok, I never did either of those things). The Gen5 GLOCK pistols are set to be released publicly in both G17 and G19 models in a matter of days. And by some devine blessing from the 9mm gods, TFB is lucky enough to have two sets of the new handguns for review.

As reviews go, I am going to format this ‘first look’ a little differently than normal. Besides the lack of finger grooves and right side slide stop lever, these guns function as GLOCKs always have.  Love it or hate it, the trigger feels the same, the grip angle is the same and the general feel is classic GLOCK.

Thats not to say that the Gen5 changes are insignificant – from the crown of the barrel to the magazine well, GLOCK has tweaked an already proven design and made it better (my opinion here). Are the new guns as drastic or groundbreaking as some would have hoped? Probably not. But we shouldn’t be surprised at the Austrian gun manufacturers decisions at this point – they make incremental changes on their own timeline.

As I mentioned in the earlier Gen5 GLOCK announcement, myself and TFBTV star James Reeves had the opportunity to spend a few days in Smyrna with the new guns. And while the topic of the GLOCK Operators Course will be the subject of a future article, it was the perfect vehicle to put the Gen5s through their paces.

Much of the new features found on these G17 and G19 pistols won’t come as a surprise. By design, the GLOCK team conducted a ‘soft launch’ of the M series contract pistols at select law enforcement agencies for at least a year.

Let’s take a look.


1. nDLC finish for barrel and slide –

GLOCK‘s nDLC provides tougher, more durable protection than previously used finish. The nDLC finish is exclusive to the GLOCK manufacturing process. The nDLC finish increases protection against corrosion and scratching and improves the ability of the pistol to function in degreased or adverse conditions. The nDLC finish will be exclusive to Gen5 pistols at this time.

The new finish is a return to the old “frying pan” style found on the first through third generation pistols. It looks and feels great and I’m pretty happy about the return to the old-school sTyler.

2. GLOCK Marksman Barrel –

The GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) features new barrel rifling which delivers improved accuracy.

Personally, I will never be able to ‘out shoot’ the accuracy of a barrel found on any generation of GLOCK, however, there are others out there that can. Glock has improved the rifling in the Gen5 barrels, and you may be able to pickup the differences in the images below. I’ll see if I can get more details on the design and process to make the new barrels in the days to come.

Gen5 on top.

Gen5 on top.

Gen5 on bottom.

Gen5 GLOCK Barrel:

Gen4 GLOCK Barrel:

(Yes, I’m behind on my cleaning schedule.)

3. Removal of the finger grooves on the grip –

Removing the finger grooves improves the ergonomics of the grip. The absence of finger grooves improves the ability of the pistol to deliver a consistently comfortable grip to a wider range of consumers, regardless of their finger size and whether or not gloves are worn.

The biggest change by far on the Gen5 models is the lack of finger grooves on the front strap. Personally, I think this is worth the price of admission alone – the groves never fit my primary hand placement.

As for the magazine cutout, I think it could have been implemented at half the size and it still would work as designed. On the G19, my pinky finger falls into the relief cut, which is slightly annoying. However, I’d rather have a larger cutout than none at all.

4. Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever –

The ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it easier for gun owners to quickly, safely and comfortably manipulate the slide whether they are left-handed or right-handed.

I am not left handed, so I have a hard time judging if adding an ambidextrous slide stop lever is a significant advancement over earlier variations. Most lefties I know have already adapted their grip and muscle memory to either use the standard slide stop release or an alternative method like the slingshot technique.

5. Flared mag-well –

The larger opening of the flared mag-well makes it easier to funnel the magazine into the mag-well, particularly in high-stress situations where fractions of seconds matter.

I like the addition of a flared magazine well. It is subtle enough to not to create extra bulk but wide enough to be useful for reloads.

6. GLOCK Gen5 Magazine –

The new GLOCK Gen5 magazine comes with an orange follower and a floor plate which is extended at the front for faster magazine change.

The real sleeper of this announcement is the orange follower In the new Gen5 magazines. This addition is like that small toy in your stocking on Christmas morning that you end up playing with as much as all your other gifts combined. It is much easier to see through the round windows versus the black follower.

