Look Ma, No Milling! JT Defense Pistol Optic Mount

Adding a mini reflex sight to your pistol can make it easier to shoot tight groups and can be particularly useful for hunting and certain gun games. But it usually means that you have to either buy a gun with a built in mount or have a gunsmith mill the slide to fit. In either case, you end up with a pistol that only fits certain mount patterns. The JT Defense mount seeks to correct that issue by replacing the striker plate on Glock or XD pistols and locking to the rear sight dovetail. There is no need to machine the pistol the mount can be installed and, of course, it can be removed just as easily.

JT Defense no mill optic installed on a Glock 22

JT Defense no mill optic installed on a Glock 22

To be sure, there are tradeoffs. While the mount is quite thin, it does add height above the slide, while a slide with an integral mount has material removed below the top surface of the slide. The result is that the JT Defense mount does not allow the use of fixed sights. That isn’t just a problem because you don’t have a backup to the electronic sight, it also makes it a little tougher to find the dot at first. When I first pick up a pistol with a mini red dot mounted, I “cheat” by tracking the front sight with my eye as I press out and if I settle the front sight in the hood over the red dot, the reticle is quick to find. I found that I could still use that technique but it was slightly slower with the difference in height between the front sight and the axis of the reticle. After several repetitions, it got a lot easier to find that reticle, though. In either case, you aren’t going to get fast with an electronic sight on a pistol until you establish some muscle memory. That height difference also means that the difference in POI vs POA is much more pronounced. It should also go without saying that this option is slightly heavier.

The mount installs easily and fits tightly.

The mount installs easily and fits tightly.

While it’s a bit subjective, those tradeoffs seem minor in exchange for the ability to mount a red dot to a pistol without permanently altering it, though. Tradeoffs notwithstanding, the mount is extremely well made and installation was quick and easy. It locks solidly to the pistol with no potential for movement. The fit between both the slide on my G22 and the Vortex Venom I mounted to it was precise.

Red dot sights aren’t for everyone, but if you want to mount one to a pistol you already own and you don’t want to chop it up, the JT Defense mount is a solid choice


Andrew is a combat veteran of OEF and has performed hundreds of ballistic tests for his YouTube channel, The Chopping Block (https://www.youtube.com/user/chopinbloc). He is an avid firearm collector and competitor and lives with his family in Arizona. If you have any questions, you may email him at choppingblocktests@gmail.com


  • Joe

    Priced at $99.95.
    I might have to give this a try.

    • Christopher Wallace

      atei charges 125 for milling…

  • Gun Fu Guru

    That is slick.

  • nova3930

    Not a bad solution if you don’t want or need irons on hand…

  • Dickie

    Should make for leupold so you can use their added rear sight and cowitness

    • Chop Block

      It sits too high to use the front sight, anyway.

  • Nicholas C

    Why not just use the existing dove tail optic mounts that are already out there?


    • Flounder

      For one… Price? This product is cheaper. And has the screw at the back for a more secure setup.

      But it does lack the “iron sights” of the dueck.

      I welcome the competition! Makes me think capitalism works.

      • Chop Block

        Flounder nailed it. Different features, different price.

    • Ragged Hole

      Great link, I have been listening owing for something like that and might pick one up soon.

    • Blake

      Exactly, those are at least thinner than this abomination. But they are still missing one of the two (arguably missing both) most important things to making an RDS work on a pistol; there are no cowitnessing iron sights. They are also way above the boreline, but at least less so with this one than the one in the article. Have fun chasing the dot forever.

      • Dave

        Spoken like someone who hasn’t taken the time and effort to actually get good with using a MRDS on a pistol.

        • Blake

          Aww how cute. You think making moronic ad hominem statements somehow invalidates the real world points I made. I could just pinch those cheeks.

      • William Elliott

        theres also the Suarez L mount base that allows you to add irons to the base itself as a BUIS. Not as slick as the milled in mounts, but at under $100 without the irons, its worth looking at…

        OH and its supposed to be “universal” not just RMR or Deltapoint specific

      • mrsatyre

        The Dueck has cowitnessing iron sights, I believe.

  • Old Tofu

    as far as the front sight , moving to a suppressor height front might help

  • John

    So most people who own Sig P-series pistols realize one thing…we are better than everyone else. That being said, very tongue in cheek BTW, our mounting systems are limited because Glock reigns supreme when it comes to aftermarket parts. But, Amazon had the UM Tactical UM3 Sight Mount For Universal Rail Mount which can be mounted on different guns so I bought one. It fit very well and held the zero just great. Yes it adds a metric butt-ton of weight and raises the optic to point of holding the gun around your chest to see the dot but after 10 minutes, I was ringing steel every time with ease. I only mount it occasionally for fun or competition and that’s all I need.

    • DunRanull

      Ive been a “Glockster” the last few years after carrying a Combat Commander for decades. The weight, capacity and price compared to the 1911 is what drew me into GlockWorld originally. Never really been interested in that Beretta, but now that the military has chosen the SIG 320, Ive begun looking into possibly rearming with a SIG after the first feeding frenzy abates somewhat. Unlike the 1911 or some of the SIGS Ive seen, the Glock just doesnt have any personality.

  • Blake

    These things are a terrible idea. The two most important things to making a RDS work on a pistol are being as close to the boreline as possible and having cowitnessing iron sights. These designs have neither and just frustrate people as they endlessly chase the dot.

  • rjackparis

    welcome to stuff you covered 2 years ago.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Sure is easy to make new firearms parts when you just steal designs from better mfgs, like RCS.