TFB is now 10 Years Old

Photo (C) Will Clayton

It is hard to believe that TFB is now a decade old. It has been an incredible journey from a tiny personal blog, to a blog with a team of 35 people made up of 25 writers and videographers along with at least 10 people directly involved behind the scenes and the

We have grown from strength to strength and while a lot has changed, the original slogan of “Firearms Not Politics” has remained. Major milestones include Phil White becoming our first paid staff member in 2011, our site theme redesign in 2012, launching TFBTV in late 2014 and becoming the media sponsor of Industry Day at The Range in 2016.

I don’t have a copy of what TFB looked like back in 2007, but this is what TFB looked like back in 2008. It was just a classic blog:


A big thank you to our current editorial staff:

* Aaron
* Adam
* Andrew
* Brian
* Corey
* Ed
* Erik
* Frank
* Hrachya
* James
* Max
* Michael
* Michael
* Miles
* Murdoc
* Nathan F
* Nathan S
* Nic
* Patrick
* Pete
* Phil
* Ray
* Richard
* Ronaldo
* Russ
* SaysUncle
* Scott
* Tam
* Thomas
* Tom & Cookie

A big thank you to everyone who works behind the scene, our former staff members and you all, our readers. We love you all.


Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Randall B.

    BREAKING : TFB is now 10 Years Old

  • Joshua

    Congrats guys.

  • Neal – Sintercore

    Congratulations! TFB has certainly aged gracefully. Good job, Steve. Thanks for hiring a staff that posts quality news, reviews, and more.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Ditto. Well done Steve!

    • Joshua

      I feel like there is a missing sarcasm sign here

  • Gun Fu Guru

    No splendid celebration, no giveaways, no glorifying video?
    How will you compete with The Truth About Guns!

  • Blake

    Steve & crew, thank you so much for making TFB what it is (& just as importantly, what it explicicty is not). Especially in this day & age, is it refreshing to have a politics-free zone where folks can discuss the subject at hand with confidence that things will remain civil.

    • LGM Commando 070

      Politics-free zone?

      This blog is full of propaganda and Russophobia.

      • Blackhorse

        Post a link to one article on this site that is “Russophobia”.
        If you would of did a quick check you would of found multiple positive articles on Russia.

        • LGM Commando 070

          OH, with pleasure!
          Here is a classic one: Who Really Designed The AK-47?

          “I do not believe that Mikhail Kalashnikov was as involved in the development of the AK-47 as the Soviets led the world to believe. So who was? Well, there can only be one answer: Hugo Schmeisser.

          “If you’re familiar with how the USSR did things, then it all makes sense that Kalashnikov would make a great poster child for designing this symbol of national pride.

          The Russians put this “common soldier” with a humble, agrarian background on a pedestal as an example of how great and excellent communism was.

          • Blackhorse

            Hahaha that’s not Russophobia nor propaganda.
            You might want to learn the difference.
            This was an article explaining the author’s personal belief.
            It is a common theme from plenty of people in the gun industry. Doesn’t make it anti Russian nor propaganda.
            Especially considering it was against the USSR and Russians keep telling everyone the USSR wasn’t a Russian Empire under a different label/name.

            But please explain how a simple farmer/peasant/serf could design a rifle that was so advanced that the USSR couldn’t even produce the original stamped version for years. They had to redesign it so it could originally be produced by less advanced machining?

          • LGM Commando 070

            Russians can’t be telling such nonsense to no one. Because the SU was the Russian Empire, and the modern Russia still is the Russian Empire, just as much as it still is the SU meaning that it inherited all its debts and international rights.

            The rest is just trolling and I am not going to respond.

          • Blackhorse

            “The rest is just trolling and I am not going to respond.”
            So you can’t answer the question then.
            Thought so

          • LGM Commando 070

            Open the referenced article and read the comments. Some people much more competent than I am, explained it all.

          • Blackhorse

            Read it twice including all links.
            Nobody explained how a novice designer designed a gun that requires a stamping/press process that the USSR didn’t even posses yet. Only a few nations had the knowledge let alone the ability to do this process.
            It was so advanced in design that it had to be redesigned to be machined while new “liberated” machines and “technicians” were moved to the USSR and retooled for the AK and ironed out any issues.
            Then Kalashnikov only designed more weapons based on his earlier AK47.
            We are supposed to believe he was such a genius that he was even more advanced than the USSR industry could produce on the AK47. But then he couldn’t design anything after that which was even as close to half as technical/advanced as his AK. All he designed was AK spinoff weapons. Nothing revolutionary in design ever again.

          • LGM Commando 070

            You are asking strange questions sometimes 🙂
            I think in that thread it was explained.

