Camping World Downgrades Amount of Re-Branded Gander Outdoors Stores to be Re-Opened

Gander Outdoors

Marcus Lemonis has been very vocal about the evolving re-birth of Gander Outdoors through his personal Twitter account. He is the CEO of Camping World; thus, Gander Outdoors as well. What he has always eluded to when discussing whether he would keep specific stores or not is… only if the lease agreements are beneficial to Gander Outdoors’ future (I am loosely paraphrasing).

With that in mind, Gander Outdoors has cut the expected number of stores it will be re-branding/re-opening in the coming years. Initially, Camping World was expecting to re-open 57 stores for the Gander Outdoors and Overton’s brands according to statements made June 30th. That figure has changed after Marcus Lemonis made a 2nd Quarter call with analysts. The new projected numbers break down like this:

  • End of 2017: 15-20 Stores
  • Start of 2018: 15-20 More Stores
  • Remainder of 2018: 10-30 More Stores
  • 2019 & Beyond: “Measured Growth Anticipated Thereafter”

By those projections, we could be seeing as low as 40 Gander Outdoors locations or as high as 70 stores. It was also stated that the new Gander Outdoors stores will not be the same behemoth sporting good malls they once were. Less footwear, less apparel and less square footage are all being planned for the new brand.

Marcus Lemonis spoke about the reasoning behind opening fewer stores:

It really comes down to the rent factor’s got to work for us. And in today’s environment, we believe that we have the leverage with our landlords to enter into both short- and long-term leases that have very favorable terms in light of current retail box market conditions. And we internally have decided that we will not be taking any chances that put the net EBITDA margin (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) that we currently operate into question.

Marcus Lemonis and the Camping World family has been piecing together what could be a one-stop shop brand for outdoor enthusiasts. Camping World now has Gander Mountain and Overton’s under their wing. They also use Good Sam as its services business. Most recently on July 28th, they also acquired (The House Boardshop) which is another MN based company.

Lemonis further explained his desire to make an all-encompassing, outdoor-enthusiasts retail oasis:

We really believe that we have the foundation to be an outdoor juggernaut… Our ultimate goal is to have an outdoor lifestyle center, in a perfect world, that has RVs and RV accessories and RV service. It would have an Overton’s department that is made up of everything on the water. It would have an active sports department similar to what The House offers. And it would have the historical hunting and ammunition department that Gander did. And the best way to think about it visually, when you walk into the stores, it’s going to feel like a co-op of multiple brands that have excelled in their specific categories and are assorted by and merchandised by the folks that have the most amount of experience in those specific categories.

In an ideal world, this sounds like a beautiful layout for any outdoors store. In the coming months and years we will see if Marcus Lemonis’ grand plan follows through or not.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • FredXDerf

    …eluded to…?

  • SPQR9

    Now Lemonis just needs to learn not to tell most of his customers that they are unwelcome at his stores.

    • PK

      Alienating the primary customer base is a bad idea? Who knew!

    • Paul Prochko

      I know in our area, quite a few will never frequent his Camp World or Gander stores…not impressed at all with his recent comments….

  • john huscio

    Their CEO added another on top of the pile of reasons to never set foot in gander mtn ever again

    • Herr Wolf

      Good luck to this idiot holding onto a bunch of bloated bricks-and-mortar retail stores going into a recession. The Gander Mountains he keeps open will be filled with ultra-low quality Chinese-made outdoors garbage anyway.

  • I will NEVER shop there

  • Joey JoJo Jr.

    I’m apparently not allowed in his stores, because I exercised a constitutional right in a way that he did not approve of.

    Big, rich CEO’s engaging in “virtue signalling” is getting really tiresome. How ’bout they just sell lots of stuff and pay people to work for them, without getting all sanctimonious?

  • Gunga

    The CEO said I am not welcome in his stores.

    • Dan Lunn

      why, are you a violent extremist or something?

      • medicalamatuer

        The ceo said if you support trumps statement on Charlottesville, then he doesnt want you at his store. I found nothing wrong with what trump said along with millions of other trump supporters

        • Dan Lunn

          That’s a dumb CEO. I get that he’s an immigrant and fought tooth and nail to achieve the American dream. But why hurt your bottom line, particularly if you are in the firearms industry.

          Trump’s a stupid fool but the CEO should have kept his cards closer to his chest.