The magazine floor plate has been extended slightly off the front. They are interchangeable between other generation magazines with the exception of the subcompact guns (G26).

Gen5 Glock Internals:

The Gen5 Glock recoil spring assembly (RSA) for the G19 appears to be the same as the Gen4 RSA. Gen5 on top.

Gen 4 slide left, Gen 5 slide right.

Gen 4 slide top, Gen 5 slide bottom.

Gen 4 slide top, Gen 5 slide bottom.

Ameriglo sights are available as a factory option.

Gen5 GLOCK Compatibility:

Holster compatibility will be on a case by case basis. The ambidextrous slide stop lever will be the biggest obstacle, depending on the height of the outside wall of a right handed holster. Gen5 G17 in a Surefire Masterfire holster.

The Gen5 GLOCK G17 with a Surefire x300Ultra weaponlight.

On threaded barrels –

My preliminarily and unofficial testing reveals that aftermarket threaded barrels for the Gen4 G19 will work in the Gen5 G19. I do not have a Gen4 G17 aftermarket barrel to test compatibility, but initial reports show that swaps may not be possible. I’ll keep you all informed as testing continues.


Gen5 G19 with Backup Tactical threaded barrel.

I’d like to thank the good people at GLOCK in Smyrna, Georgia who made this first look at the new Gen5 possible. In the coming days I will provide you with additional information and reviews. As always, if you have questions, I’ll try to answer them in the comments section below.

Special Thanks:


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  • Zundfolge

    I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve looked at a new Glock and though “Maybe I should get one of those” since the Gen 2 came out. Good job Glock.

  • Echo5Charlie

    The “frying pan finish” did not start until the very late ’90s, and even then there was overlap into the early 2000s. Previous to that the finish was more like parkerization.

    • ostiariusalpha

      All the Glock finishes are manganese phosphate coating (Parkerizing). The Gen 5 is the first one to add another treatment to the finish.

      • Echo5Charlie

        Ummm, no.

        • ostiariusalpha

          You left out the explication bit of your rebuttal there, champ.

          • Echo5Charlie

            You are so incorrect no rebuttal is required.

          • ostiariusalpha


      • PK

        It’s ferric nitrocarburizing, not Parkerizing. Gigantic differences.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Then you already know that ferretic nitrocarburizing (Tenifer in Glock’s specific case) is a case hardening surface treatment, it isn’t the black coating on the outside of the slide. That’s a manganese phosphate application that they do after nitriding.

          • PK

            Total brainfart, you’re 100% correct. For some reason I thought you were saying they were only Parkerized.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Hahaha, no of course not. Glock used a special process to get the phosphate smooth, glossy, and reputedly tougher with the “teflon frying pan” finish, then they moved away from it with even less explanation than when they stopped using Tenifer nitriding. They keep their manufacturing secrets closer to the vest than KFC.

          • PK

            Well, it makes sense… the EPA crapped all over the needed cyanide-surplus process. Odd, because we have plenty of other (approved) industrial processes which create loads of the stuff.

          • Echo5Charlie

            Did someone tell you that? You also believed them?

          • ostiariusalpha

            Oh, you suddenly feel like chatting now? Care to drop some pearls of wisdom?

          • Echo5Charlie

            Still off the mark


    Very informative and well-done. Thanks! It looks like they changed some of the things that bugged me.

    • Billy Jack

      Now just have to wait to see what new parts fail and see that resolved.

  • USMC03Vet

    Not sure if new iPhone launch or new Glock gen launch anymore.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The FIREARM Blog “Guns Not Politics”… um…

  • MJ Coleman

    Come on Glock, please learn to listen to you customers. Guess why an entire industry has developed around grip reductions and replacement frames;? Because your grip sucks. And guess why Glocks everywhere have undercut trigger guards? Because Glock knuckle is real. Maybe by Gen10 you will get it right.

    • Andrew

      This. They always skip the one change I want them to make. The silly backstrap. M&P 2.0 is in my future.

      • ProudAmerican

        35 years since Glock’s introduction and 5 “generations” and Glock still begrudges us 3 square millimeters of pot metal for a factory extended slide release stop.