            Stamping was new at the time and there was a lot of problems with it so he had to re-design its receiver. And he also designed the PK machine gun.

            Eugene Stoner too couldn’t design a thing that was close to half as advanced as his AR-15.

          • Blackhorse

            The stamping technique he “designed” the USSR didn’t even posses at the time.
            It took years using captured German manufacturing equipment and “liberated” experts multiple years to fix the production problem for the Soviets.
            PS the PK is just a redesigned AK.

            I’m not defending Stoner and what he may or may not have designed.

          • LGM Commando 072

            I mentioned Stoner to illustrate that a great designer often has just one great design.

            Speaking of stamping, I know that first 1000-tonn presses in the SU appeared in the 1920’s, not imported, made in the SU. From the 1930’s also a lot of equipment was imported from Europe. Even before the WW2 in the SU lots of plants had been producing things like rims and pipes, and engine parts, using stamping.

      • iksnilol

        Full of commies like you as well. ;=)

        • LGM Commando 070

          Like us?
          We’re not commies! We are libertarian socialists.

          • iksnilol

            You’re a Soviet spy.

      • Blake

        Compared to what the rest of the intarwebz has become over the last few years, I’ll take what we’ve got here. The TFB crew try as hard as they can to keep the place civil without appearing heavy-handed, & their effort is greatly appreciated.

        • LGM Commando 070

          The comments section is as important as the articles, and this blog is moderated. So, if people post comments that libel the Russians, and are not punished, I consider that defamation, encouraged by the moderator.

          Tons of demeaning comments about the Russians here. People post them for fun. You can appreciate this little compilation. From the article “A Few Reasons I Like Kalashnikov Better Than AR-15.

          “They are garbage weapons for bipedal vertebrate mammals, nothing more.

          “Stalin starved them to death by the millions, and moved in Russian-speakers, fulfilling a centuries-old trend in maintaining power. Without control of Kiev and Ukraine, Russia doesn’t eat.

          “The place is still in the 1920’s in many respects. Their electric rail cars are ancient, and their subway system was built by German slave labor worked to death in the 1940’s. Everything is really old, broken down, in disrepair, like a white trash nightmare in a frozen forest.

          “Pull an AK’s low-grade steel, substandard, slav-asian rubbish gas block off. Disassembling an AK in detail is like analyzing the peasant mind trying to make a self-loading weapon, after all the real engineers were executed out.

          “AK parts are not made to exacting standards. Nothing in Russia or Central Asia or the Middle East is made to exacting standards. They simply aren’t capable of it.

          “You get to look at the internals when you break them down and see what was changed to fix the inherent problems with a peasant-grade design, versus a Finn design. People seem to forget that the Bolsheviks killed all the designers and engineers from the Czarist times.

          “Utter trash, but what would one expect from Russia?

          “It’s a piece of garbage designed by a drunk Russian tanker and his design team, after Stalin purged Russia of some of her finest engineers and scientists in the 1930’s.

          • KestrelBike

            hahaha seriously? People comment surrender-jokes whenever something about France comes up, does that mean this blog hates the French?

            Even if people did comment jokes about Russia/Putin/Commies, it’s awesome, because as this is American-origin blog, we have that freedom. We’re not going to get in trouble and get shot in the foyer of our apartment complexes for expressing opinions.

            I truly hope you’re a joke-profile.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Jokes are not a problem, but if people are talking about some nation and stigmatize it, belittle it, spread lies about it and find that entertaining then that is more like a smear campain under the guise of humor.

            And I’ve been banned two times from this blog for expressing opinions. And I was told the reason was that I demeaned other cultures, and that’s not true. So stop telling me stories about freedom.

          • Voice from East

            Чья бы корова мычала. У нас тут всех кто западнее Пскова ваще за людей не держат. TFB в этом плане просто образец космополитизма.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Not true.
            I’m reading Russian blogs like this one, for example BMPD and there is no such loathing to the US as I see here to Russia.

          • Voice from East

            Lol, hahaha, that’s really funny))) Do you really mean it?
            Looks like you can understand some russian words but not language 😉
            Good luck with that, russian commando 😀

          • LGM Commando 070

            Look, checked BMPD right now and, as usual, apart from some Russian VS Ukrainian troll catfights, nothing like ridiculing comments about the Russians here.

            And NO ONE is being banned!

          • Blake

            I agree that’s pretty hardcore trash talk, & should be moderated out of existence. Especially the racist stuff.

          • LGM Commando 070

            So far I am being moderated here. Out of existence. Looks like the right to express one’s opinions is not for all.

            You should fit to the political course of their “not politics” motto.