          • BrainlessLeftists

            Every successful American business person fights tooth and nail to achieve the dream….Lemonis is no different.
            And as an immigrant, he apparently came here to seek the dream because he couldn’t achieve it in his country of origin..
            The irony is, the ONLY reason he’s achieved success in this field in this country, in this field, is courtesy of his America loving customers Constitutional patriots, protectors of the 2nd amendment, NASCAR fans they advertise to on their sponsored cars..Traditional family units who purchase their overpriced RVs/Campers/Trailers..Americana.
            He showed everybody how stupid he was by making a statement that’s alienated this main demographic.
            Regarding the President, he’s not a stupid fool. He’s maintained his base and then some due to his non-PC, say it as it is, persona.
            Trump 2020

          • Dan Lunn

            His main demographic is people with money. Trump is a clown who only got elected because he had Russians like you trolling forums like this inflating his apparent support. Прощай, тролль

          • BrainlessLeftists

            Stupid response clown. Which demographic do NASCAR fans belong? Are they made of money? Not in general, yet Camping World sponsors cars spending hundreds of thousands per season..Do you really think they’re marketing to the car owners, or blue collar working fans???

            Hard working people, not trust fund babies..Not so called elitists and for the most part.. Supporters of the 2nd amendment purchase arms….this also doesn’t mean wealth…it means HARD WORK..
            Again, this CEO’s alienated a great portion of his base—FACT

          • Dan Lunn

            Clearly you get to work right on time, Borcht bot.

          • Dan Lunn

            They teach you about NASCAR at your Russian troll training?

          • BrainlessLeftists

            Grow a brain

          • Dan Lunn

            So called internet person.

          • James Smith

            TROLL. Do you actually own a gun or do they scare you in to PTSD?

          • Dan Lunn

            well, I’m a real person unlike “brainlessleftists” and I certainly do own many guns. I trained on them in the military. I’ve shot a lot of different stuff.
            But, I’d rather talk about how Donald Trump is a terrible president who apparently doesn’t care who knows he’s a bigot and thinks brown people aren’t as important as white people.

            But, if its personal armory we are gonna discuss mine:
            Bushmaster AR
            franken AR
            franken AR

          • James Smith

            OK the Sig P227. Do you think it is worth the money?

          • Dan Lunn

            Mine are a P320 and a P232. I have both carry and full size 9mm kits for the P320. The P232 is sort of tricked out with a nice set of hogue wood grips.

            I have considered getting the Federal law enforcement version of the P229 but that weird .357 sig caliber is not somewhere I want to go.

          • James Smith

            The P226 is way over priced. 357 Sig, don’t even want to think about it.

          • Dan Lunn

            those all metal hammer Sigs seem to have their fans. I might eventually get one. I also might get a 1911, a PPK, a CZ-75 and a whole bunch of other stuff on my gun bucket list. Only so much space in the safe I suppose.

          • James Smith

            That is why they make bigger safes.

          • Dan Lunn

            I forgot that I have a Hungarian FEG PA63. That soured me on the product of communists.

  • Mmmtacos

    Gander Mountain had some of the worst prices in their industry, above MSRP. Even in Texas their process to buy a gun is bloated with some internal bureaucratic nonsense that makes a firearms transaction last 10 times longer than your friendly neighborhood local gun store.

    Now, on top of all that crappiness they already had they pile on a CEO with his divisive comments.

    If he had kept his mouth shut I would have been willing to give Gander Mountain a second chance, in hopes they’d be better as a renewed brand to overcome their past stigma. I’ll never find out however, as I am apparently not welcome in their stores according to their CEO, Marcus Lemonis.

    • Handsome Jack

      I never felt too welcome in Gander before. It was like the employees never got out of Junior High.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Word is im not welcome to shop there like most posters here, y’all seem to have left that part out.

    • Tox

      Word, no loss to not shop there anymore.

      • Tym O’Byrne

        Makes you wonder how many Springfield Armory products they have in stock that havnt sold yet! Not!

  • Michael Powers

    As an RVer, I never sho0 at camping world…and gander mountain was way overpriced the last 10 years….

  • Qoquaq En Transic

    Why is is that EVERY link goes directly to Brownells?

    • Anonymoose

      automated ad bs.

      • Qoquaq En Transic

        I guess. Seems that if the article is being written, someone somewhere must be making the links – but maybe they’re automated.

        If so, I wish they’d stop that nonsense.

        I mean SERIOUSLY…. a link called “Camping World” goes to Brownells?

        • burningwar

          It is a better shopping choice than Camping World or Gander Mountain.

        • Anonymoose

          It’s called viglink, and it’s everywhere.

        • derpmaster

          get uBlock Origin, it completely squashes these inline ad links

        • Paul Prochko

          Maybe that’s a good thing… Brownells are good people and have provided Gun Smiths and shootists good products for years.