        • HKfan

          Glock is not entirely to blame for this. With the stupid thumbs all the way forward and up grip, many people ride the slide stop and then wonder why their slide never locks back or wonder why the slide locks back prematurely. YouTube gun experts to thank for that.

          However, for those who don’t ride the slide stop, an extended sldie stop is the first thing I would change if I get a Glock

        • HKfan

          Also, when Glock was being developed, Austrian reloading technique for handgun reloading was to slingshot the slide and not use any lever. THis is why the sldie stop is so, so small and partly why it is called a slide STOP and NOT a RELEASE, at least with Glocks.

          At the same time, Glock knows at least 50% of Glock pruchasers purchase the extended slide lock for $20, so they are just making extra money. I was really, really hoping at least the Gen 5 would have been extended from the factory 🙁

    • Bigbigpoopi

      I’m waiting for the RIA notaglockyetitsdamclose 17

      • SkyGolfer

        I put over 500 rounds through a G19M on Thursday in about 90 minutes. Not seeing the glock knuckle thing people talk about. About all I can say is that you definitely notice the flared magwell at first but overall it shoots just like any other glock. The sights take getting used to and the trigger is nicer than a gen 3 but I don’t feel like anything else needed to be done to it.

        • BattleshipGrey

          Probably should’ve added the MOS option as a standard.

          • SkyGolfer

            You are not wrong.

    • PK

      I like my Glock handguns well enough… but amen, buddy! It’s like driving a 1980s econobox around these days, it’s so bland and screams “first generation thinking”.

      Maybe one day, who knows.

      • Glocks are for beginners… and eventually experts…

        It’s the indian and not the arrow.

    • jonn doe

      I 2nd the Glock knuckle I wasn’t willing to wait around for Glock or pay someone else to fix this 10min with my dremel fixing that bottom corner on the trigger guard Oh and that bottom finger grove lip had to go.

    • civilianaf

      You think Glock cares? They do what they want because they can. Every government in the world will line up to buy their product. “Glock Knuckle is real!” Gonna make that into a t shirt.

      • Chuck Hardin

        Glock Knuckles Matter.

    • HKfan

      Glock’s backstrap system is a joke. They only accommodate large to obese hands. They could have easily designed a better system where the entire hollow section behind the magazine pops off like a VP, PPQ, or any other quality polymer gun. The installation alone is a joke. If there is one great thing about Glock ergos its the depresion/recess under the slide stop. Sadly, with the thumbs forward grip, no one uses this recess but wonders why the slide doesn’t lock back or wonder why making contact with a moving slide jams the gun.

      • Nashvone

        The interchangeable side panels on the VP rock. I would like to see more manufacturers adopt that style.

      • Joe

        What is your issue with the thumb forward techniques? Curious, I’ve never talked to someone who seemed as dead set against it as you.

        • HKfan

          It is fundamentally flawed when 70% of YouTube warriors want you to place your thumbs in an area of the firearms where a great deal of people unknowingly put pressure on the slide stop making the slide lock prematurely or not lock back at all. I have seen many people have issues like these because their instructors know better than they do on thumb placement.

          You might get by with the thumbs forward grip on a Glock because of the 3mm slide stop but on other platforms with useable controls, VP, PPQ, P320, other Sigs, 80% of people place thumbs around the controls.

          Like the 1911 people who place thumb over the safety and use the same method for different platforms that were never designed for this.

    • HKfan

      Glock currently is behind production by about half a million units due to global demand for years. A pistol costs them $76 to manufacture.

      Given this info, do you really think they want to start redesigning things and spending money when they are doing so well in the past, present, and predictable future?

      They are making so much money, drastic improvements or new ideas are not on their list.

      Glock’s success over the past 20 years or so between their low prices, amazing marketing, and police/military/commercial use has solidified their position in the market.

      I currently own a VP9-my only gun-and if you ask me if I would ever buy a Glock I will tell you maybe yes maybe no. They are reliable, have great build quality, and are easy to modify-but my VP9 is just as reliable, feels so much better, more accurate, and has better features.

