Aimpoint Micro S-1 for Shotguns Now Shipping

For the last few years, rifles and handguns have had all the optics development love. With a veritable plethora of magnified options for rifles and the explosion of small red-dots on handguns, shotguns have seen little movement – if only because of institutional inertia against optics on scatterguns. From personal experience, even having a semi-auto shotgun at the local range gets demeaning looks from the OWG’s.

Add a 3-gun tube and optic? They recoil in horror and call your shots “cheating.”


Seeing this as a status quo that has long lost its status is Aimpoint, who is shipping the previously announced Micro S-1 optic. Designed to get as low profile as absolutely possible, the S-1 interfaces with common mounting ribs getting the dot in a comfortable place for most shooters – with just a hair of chin weld for those who like getting low on the guns. Various adapter plates are included for the popular range of rib sizes.

Forgoing a bit of precision, the S-1 ships with a 6 MOA dot. The larger dot is a bit easier to see and with targets rarely past 100 meters (in case of slugs) the larger dot will mean faster sight acquisition and therefore more hits. The LED power is boosted as well to compensate for being aimed up at light sources.

No pricing has been announced, but expect the optic to run in the same area as the T-1 and similar Aimpoint Micros.

Features (Courtesy of Aimpoint):

  • Versatile optic for all shotgun applications
  • Available in 6 MOA dot size
  • Higher maximum light intensity settings for bright sky conditions
  • Low integrated and carbon fiber reinforced rib mount
  • Low optical axis
  • Interchangeable base plates to accommodate most rib sizes (6-12mm)
  • Lightweight, compact and fully enclosed protective housing
  • Possibility of full zeroing to customize the point of impact


Art.No: 200369
Operating principle: Reflex collimator sight with LED
Optical magnification: 1x
Aiming dot size: 6 MOA
NVD compatible: No
Optical coating: Anti-reflex
Clear aperture: 18 mm
Eye relief: Unlimited
Battery type: 3V Lithium battery, type CR2032
Battery life – Day time use: 50 000h (over 5 years of continuous use)
Power intensity: 12 pos. 1 Off, 12 daylight of which 1 Extra Bright
Length sight only: 63 mm (2 15/32”)
Width: 43 mm (1 11/16”)
Height sight only: 41 mm (1 5/8”)
Weight sight only (incl battery): Approximately 100 g (3.53 oz)
Housing material: High strength aluminum; integrated mount: Carbon fiber reinforced polymer
Surface treatment: Anodized, semi matte
Height of optical axis – sight and mount: 14 mm (9/16”)
Adjustment: Range ±1 m at 100 meters (±1 yds at 100 yds) in windage and elevation, 1 click = 13 mm at 100 meters = 10 mm at 80 meters = 7/16″ at 100 yds
Immersion, static: Submersible to 5 m (15 ft.)


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  • NINJA del TACO

    Come on HOLOSUN! The affordable priced version, ball is in your court now!

    • And lasts about three shots.

      • int19h

        Holosun red dots have survived a lot worse than 12ga recoil in torture tests.

    • gusto

      just go vortex

      I have one of each and both brands works

      heck I bought a delta as my third

      my vortex has probably had more abuse than my micro and it still holds up, changed battery for the first time in 2 years on the vortex I think

  • Jared Vynn

    $723 on sale at optics planet for those wondering about price, they list $804 for regular price.

  • Mr. Katt

    Get the price down and it can be a perfect replacement for ghost ring sights.

  • Dan Goodwin

    Are they offering the rib mount for use with Micros you already have?

    • gusto

      no they can’t it is integral to the housing

      or atleast that is what I gathered

  • Jared Vynn
  • Quasimofo

    Might be useful for certain shotgun setups and applications, but for wingshooting, clays and similar I could see it being a distraction, not an aid.

    • Shankbone

      once they figure out a way to get rid of the tube…

      • int19h

        It should be doable already. I mean, all that’s needed is a way to firmly hold a partially reflective piece of glass without fully enclosing it – the actual emitter can be outside. If the glass is thick enough, I don’t see why it couldn’t be mounted with just the bottom supported.

    • matthew newton

      Probably for a lot of users. Personally I run vent rib ghost ring setup on my 28″ 870 and it works great for me. I am a rifleman, not a shotgunner. Though with my local setup, I spend a lot more trigger time with my shotguns (I’ve got a trap field 10 minutes from my house and the closest public range is 30 minutes away and busy).

      I’ll admit very different animals, but I tend to break about 20-22 per round of trap with my 870 12ga and those ghost ring sights compared to about 16-17 on a good round with my old Winchester 370 20ga that just has a front bead. Having borrowed other 12ga shotguns, including 870s, with bead sights I tend to shoot around 16-18 with them.

      Sporting clays I also do a lot better with the ghost rings than with a bead.

    • gusto

      check the video, and check the fieldsports channel on youtube, they did a long episode about aimpoint and shotguns a way back.

  • That’s a whole lotta money to do a job that could be done better by a $50 clip-on fiber optic front sight, or done almost as well by the bead that was already on there in the first place.

    • matthew newton

      Williams FireSight ghost ring sights are less than $50 and bolt to the vent rib. I run them on my 870 and they work great for me (I don’t like beads).

  • Paul Rain

    This is very perceptive. Thank you for calling out those evil Old White Guys. I have been blessed to only encounter Wise Red Skins, and Perceptive B.N’s- the Old White Guy is truly a scourge upon the Earth.

  • Leonardo Padrino

    Am I wrong in that the rib mount is permanently attached to the optic? What a terrible product. God forbid you leave the sport. Now you’re left with a niche product.