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            I agree.

            But please don’t deceive us.

    • Nashvone

      Let your cursor hover over the link for a few seconds. If it’s an ad, it will say “Link added by VigLink”

  • BeGe1

    If stuff didn’t cost double at Gander Mountain then that would be a start.

    I buy absolutely nothing from them. The prices are stupid. And I don’t just mean compared to online prices, I mean if you live near a Cabelas or have a Dunhams around you can save 30%-40% by just walking in those stores instead.

    • Nashvone

      I stopped at my Gander store during the sale. They had a fly rod that I didn’t know much about. A quick Google search told me that Dick’s Sporting Goods across the street had the same rod at a not going out of business price that was still $10 less than Gander.

  • Salty

    I finally found a deal locally in Wichita on some magpul + Ak grips. 70% off $25 got me down to like 7 bucks!! Other than that, I go to stores like that for my 3 yo to look at he stuffed critters on wall. Real pretty but I’m not gonna pay for all the pretties with my hard earned dollars

    • Pumpkin King XXIII

      Yea, at the last days of the liquidation I got 2 yeti ice chest strap down kits for my boat for $7.78 each and some penn rod oil for 75 cents. First and last time I bought from gander mountain and I’ll never buy from camping world.

  • Sua Sponte

    My deplorable status doesn’t allow me to shop there…There are too many other companies with better prices and more worthwhile.

  • FiftycalTX

    Just remember, Lemonis said if you support PRESIDENT TRUMP, he doesn’t want you in his stores. SO Camping World and Gander will never see a penny of my money..

  • MIKE


  • ironked

    Loser alienated about 80% of his prospects. Go away fool.

  • John Ruhl

    No more CW for us. Chinese crap in the stores mostly.
    BUT marcus duffus- the wife just said buy new.
    LOL Hello lazy days …..or ANY body else.
    Sucking up to his hollyweird pals I guess.

  • Dan W

    He has screwed Camping World up with inflated prices, has the same stuff On Sale Week after Week. You can’t believe he won’t continued the same with Gander

  • Scottie2

    Congratulations Douchenozzle… I will take my deplorable money to any f-ing store on the planet before I shop at your joint… I truly feel bad for your employees at your soon to be cricket filled stores…
    99 percent of your Shoppers

  • jonp

    Camping World, Gander whatever etc can cram it. If he doesnt want his primary customer base to shop there then no problem. I heard you loud and clear. Let me know how that business strategy works out for you

  • FMK

    With the CEO’s anti Trump comment let the retail
    Toilet sweral begin.

  • Carlos

    I’m not allowed in the new stores…not that I’m upset about it.

  • CJS3

    I can’t see any of the Gander stores staying open as long as they’re controlled by that boob running Camping World.

  • scaatylobo

    I am surprised that the article did not mention that this putz told ALL the supporters of the PRESIDENT of the U.S.A. [ Trump ] that they are not welcomed in “his” stores.
    Hope he has lots of antifa & blm supporters.

  • me ohmy

    considering Lemonis is a libtard asshat Trump hating load of bovine excrement and that Gander Mountain prices suck…I got a Bass Pro 30 minutes away and the nearest gander Mountain is next state over….
    I’m Good..

  • Mikial

    The whole footwear and clothing lines thing was always a distraction from the products that outdoorsmen and shooters really wanted. Better to the cut the losses on overpriced clothes and offer more reasonable prices on guns and ammo. Gander Mountain was always overpriced and the gun counters were staffed by people who didn’t really know what they were talking about. And BTW, it’s alluded, not “eluded.”


    too bad they dont tech that it is all about customer service. my first business I started as a second hand store in the poorest section of Detroit. it was my mother who had but a second grade education that taught me what owning a store was about. at nineteen and fresh out of the Navy I learned about customer service and I was able to buy a new car the first year. my prices were held affordable so my advertizment was word of mouth. I always had people waiting at the door when I arrived. clearly they dont teach that in collage.

  • Angelo G

    The new owner of Gander outdoors is bashing people that voted for Trump.
    If you voted for him he does not want your business.
    I will never shop in a Gander again.
    If you hunt and fish tell your friends.
    Go to Cabela’s or Bass pro, they have better stuff and prices anyway.

    This guy sucks

  • J.E.Walker

    Being a “deplorable” Trump supporter, I am not allowed in his stores. No loss for me… big loss for the company and their leftist idiot leader. Plenty of other, better places to shop where our business is appreciated.