      Glock people are like the old geezers that were 1911 addicted decades ago. Just like the soldiers who trashed the M16 and clinged to their M14s in Vietnam. Evolution happens quickly but adoption and consumer acceptance take forever, especially in America

      • joey

        Unlike a 1911…?…Are you intoxicated?

        • HKfan

          Nope, just realistic

          • joey

            I think not.

          • retfed

            Nothing wrong with a 1911, if you’re wedded to Taft-era technology.
            If you want to pay twice as much for a heavy, low-capacity pistol that contains twice as many parts as a Glock, almost all of which need to be machined in an age when machining is prohibitively expensive (Hey, maybe that’s why a 1911 costs twice as much! They charge by the part!), go for it. Just don’t pretend it’s a modern pistol.

    • Xerxes036

      Here here!

    • Nicks87

      Glock knuckle? Oh brother, whats next? Glock finger? Glock elbow? Glock itch?

  • noob

    Great review! I hope diamond like coating will become more popular so the technology spreads into other applications like car parts. Guns and airplanes lead the way.

    • Tim

      Aviation will see this up and coming tech in 50 years… right after they update the 1970 radar equipment.

    • Andrew

      Its been in production motorcycle forks since around 2003.

  • Gun Fu Guru

    They still didn’t manage to add front slide serrations or swap out the accessory rail out for a proper 1913 rail.

    • ARCNA442

      Holster compatibility. Sure a 1913 rail would be nice, but it’s not vital and it would break backwards compatibility (which Glock does an amazing job maintaining).

      • Dakota Raduenz

        The one thing they do well.
        With the barrels being different, I wonder if the slides are now 1-3, 4, 5. Cause I don’t care for Glock, but not being able to build my own Gen4 didn’t help..

  • Test Bacon

    Huh. Between Harley Davidson’s “new” bikes, Glock’s “new” pistols, and the post office losing my LTC, this has been a rather underwhelming week.

    • Matt O

      the end of the twin cam and the dynas is a way bigger change than ditching some finger grooves and normal rifling

    • Al

      Is this the same Harley that is going to transcend genders? To cater to a wider slice of consumers, presumably. Wasn’t that the idea behind slimming down the Glock grip with the M version as well?

    • FulMetlJakit

      Harley sucks because it has been resting on it’s laurels and brand name since the 50s basically. #BringBackBuell -even with the crazy discs.

  • Edeco

    MV comparisson between the Gen 4 and Gen 5 barrels plz.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Great idea. I’ll have to dust off the Chrony. I’ll try this weekend.

      • BattleshipGrey

        How’s about a accuracy test comparison as well? Maybe at the 50 yards mentioned in James’ video? I know it won’t be exactly scientific, but just see what happens, maybe nothing.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          For the artist behind that JJR sketch, I’ll give it a shot.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Lol, thanks

  • Adam D.

    Thanks for the detailed preview Pete, excellent post!

    Some questions if you don’t mind:
    – did the ejector shape/face change? Don’t know about the 4th Gen, but the older
    versions do weird stuff sometimes, when it comes to ejection patterns.
    (I’ve seen a very nifty mod by LAV to solve this by the way, but it’s not for beginners.)

    – Any info on why they’ve changed the safety plunger’s shape?

    – Any news on possible factory non-metric threaded barrel options?

    – Did they mention what this nDLC treatment is and why they’ve moved away from the surface transformation process of nitriding (Tenifer/Melonite blah blah) to a literal coating like DLC?
    Is it a meaningful change from the original DLC process (“n” maybe denoting nanotechnology, like Geissele’s new process?), or just a marketing thing?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      did the ejector shape/face change?

      P: I’ll get some pics and update the post.

      Any info on why they’ve changed the safety plunger’s shape?

      P: I wondered that myself and I plan on asking.

      Any news on possible factory non-metric threaded barrel options?

      P: Not any time soon.

      Did they mention what this nDLC treatment is and why they’ve moved away from the surface transformation process of nitriding (Tenifer/Melonite blah blah) to a literal coating like DLC

      P: I’ll ask, but the initial change was rumored to be for environmental reasons. I’ll see what specifics they can share.


      • Adam D.

        Awesome, thank you Pete!

