MPT76s Now Issued With 3E EOS AVCI Optics

MKEK select-fire 7.62x51mm NATO MPT76s currently being issued to soldiers in the Turkish Army will soon be coming with magnified daylight optics in the form of the Turkish company 3E EOS and its variable magnification daylight optic, the AVCI (1X-4X). The optic is similar to ELCAN Specter DR scopes in that the magnification is achieved via a simple switch on the optic itself from a 1X setting to a 4X setting. It is powered by a CR2032 battery, and has various settings of illumination. As of now we don’t know what exact reticle is present in the optic, whether that is a single dot, or even a ballistic compensator. Automatic power off is after 5 hours of operation.


The Turkish Twitter Military Analyst SavunmaSanayiST posted about the recent delivery of optical sights insted of Picatinny mounted carrying handles.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”tr” dir=”ltr”>Halihazırda 3000+ adet envanterde bulunan MPT-76'ların teslimatları devam etmektedir. Her tüfeğin yanında optik nişangah da veriliyor. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; 🇹🇷SavunmaSanayiST (@SavunmaSanayiST) <a href=”″>August 3, 2017</a></blockquote>

When the MPT76 was initially adopted and then actually delivered to the Turkish Army, the AVCI scope was present in the public photographs of the rifle, but the overwhelming majority of Turkish soldiers received rifles with only iron sights as an aiming device. Some soldiers did receive the AVCI scope but this was very small in number and the remainder have the carrying handle mounted on this rifles.

Of course, special forces in Turkey have different options of optics for their service rifles


From the 3E EOS specifications page on the optic

Mechanical Data

Housing Material Aircraft Aluminium
Housing Finish Matte Black
Weight 625 grams
Dimensions (WxLxH) 61x141x77 mm
Mount Capability MIL-STD 1913; STANAG 4694

Elevation Adjustment

Elevation Click Value 1 cm
Elevation Range 200 clicks

Windage Adjustment

Windage Click Value 1 cm
Windage Range ± 60 clicks

Optical Data

Magnification 1 – 4x
Field of View (Low-High) 24° – 6°
Exit Pupil 8 mm
Eye Relief 70 mm
Available Reticles 7.62; 5.56 NATO
Focal Plane Second Focal Plane (SFP)

Electronic Data

Reticle Illumination Control Electronic Switch
Reticle Illumination Range 1-5 Level Brightness Adjustment
Dot Illumination Control Electronic Switch
Dot Illumination Range 1-5 Level Brightness Adjustment
Battery CR2032
Battery Life 1000+ hours life
Auto Illumination Shutdown After 5 hours
Dot and reticle can be illuminated at the same time or separately

Environmental Data

Operating Temperature Range -40° to +65° C
Storage Temperature Range -45° to +70° C
Immersion/Waterproof Submersible to 10 m
Nitrogen Filled Yes


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  • rychastings

    i wonder how much the sights cost and if they will be available commercially

  • Haulin’ Oats

    I think for now I’ll be happy with an Elcan.

    • Samuel Millwright

      Id be happy with specters if they reliably held zero or weren’t boat anchors, but i don’t have $3000 to spend making my gun too heavy to use and my marksmanship is iffy enough with zeroed optics lol

  • int19h

    If Turks can make an Elcan clone (or close enough) for 1/3 the price… this would sell like hot cakes in US.

    • Martin T

      True enough but i will personally have problems with buying from a country that funds terrorism.
      And that says a lot. I’m a cheap bastard as a my fiance will testify to.

      • int19h

        If applied consistently, that leaves out both Russia (funds Taliban) and US (funds a bunch of Syrian Islamists) as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a commendable stance, just not very practical these days.

        • Martin T

          Just puked in my mouth a little. It was a little spicy. But you are correct sir. While i don’t care for Russian arms much (not cheap anymore)… that fact about the U.S. and Syria is hard to refute.
          Well played…

        • Kelly Jackson

          It’s pretty unlikely that Russian funded the Taliban considering the Taliban evolved from the same groups the Russians battled for a decade…

          • int19h

            That decade was almost three decades ago, now. It’s US that’s stretched thin in Afghanistan right now, and Russia sees it as an opportunity to hurt them through a proxy. It doesn’t hurt that Iran is also on that game, and the ties between Russia and Iran are close right now.

