Husqvarna m/07 pistol / FN 1903

Mike takes a look at another early Euro semiautomatic pistol, with which he has a bit of a love-hate relationship: the FN 1903, more specifically the Husqvarna m/07, which is the Swedish version used by their army as late as the 1980’s together with its oddball 9x20SR ammunition.

Possibly the most powerful blowback service handgun to see widespread service?

Guns in this video:
FN 1903 / Husqvarna m/07
SIG P210 / P49
SIG-Sauer P226

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  • demophilus

    “Possibly the most powerful blowback service handgun to see widespread service?”

    Sorta depends what you mean by “widespread service”. If the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath count, then it would probably the 9mm Largo Astra 400. Not to quibble, but there it is.

    • oldman

      Was just thinking the same thing.

      • demophilus

        On second thought, if “widespread service” includes the post-Soviet Russian 9mm Makarov high pressure loads, they would exceed 9x20mm Browning, if not 9mm Largo. It’s sort of a tossup.

        • oldman

          9mm Makrov falls between the 9mm para and 380 Browning. Though bigger the largo was on a par with the parabelum power wise. The Astra 500 and 600 are good shooters once you get used to the by today’s odd grip angel. The new Russian 9 is supposed to be one of the hottest out there.

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    • PK

      uBlock Origin would help your browsing experience.

    • Tex

      4 for pop uos’s on the www page?!?! Wow, the intertubes sure are complicated. Send your grandson a letter on the faceyspace and I bet he’ll come right over and take care of the problem. Remember when coffee cost a nickel? I remember that, and when I used to tie an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time.

  • Michael Blum

    Many … most? … of the m/07 pistols in America have their barrel converted to chamber .380 ACP rounds, and (perhaps) a turn or two removed from the recoil spring. I was lucky enough to obtain one with two barrels, one unconverted.

  • Spencerhut

    Got one that had been converted to .380ACP and found a virgin slide barrel etc.Now I have a .380ACP top end and a proper 9×20 top end. I did cheat a bit and had Novak put some decent sights on it. I’ve shot it at local USPSA matches with the pig skin holster and it was really fun and even competitive on some stages. Love this little gun.

  • Stephen Paraski

    RAK 63.

  • Anonymoose

    Looks like a bushing wrench might help with disassembly. :^)