        If the change in surface treatment was made for environmental reasons,
        I can understand that. Here in the EU environment related industrial regulations are much more strict, maybe they’re trying to move away from nitriding, because it involves significant amounts of sulfuric acid as far as I know.

  • Obi Sean

    It’s a Retro Mod Glock, and I like it. Thank you for refraining from phrases like “game changer” and “raising the bar”. Rather, If it works, don’t fix it.

    • Gary Kirk

      Yeah, thankfully they didn’t win the government contract.. Otherwise it’d be ” If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is”..

      • Xerxes036

        Bwhahahaha love that saying!

  • Brian

    I like it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I only trust one pistol to protect me against Hurricane Harvey and it’s a Gen 4.

    *** quietly sobs ***

    • Gary Kirk

      I have one “technically a pistol” to protect me from things like that.. And it’s a CZ Scorpion evo..

      *** No sobbing required***

    • Gary Kirk

      Think you got “moderated”..
      So here’s my reply..

      You forgot to mention said bloody corpse with lawn chair fragments would be in a pile of empty brass.. Oh, wait.. You don’t have that newfangled flared magwell.. So guess they’ll find you in a pile of loaded mags.. Halfway through a change…

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah I guess my dumb country a-s will be up sh-ts creek without them stiplings.
        I’ll sign off and you can wear a black dress at my funeral.

        • Gary Kirk

          Hell brother, least your in Texas.. Dresses will be mandatory menswear here in MD before they ever reach your lawn chair..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I live in downtown Houston. Even the trannies carry guns here.
            We are a self dee-fence oriented population.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yeah, most of where I’ve been stuck.. Is pretty much self-serve instead of self defense.. D.C., and Bodymore.. Reside in the southern part of the state now, but am just itching to get the wife to burn ties to her family, and head south as fast as possible..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Move to Houston dude.
            It’s safer and more prosperous than it’s ever been.
            The food is awesome and guns are like sunglasses.
            It’s more of a fashion statement than anything but nobody f-cks
            with you.

          • Gary Kirk

            Would in a heartbeat brother.. It’s always that “could” that gets in the damned way.. Anyway, will keep trying.. And if you do the whole lawn chair last stand, just gimme some notice so’s I can show up in my black dress..

          • Gary Kirk
          • TheNotoriousIUD

            It’s a gun owners paradise down here. You don’t have to worry about “offending” anybody as long as long as you have common sense.
            It’s a real live and let live environment.
            The heat just reduces people to a commonality.
            We don’t fight each other, we just try to survive.

          • Gary Kirk

            Don’t know, will have to consult the all knowing one.. My bulldog..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            He says “Let’s chase some squirrels “

          • Gary Kirk

            You left out “after you shoot them dad”..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I only trust dogs.

          • Gary Kirk

            I was a devil dog.. Does that count?

          • Bill

            If you don’t mind snow, you could come to Utah. Minimal gun laws, everybody has at least one gun, and it’s the hot blonde capitol of the USA. I should know-I married one.

    • Edeco

      Sorry to hear of your impending doom :<

      • TheNotoriousIUD
        • That is poor decision making to me. After a big storm like this you are often out of power for days, sometimes a couple of weeks. How the heck are you doing to cook a frozen pizza?

          I can cook rice, soup, and other goods on a jet boil. But I can’t see how you cook a pizza unless you have one of those propane powder outdoor pizza ovens.

          • Marc

            Otherwise known as a gas grill?

          • Not really, gas grills are a bit too direct in their heat. Often the crust is done well before the cheese has melted.

  • Gary Kirk

    “Ambidextrous slide release (sorry, can’t do the line through thing on my phone) stop levers “(ok I never did either one of those..)”… Nice trolling my friend..

  • ohnoesstillabadtrigger!

    There seems to be suspiciously absent review and comment about the trigger from all media outlets with pre-release access….

    • Old Tofu

      that’s the part I was interested in too. looks like from most pics that they have took off those annoying grooves on the trigger.

  • Gary Kirk

    And I know I am not alone in this (have seen many other posts saying exactly what I am now) but, they REALLY couldn’t blend the dust cover with the slide?.. I mean, come on Glock.. Please release a model that we do NOT have to use a Dremel/sander on for the love of God..