            OTOH, Taliban is not a direct threat to Russia, because it’s a regional group – their ambitions are contained in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and possibly Tajikistan (but there, a threat to the local government is also to Russian benefit, because it offers them opportunity to offer protection in exchange for various deals – e.g. it’s the main reason why Tajikistan still hosts a Russian military base to this day). This is unlike al-Qaeda and ISIS, which are a direct threat because they support various Islamist groups in Russia.

        • Tritro29

          Saying that Russia funds the Taliban is like saying that the US sponsors Isis or awarding funds to 9/11 victims from Iranian seized assets (oh that was was actually done), only Americans can manage to get that fallacy work.

          The group Russia is arming is an offshoot of Dostum’s former allies. Which have never been Taliban, but are openly against the current Afghan government which is a total mess.

          If by Taliban you mean the former TTP/THA, then Russia is not arming them. If you mean a group of people that want this government gone, then yeah, that has to be Taliban. Right?

          The US, like Russia twists the truth when it suits them, however, the truth is simple. For various reasons, we are seeing no progress in Afghanistan. Zero, and now with ISIS taking a foothold in Afghanistan, with Gulf oil money and US total inaction, we need to arm who ever is willing to get the job done, the Afghan state is clearly not cutting it.

          But basically the bottom point is this: because of Iran we are sponsoring people Iran needs to get reinforced in the area. The Taliban are a threat, because they will just turn Afghanistan in an even more repressive hellhole than it already is, and a repressive “badland” becomes a black market heaven, like all failed states.

          Overtime we try and explain to our “Western partners” these things, but you guys seem to suffer from amnesia or autism each and every time (Iraq, Libya, Syria etc). And then we have this fallacy about everyone is doing it? Yes because what we need in Russia is to spend money on ideas that didn’t work 30 years ago…

          Bottom line, sponsoring terrorism is something we all indulge when the needed, but only one of the three parties you indicted has been using that funding on a nation-state level after the Cold war. Guess which one.

          • Stephen Paraski

            Betsy Devoss brother, Erik Prince has floated a offer.

        • noob

          Can you spend your money with the industries of a country who funds freedom fighters?

      • micmac80

        US funds terrorism all the time

      • myndbender

        Every time a piece abt anything Turkish pops up on tfb I see the same bs abt how you really like that new Turkish____but Won’t buy from a country that funds terrorism, blah blah & on we go. I’ve got a question. How are you ok with handing your $ to the Saudis & the rest of rogue’s gallery that is OPEC? I know Erdogan is leading Turkey astray, but he doesn’t hold a candle to what the OPEC countries have been up to for decades. Apologies if I strayed into politics only to illustrate a point regarding the last European country that actually will have fully featured MP5 pistols + a huge, high quality munitions industry of original designs to import to the US at will.

  • gunsandrockets

    Very interesting.

    Perhaps cheaper than stocking two different types of optical systems, like an ACOG + an Aimpoint?

    • Haulin’ Oats

      Or Leupold LCO/D-EVO.

  • Cyborg Fred
  • 360_AD

    Hm… nice ripoff of the Canon EOS logo.

  • Martin T

    Fair enough… but that doesnt mean that some serious money and weapons doesn’t come out of that country and go right into the Jihadi $hit Show.
    I’m not necessarily saying the Turkish government is responsible but huge players are operating out of there and the country was the hiding place for OBL.
    I’m rooting for those in Turkey fighting terrorism no doubt and I wish them the best in that endeavor.

    • Omerli

      That was Pakistan not Turkey

      • Martin T

        True. My mistake and comment has been edited.

        • Omerli


  • Omerli

    BS my Greek friend. Grow up

    • Ilgar Değirmenci

      Well, I don’t think that said events are true, I do believe if the rifles came from early MKE batches they may be less than ideal. KALE and later MKE batches should be better. But then again, who knows… This Paki trial story came up a few times on the net but there isn’t a single source I could find yet…

  • Omerli

    Thanks. Nicely informative and enjoyed the know no to the Turkish site.

  • Congo Rick


    lol, grow up dude.

  • int19h

    US lost several thousand of its citizens in 9/11, but that does not refute the fact that US funds terrorism (including even movements that are ideologically very close to those that perpetrated 9/11 – in some cases literally the same except for a name change).

    Same thing for Turkey. It doesn’t fund ISIS, but it does fund other Islamists.

    • Stephen Paraski

      Add the fact that it has become a Dictatorship yet is still a NATO partner, since 1952.

  • Tritro29

    Maybe not the worst performer, but the crudest made and the least durable regarding furniture. The traveling ABS handle in front of the magazine especially has been a main issue.