US Palm Shuts Down

US Palm

US Palm announced on its Facebook page that the company was shutting down. At this time, the company’s website is inaccessible.

US Palm was known for making a range of shooting and tactical products including polymer AK magazines and grips, plus body armor and other gear.

“All good things must come to an end, and this is ours at US PALM,” said Robert Anderson, the founder of US Palm in a Facebook post published on Sunday. “We certainly appreciate all of our very ardent fans, followers, customers and cohorts in crime. Each of you contributed in building the brand, and without you, we wouldn’t have had the run we did. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL, YOU MADE THE JUICE WORTH THE SQEEZE!”

There have been a number of economic factors that have put pressure on many companies in the shooting industry. US Palm is not the only company that has hit rough times.

“In the end, a downsizing economy, industry instability, and internal factors all lined up and dealt us the final coup de gras,” said Anderson.

Anderson indicated that some of the existing US Palm product designs may still be produced by other companies. Other products may disappear entirely.

US Palm was founded in 2009 by Anderson. In 2014, Anderson purchased the company back from then owner SBC Global.

Richard Johnson

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  • insider

    I get the feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this in the coming year.

    • PK

      Very likely. Smaller, specialized niche parts/mags makers are feeling a distinct squeeze from slightly reduced sales.

      Why does everyone seem to make AR parts and mags? Because they sell reliably.

      • insider

        There’s a lot of newer AR “manufacturers” that don’t actually manufacture anything. How many different Alphabet Soup Tactical brands of AR parts can the market sustain?

        • PK

          There are a staggering number of ARs in the USA. The market can sustain a shocking number of parts manufacturers, I suppose.

          • flyingburgers

            insider’s point is that they aren’t “manufacturers” if you look at it. They’re middlemen and have the slim margins of a middleman. The casting (how many Cerro products do you have?), machining, finishing are all outsourced due in part to capital costs. Product design is all generic or copyable. These compete with traditional manufacturers or company like Magpul which has the capital for in-house production, they can churn out a better product for less with higher margins.

          • insider

            Precisely. The industry is due for some fat trimming. Now that the election scare is over and supply exceeds demand only the most sustainable will survive.

          • neckbone

            Palmetto State is the big dog now

        • nova3930

          Gonna be a lot probably. I expect an overall compression of prices taking down the top end significantly which will cause the low-ball guys making junk to get thinned out significantly.

          • Marcus D.

            And when all the little fish are gone, the big fish will have the market–and prices–all to themselves.

      • Major Tom

        Given that there have been AR folks who have gone under very recently even that is incorrect.

    • neckbone

      Yep. Inefficient companies only survive on .gov contracts.

  • Squirreltakular

    That sucks. Just a few years ago, if there was a photo of an AK that was taken in the US, it had a US Palm mag in it. I guess that’s a lesson not to specialize? Be like Magpul.

    • Frank

      They actually tried to be like them in a way. They released a cheaper version of their mags marketed as “range” mags.

  • SP mclaughlin

    It’d be funny if he was knocking the PALM mag out with the AK PMag.

  • This is a bummer. From what I’d heard, Palm AK mags were good kit.

  • Chris

    Too Bad. I loved their grip and have it on all my AK’s.

  • KestrelBike

    well this stinks, too bad they didn’t do liquidating on their website? Or maybe someone like Brownells or MidwayUSA bought all of their remaining inventory? I’d like to pick up a grip or three (always heard good things about US Palm, but didn’t have an ak yet that I was ready to buy parts for…)

    As it stands, zero grips in stock that I can see…

  • DropGun25

    Why cant there be a happy note in this economic downturn, like it claiming a company like VODA?

    • .45

      Look at the article about the guy shooting himself in the foot at the airport. Could be VODA just lost one of its best students…

      • DropGun25

        I doubt it, judging by that guys size he’s too thin to be associated with VODA

  • civilianaf

    Well that sucks. Firearm commodities are a tough market, anyone specializing in BCG will struggle. Ya pay 75k for a mold, then sell the part to distributors for $5 only to make $2. Thats a tough business model to succeed with. Sorry to hear the news.

  • .45

    Hmmmm… Got one of their grips on my Wasr. Oh well, stuff happens.

  • John

    They can always be bought up by Kalashnikov Concern and live on vicariously.

  • J.T.

    This was bound to happen once Magpul got into the AK accessory market. I’m surprised it has taken this long.

  • mandaloin

    Correction: Anderson purchased US PALM from SGC Global, not SBC. SGC stands for Scottsdale Gun Club. I technically worked for both at the time which is how I know.

  • Mmmtacos

    “In the end, a downsizing economy, industry instability, and internal factors all lined up and dealt us the final coup de gras.”

    Economy has been on an up-tick and maybe the industry has gotten more competitive but it doesn’t seem unstable. Can’t comment on internal factors.