    • uisconfruzed

      What is this dust cover you speak of?

      • Jake S.

        The dust cover on a pistol is the portion of the frame designed to cover the guide rod and spring assembly. The term is a holdover from 1911s and is rarely used outside that context. Trust me, it threw me off too when I first started researching 1911s, I was like, “Dust cover? This ain’t no stinkin’ M4.”

        • uisconfruzed

          HA! What came to mind was the cover on an AR as well 🙂

          • Jake S.

            Yeah, I think what he is referring to is how the bevel on the muzzle end of the frame and slide do not line up like they do on an M&P, for example. Not sure why that really matters other than aesthetics. I always thought people bought Glocks for reliability over appearance or ergonomics.

          • uisconfruzed

            I bought mine for ergonomics (they just plain fit me) and reliability.
            I can’t tell it’s ugly when it’s concealed, or going bang every time.

      • FulMetlJakit

        Thank you. This term really “grinds my gears” as a grammar nazi. Technically (?) correct, but by that logic anything without a gratuitous point of entry is a dust cover. I always think “forward lower receiver frame.”

        • uisconfruzed

          I bleeves you misspelled Jakit 😉

        • ostiariusalpha

          It’s called the dust cover because that is its primary purpose: to keep debris out of recoil assembly. In fact, on guns that don’t have an attachment rail on the dust cover (basically everything from before 1990), that is it’s one and only purpose. Also, you could drop out the “lower” part of that alternative term, there is no “upper receiver frame” on any pistol that isn’t a stockless carbine; it would be simpler to just refer to it as the “frame forend” and have it conceptually summed up.

          • Ringolevio

            Kudos! You’d make a good technical writer (if you’re not one already).

  • scaatylobo

    Guess I can still send my Glocks to Robar to fix the grips ?.
    Sorry guys,but that SHOULD have been a “no brainer” since so many are “stippling” the factory stocks on most of your guns already !!.

    • Old Tofu

      why ? when some sand paper and /or a dremel will do just fine

      • scaatylobo

        Partially agree, if I want to try and bolox up the job myself.
        BUT my point was that Glock should have included that in their latest model.
        And they could also have done away with that ‘hollow’ on the backstrap too.

  • J.T.

    “It is much easier to see through the round windows versus the black follower.”

    Which doesn’t change a whole lot since the follower isn’t used to tell how many rounds you have in the mag, the cases are.

  • Frankie 2 Lunch

    That new finish can’t be better than the old one, you’re barrel already has scrapes on it from the slide. The Gen4 barrel doesn’t do that.

    • Echo5Charlie

      That dang crappy manganese phosphating!

  • dunhillmc

    Did Glock purposefully make the new finish so it would retain fingerprints and smudges? In most pics it seems like the new finish is a fingerprint magnet.

  • Gregory

    Glock, make these changes and you will dominate the market with civilian sales.
    1. Change the grip angle.
    2. Move the hump from the bottom toward the center of the grip’s rear.
    3. Make the magazines all stainless steel.
    4. Since the magazines will have a smaller outside dimension this will allow for the grip to be contoured more to fit the human hand and less like a 1×2 board.
    5. Use steel sights.
    6. Make the trigger guard opening longer and taller.
    7. Relieve the underside of the trigger guard to stop the Glock knuckle and relieve the sides of the frame at the rear of the trigger guard.
    8. Round over the edges of the trigger guard to the old dimension of the gen 2 pistols.
    9. Stiffen the trigger bar to eliminate the mushy feel.
    10. Round off the front of the trigger guard.

    • uisconfruzed

      1 & 2)- NO! It’s the reason I bought my first one over 20 years ago. The natural point of aim is perfect in my hand, like the Ruger MK pistol.
      4)- Same as above. I found with the H&K’s VP9 (Very nice!) rounded grip my vert npa’s spot on, left to right- no so. The Block works for a reason.
      7)- YESSS!!!!!! It’s the only mod I’ve made.

      • Andrew

        An interchangeable backstrap system that allows you to choose between hump and no hump and different hand sizes would let both of you have your way on points 1&2.

