BREAKING: Ruger Issues Safety Bulletin For Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger (NYSE-RGR) has issued a safety bulletin for Ruger Precision Rifles in a specified serial number range. Please note that this is NOT a recall, but a safety bulletin that only affects SOME Ruger Precision Rifles. Rifles that have a polymer bolt shroud are not affected by the safety bulletin and do not exhibit the same issues as the aluminum shroud equipped rifles.

If you own a Ruger Precision Rifle that falls into the serial number range of 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 or 1801-00506 to 1801-30461 regardless of what the rifle is chambered in, it may exhibit the symptoms that prompted the safety bulletin.

Ruger tells us that they have recently learned that some Ruger Precision Rifles can experience interference between the back of the firing pin (known as the cocking piece) and the aluminum bolt shroud. It is reported that when that interference occurs in rare cases it can interfere with the normal operation of the firing pin. If the cocking piece and the bolt shroud interfere, the rifle could experience light strikes to the primer or in even more extreme cases, not firing when the trigger is pulled, then discharging when the bolt handle is touched.

Rifles that have more than 100 rounds fired are more likely to not experience this condition and Ruger is putting a program in place to offer owners of these rifles a replacement bolt shroud at no cost. We have posted the press release below:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) has issued a Safety Bulletin for certain Ruger Precision Rifles. Ruger recently learned that some Ruger Precision Rifles may experience interference between the aluminum bolt shroud and the cocking piece (also known as the firing pin back). In rare instances, the interference can disrupt the firing mechanism and cause it to not function properly. This interference can potentially lead to light primer strikes or, in extreme cases, the rifle may not fire when the trigger is pulled. If the rifle fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, it may fire when the bolt handle is subsequently lifted. In rifles where this condition exists, the issue often resolves itself as the parts wear and the interference is reduced. Therefore, rifles that have fired more than 100 rounds with no issues or concerns are unlikely to be affected, and no additional action is necessary.

Although only a small percentage of rifles appear to be affected and the Company is not aware of any injuries, Ruger is firmly committed to safety and is offering free replacement aluminum bolt shrouds for affected rifles in order to eliminate the possibility of such interference. Ruger Precision Rifles (regardless of caliber) that have an aluminum bolt shroud and fall within the following serial number ranges are potentially affected: 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 or 1801-00506 to 1801-30461.

Not all rifles within these serial number ranges are affected; this Safety Bulletin does not apply to Ruger Precision Rifles with polymer bolt shrouds. Ruger encourages anyone with a Ruger Precision Rifle that has an aluminum bolt shroud and a serial number within the above ranges to visit and use the lookup tool to determine whether their rifle is potentially affected.

Although all Ruger Precision Rifles with aluminum bolt shrouds within the above serial number ranges are potentially affected, most rifles will never experience this issue. Ruger Precision Rifle owners who have ever experienced light primer indents or failure to fire should visit to sign up for the safety offer and obtain additional information.

When consumers sign up, Ruger will ship the replacement bolt shrouds on a first-come, first-served basis. Actual delivery will depend upon demand, as Ruger is currently manufacturing replacement bolt shrouds for this program.


  • EzGoingKev

    First paragraph – “Please note that this is NOT a recall”.

    Second paragraph – “it may exhibit the symptoms that prompted the recall”.

    • Matt

      Noticed that too. (+1) for proof reading

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Sleep deprivation is real.

    • CavScout

      Only like what, 70,000 rifles? Not a big deal at all… They make it sound like there’s only a few out there though.

  • Dougscamo

    Well….at least is isn’t a Si….never mind…..

  • Matt

    If you hit it with a rubber mallet does it go bang?

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      All you have to do is touch it.

  • Major Tom

    So recent events have made it abundantly clear.

    Stay away from striker fired pistols and AR derivatives, they have safety issues.

    • Drew Coleman

      Uh, AR derivatives?

      • Jared Vynn

        Well the RPR does use AR furniture so I can kinda see the connection.

    • Trotro

      Stay away from companies with an “G” as the 3rd letter of their name. Ruger, Sig….um…..Magnum Research?

      It’s science!

      • Major Tom

        Magpul is therefore in danger or trouble or something.

      • mazkact

        That reminds me, I’m fresh out of leeches.

    • Mrninjatoes

      What? The RPR is not an AR derivatives.

      • Gunguy29

        Proves every manufacture is prone to issues. If this article was about a company Patrick didn’t like he would have threw in a couple of jabs. Guess he likes Ruger as he didn’t say something along the lines of “with 2nd qtr earnings down 53% this couldn’t come at a worse time. The down and out Ruger company…”

        • Ebby123

          Exactly. The malevolent bias is palpable.

      • Scott Connors

        No, but they did do a lot to make it attractive to AR users, right down to the manner in which the barrel is attached to the receiver (it even uses an AR barrel wrench!).

  • Gus

    Gen 1 RPR for the win!

  • Gus

    Gen 1 RPR for the win

  • Pseudo

    With one company hogging all the negative press, this just sounds like Ruger’s Sauer grapes…
    I’ll see myself out

    • Jared Vynn

      No no, you can stay that one was actually impressive.

  • Ebby123

    Its not a SIG, so no one cares.

    Imagine that..

    • Butt Pirate

      My thoughts exactly. God knows the shooter could’ve already moved the muzzle off target when they happen to just ‘touch’ the bolt release, and god knows how far a rifle caliber billet will travel. I’d say much more chance of this ending badly then dropping a P320 at just the right angle. But I’m wrong since I’m defending Sig.

      • Cymond

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but it makes a big difference to me how the company handles it.

        In one case, we have a company that is proactively admitting there is a problem and fixing it.

        In the other case, we have a company that discovered a problem, fixed it in their MHS entry, but actively denied the problem in public until numerous videos went viral demonstrating the problem.

        Nobody is perfect. What matters is how you handle your mistakes.

        • no skin in the game

          there is no evidence at all that they found and fixed it during M17 – SIg has not said that nor has any data showing that been published – that’s been pure conjecture from conspiracy nuts

          the M17 has a LOT of small changes and the complex nature of this means it’s entirely possible those changes removed the vulnerability or tightened up tolerances synergisticly

          there is NO upside for Sig to lie about this with respect to the M17

        • Ebby123

          Yeah… that’s not what happened.

  • Brett baker

    Don’t have these problems with Handi-Rifles.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad


      “Don’t have problems with Handi-Rifles.”

  • mazkact

    Ruger does handle problems in a efficient and straight forward manner.

  • Just1Saddletramp

    I am a Ruger addict but the bottom line is the Company runs differently without Bill Ruger at the helm

  • Ruger Shooter

    Ruger never shrugs off a problem, takes decisive action & fixes it. Are you listening Taurus, Remington. Sig, etc?

  • Dan

    Breaking! Ruger has trouble we have answers. Stay tuned for our 11 part series. Also our very own Scientific investigative Gun expert reporter guy Patrick whacks it with a hammer, will it go bang? And just incae you haven’t completely abandoned us you’ll get a video of Patrick defending his hammer whacking.