    What I recall seeing most from US Palm was their AK grips and AK mags. Never much cared for them personally but after Magpul started making those same parts they should have been on notice.

    • Kivaari

      The gun market economy is in the toilet. If you specialized in black guns the going is very tough. Most of what I see selling are the high end rifles. Things like the Colt Expanse sit on shelves.

      • DanGoodShot

        The Colt expanse sits on shelves cuz it’s not a Colt. It’s just a big. piece. of… bluahgh

  • Malthrak

    Lots of guns businesses feeling the pinch or sinking these days. My local FFL that was a 10 minute walk away closed last month, sales collapsed after the election for them, and others appear to be in similar straights.

    On the plus side, as gunsumer, its a golden age of liquidation sales, sub $0.20 ammo, and gunbroker deals 😀

    Who’d have every thought that AR’s would be available in the $400 range from big names like Ruger three or five or ten years ago?

  • Good riddance. Now let’s see if we can get Safety Harbor and Strike Industries to fold up too; the shooting sports industry doesn’t need unamerican Nazi fanboy companies making the rest of us look like antisemitic racist scumbags by association.

    • Kivaari

      OK. I’ll bite. What do you mean about Safety Harbor and Strike Industries? Are they nazi-supporting companies giving the rest of us a bad image?

    • andrey kireev

      What do you mean by that ? Could you elaborate further please ?

    • Rick

      Wow, Just WOW, Why can’t the grownups have a discussion without this kind of crap appearing…On a lighter note, I have a number of US Palm AK grips and mags, good stuff.

      • Well, I guess some people just don’t like Nazi wannabes.

        Who knew! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • DwnRange

      duhhh, what possible reason could you have for including SEI, a 40 year old company having a stellar reputation, with companies that were never even around before 2003 in your ranting above?

      SEI has been full-filling military contracts and refurbishing firearms most of my adult life and have always been the best for those with M1, Tankers and M14 firearms in need of TLC, (myself included) – their G6 Vortex and 7.62 variant is STILL, after decades on the market, considered the finest FS on the market and reside on most of my ARs, 5.56, 6.8SPC and 7.62 rifles.

      Nothing in my associations with them over the years has ever indicated ANY affiliations, insinuations or evidence along the lines you have suggested above, so you had best provide some evidence or STFU ‘cus I’m 5th gen Texan and don’t take too kindly to ya besmirching a company I have known, used and loved the rifles built/tweeked by them for more than 3 decades..

      • Scroll down for photos. If using an SS Totenkopf to advertise themselves isn’t enough to make their values perfectly clear, then I don’t know what to tell you.

        • DwnRange

          SEI is Smith Enterprise, Inc., located in AZ and they do not use that symbol at all.

          • “SEI is Smith Enterprise, Inc., located in AZ and they do not use that symbol at all.”

            When someone suggests you scroll down for photos, you should, uh, probably scroll down before planting a flag.

  • SGT Fish

    wow. too bad the takedown AK never came to market. I believe they are co-owned with Scottsdale gun club. hopefully SGC isn’t having issues

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    >their company logos look like Nazi ones so they must be Nazis for sure

    Gun owners are their own worst enemies.

    • Yeah, I’m sure all those dudes flying Confederate naval ensigns are totally just Dukes Of Hazzard fans without the slightest bit of racism or treason involved.

      • andrey kireev

        I think they are just going for aesthetics when it comes to logos…. what about safety harbor ?

      • DwnRange

        Dude, you are flying a flag that sided with the Confederacy – my great, great, great, great grandfathers both built firearms for the Confederacy here in Texas at Bonham and Fannin County armories during the war between the states, but yet you bash others for their heritage while flying the Texas flag as your avatar?????

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black – get a life ya jerk.

        • A Texan should know we’ve had this flag since 1839, son. Confederacy hadn’t been invented yet.

          • DwnRange

            and just how does that change the fact that, as I stated, Texas and Texans fought for the south from 1861-1865, under your avatar flag?

          • Changes it about as much as stating that Old Glory was flying over the Tuskegee Institute when they injected innocent American civilians with horrifying diseases and and then deliberately withheld treatment, or that the US President who defeated the Nazis also ordered innocent American civilians into concentration camps because of their race– which is to say, it has absolutely nothing to do with American gun companies in TYOOL two thousand seventeen using Actual Literal Nazi images to advertise themselves.

          • DwnRange

            Other than you the fact you have no reading comprehension, are unable, it appears, to check you your facts before slinging undeserved insults at companies you know nothing about or comprehend the term “Firearms NOT Politics”, I guess it doesn’t change anything…………….

  • Angry Froggy

    “Coup de grÂCE” (for god’s sake !) – sinon : is TANGODOWN … down ??? (cuz it seems like their site is …)

  • The Mystic Seer

    Great looking mags.

  • Kivaari

    Good point. I hate to see it on gun companies.

  • BrandBeliever