    • john huscio

      Putting aside the fact that glock already dominates the civilian market……

      1. Not gonna happen
      2. Or delete the hump altogether, even though its close to nonexistent in the 19 and smaller models
      3. They work great as is, no need to change
      4. Ergonomics are subjective.
      5. Already happening with gen 5
      6. I could actually get behind this one
      7. I’ve literally never run into the term “glock knuckle” before you uttered it and ive been shooting these things for a while….
      8. Indifferent to this, never had a problem
      9. I find nothing wrong with glock stock triggers. I guess im weird like that….
      10. I could get behind this too…

    • HKfan

      The trigger bar is metal, you cannot stiffen metal. Glock’s crappy trigger are inherent in the design. Since Glocks are DA, there are multiple events ocurring when the trigger is pulled, inclding cocking the firing pin somewhat which is why it feels much heavier and mushier than the competition.

      The HK VP on the other hand is so good because it is a true SA trigger. The striker is 100% cocked and less movement is involved compared to Glock

  • Frank

    DLC on carbon steel? Is that rust forming on the serrations already? You should never put DLC on carbon steel, it doesn’t do much to prevent rust like the SBN-type finish they used before.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I believe the little “n” in nDLC stands for nitrided. I could be wrong of course.

  • Evan

    How about an ambi mag release? I can slingshot to get around the lack of a slide stop, but using the middle finger of my left hand to work the mag release is annoying and awkward.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It isn’t ambi, but you can obviously swap which side the button is on.

  • TwoThirtyGr

    Would have loved a (MUCH) better texture on the grip, similar to the M&P 2.0, Shield .45, etc. If Glock never reduces the thick areas of their grip (why so many Glock owners pay hundreds to have their Glock grip more vertical on the backstrap and less bulbous) and removes the backstrap “hump”, I may never be interested in Glock again. I love the G19, but I will not buy a gun just to have to send the frame off to have it re-shaped to fit my hands properly and pay a few hundred dollars, when so many other handguns have the same capacity yet he grip feels much smaller and more comfortable, with much better trigger reach. All they would have to do is include one more backstrap for those who like the original thick grip. Also, reduced trigger reach would have been very very much appreciated, which could be partly done by thinning out thick areas of the frame where the web of your hand goes, etc. Oh well.. I guess the dremel kings will stay in business…

    • dunhillmc

      the palm swell fits most people just fine. It’s usually people with 1911 muscle memory that have have an issue with

      • TwoThirtyGr

        Right. But Glock could do much better than this. A wider customer base is never a bad thing. Muscle memory isn’t my issue. It is how thick the grip is in relation to my hand size and the countless Glock owners who pay $200-300 for a grip reduction…

  • evi1joe

    Weird question, but do you know if the Gen4 slide will work on a Gen5 frame? Other than the right-side slide stop, there’s not much difference.

    • mig1nc

      I was just about to ask the same question. I literally just bought a Glock 19 Gen-4 MOS right before the announcement. I’d love to be able to pick up a Gen-5 and just swap the slide. Using the Gen-5 frame and match barrel.

  • ShrimplyPibbles

    Looks like the frame is still flexing upward in the front.

  • uisconfruzed

    -Not a fan of the mag cut-out. My EDC for 15 years has been a G27 & G23.
    -I shot a friend’s G30 and it felt like a pair of pliers bit me when my finger was pinched between the mag & grip, With the extended mag floorplate I’d have to shoot one before I’d buy.
    -Why the extended beavertail? Glock is aware there’s no hammer to bit like a 1911, and it’s something else sticking out when carrying concealed.
    – The new rifling’s interesting, it appears they added ridges along with the polygonal rifling.

  • Eric S

    Any discussion on lowering the ejection port? This has been mentioned by Randy Lee as the ultimate cure for Glock erratic extraction issues. My G19 ejects all over the place. Interestingly, it ejects more consistently the looser I hold it. A one finger grip solves all the problems, but I just can’t do that.

  • civilianaf

    So no “Breaking News” comments then? (crickets)

  • Eric S

    Does the new magazine follower eject with the slide locked back? The current gen G19 mags just fall out. There’s no more extra spring tension to give them an ejection push at slide lock. Most other pistols do this. There’s products to make the magazines weigh more but the spring would work best.

    • Old Tofu

      with the slide locked back there would be nothing for the follower to push against. magazines fall out of pistols , none are “ejected”

      • Eric S

        If you have a non-Glock pistol, lock the slide back with the empty magazine, hold the pistol sideways so the magazine is parallel to the ground, then press the magazine release. Most pistols will push the magazine out between 1/2 and 1 inch. That push really helps clear the magazine during a change. My G19 won’t move the magazine at all. If I let go of the magazine release the mag will be locked in just as if I never pressed it. G17 mags have a little extra travel on the follower and will push out approximately 1/8 inch, so they have a little bit of ejection force.

        • Old Tofu

          both of mine (g21+g19) both drop free when empty. my 1911 slide stop interacts with the follower to push it like you describe. probably better off solving the problem by finding the friction point in your magazine well and use a little sand paper. I can even hold mine at about 45 degree angle and they still drop free.

  • Travis

    What?!?!?! No fix for Glock leg yet?!?!

  • James Swan

    No matter how much the gen 5 is touted by glock and no matter how much people bash sig,it still does not change the fact the p320 is the new army pistol. No matter how many excuses or hearsay is posted on this site,it changes nothing. Fanboys deal with it. As a h&k fanboy that is all that mattets.

  • Pierre Kerbage

    Same crappy trigger as the Gen 4’s ? That’s disappointing. Had to upgrade all of mine with the Zev 4 Tech Professional Fulcrum to make it adequate, and of course, upgrade the sights. Did I miss something?

  • mongo

    Wow! Glock made a CZ P10c. How cool is that?

  • Joel

    After reading and rereading the piece over at Recoil, I have to say “kudos.” Glock has made a great many changes, most of them not aesthetic. Hopefully they’re well tested. In any case, Glock did move the Glock one generation forward. And, in line with their thinking, function seems to have been the driver, not form.

  • Robert Kruckman

    Are all U F-ing people blind? Not one mention of 2 pins like the first mdls and then 3 pins like the newer mdls. Does this mean I don’t have to throw my 25 year old 2 pin in the trash?

  • Kevin Smith

    I’ve owned many Glocks since 1995 and have several Gen 2, 3 and 4s. The new Gen 5 pistols are not much more than a marketing ploy rather than actual modernization. Other than the new barrel and removal of the finger grooves, the Gen 5 is a joke. It is virtually identical to the Gen 4….no major improvements worthy of buying one. The older versions are just as good and reliable….

  • Nope

    Pass. Glock is terrible.

  • Bill

    “Yes, I’m behind on my cleaning schedule.”

    What is this “cleaning” madness of which you speak?

  • Kelly Jackson

    I thought the 5th gen was called the P10C?

  • Gee

    New, number one, most hated and complained about item on the Gen5 Glock will be the grip cutout at the bottom of the magwell. Glock put it in the wrong position. I can see it now…”Glock 17 for sale, cut down to Glock 19 size to get rid of magwell cutout.” This will surpass the trigger guard relief cut that Glock STILL won’t address.

  • Those Croations still have those Austrians beat…

  • jlarson41

    I’ve had a Glock with all of these features (and a few more) for several years now. As a gunsmith I built it just to see if I could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Judging from this article it seems I could; but then it would take major changes to bring it to the level of my CZ P10C which is as yet unmodified.

  • imtoomuch

    And the crowd goes crazy… *crickets*


    In reality when will Glock actually reach their claimed “perfection”? Gen 4 wan’t well received and 5 is more like a 4.5.

  • GhostofBrowningNagle

    any word on if/when the Glock 26 will get a Gen 5?

    I rented a gen 5 glock 19 today. As a lefty the ambi slide stop was nice. The finger grooves always fit by hands well so they never bothered me. The 26 is the only one of my current glocks i might be interested in replacing with a gen 5.

  • Ringolevio

    I wanna know what Lenny Magill thinks of it!

  • Bill

    The lack of finger grooves is a no brainer, but what’s up with the rounded slide and squared off frame? The gun looks like a short bed pickup with a full size shell.

  • RickOAA .

    How new, innovative, and exciting :/

  • Uniform223