          • Blackhorse

            So your BS posts on the “Nigerian homemade revolving shotguns” wasn’t anti US. LMFAO
            You will find plenty of posts by like minded Putin Tools like you (if they haven’t been banned) bashing the US.
            Deal with it.

          • LGM Commando 070

            I might bring up some unpleasant facts but not misrepresent them. That’s not the same. And I respect people.

            You know me, man. We have talked a lot. Have I ever characterized Americans as idiots, or mean people or something like that?


          • Blackhorse

            “You know me, man. We have talked a lot. Have I ever characterized Americans as idiots, or mean people or something like that?”
            Huh? Really? You first posted here this morning and only had 45 posts and now just hrs later you have 67 posts.

          • LGM Commando 070

            I first posted here about two years ago. We talked a lot about AK vs AR and all that.

          • Blackhorse

            It wasn’t me, I’ve only been visiting this site for a few months now.

          • LGM Commando 070

            You remember PA-15 test, Youtube?

          • Blackhorse

            That was weeks ago and with a account that was banned.

          • LGM Commando 070

            With a person that was banned.
            That’s me

      • Hi Sermon. Some cake? 🙂

        • LGM Commando 070

          I suspect this phrase means something stupid and disgusting.

          • Blackhorse

            You know what he means.
            IE 7.62 Sermon
            Quit acting all innocent. Everyone can see the same style of posts and “clips” as newly banned “7.62 Sermon”.

          • LGM Commando 070

            First, I am innocent.

            Second, it’s Sermon 7.62 and not the opposite.

            And I am talking about the cake joke that is not familiar to me.
            Is it some kind of slang?

          • Blackhorse

            It’s TFB birthday and birthdays are celebrated with cake (birthday cake).

          • LGM Commando 072

            OH, thanks.

            Then YES, please. I’ll take a piece of cake, because I’m not going to depart. I got a full battalion of LGM commandos here, prepared for battles!

          • Banned again—what boring behaviour .

          • Sermon 7.62

            You are not smart enough to be a moderator, Phil.

            Each time it’s going to get more and more boring. And in the end, YOU will regret banning me. I can promise that.


        • Jake Dorsey

          Expert counter-trolling! 💯

          • Sermon 7.62

            Man, I haven’t started trolling YET.

      • Nicks87

        Hey, I’m pro-Russian. I feel like I have more in common with Russians than I do most liberals, at least. Also I think we should team up and crush the Islamofacists in the middle east. As far as propaganda goes I would be more worried about leftist media organizations that are attacking Christians, families, conservatives, heterosexuals, gun owners and libertarians. Those are the real threat.

        • LGM Commando 070

          That’s what I’m talking about!


        • Mel Kimlinger

          Nicks, before it’s all said and done in the near future….

          We may well be fighting alongside those oh-so-bad Russkies in a last stand effort to preserve Western culture and freedom.


          My nephew’s wife is Russian…. incredibly bright and accomplished, an immigrant to this country (she did it the RIGHT way, and boy did it cost $$$!)…. two more years until she becomes an American citizen.

          And, we have had some very interesting conversations about America and it’s self-destruction – she never could comprehend how we could have Obama in office for two terms…

          I think she’s privately looking at the situation as “Why in the hell did I spend the time and money to migrate to America to become a citizen (and I’ll pay my own way through life, thank you), when it’s pushing itself headlong into fascist socialism?”. It really bothers her.

          Anyway, I digress, and I agree with your comments.

          • Nicks87

            Thanks, I hope more people start to realize this before we are locked into some sort of politically correct nonsense world where freedom is evil and having an opinion contrary to the popular belief is punishable by jail time or worse.

  • 22winmag

    10 years old and unfortunately, undeniably past it’s prime. I had a ton of respect for this place back in the day, before constant flood of inane, tangential, non-firearms posts started appearing. It makes me want to cry to see God-awful TTAG on the rise and TFB on the decline. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

    • felix

      TTAG is on the rise?

    • BravoSeven

      But yet here you are.

      Hope to see TFB around for a 20th and beyond. Congratulations TFB.

    • Blackhorse

      If it’s so bad why are you even here?

      • Mel Kimlinger

        Defies logic, doesn’t it?

        I wonder if “22winmag” has waited years before he decided to make his….


        Anyway – have a happy, TFB!

    • M.M.D.C.

      LOL! There always has to be that guy… Sheesh.

      • KestrelBike

        someone please return his red stapler.

        I said no salt, NO SALT!

  • G B
    • Gun Fu Guru

      Dwight at his most medium.

  • Rico Mapster

    Congrats on 10 years. Keep up the great work.

  • Martin törefeldt

    Happy birthday!!!

  • noob

    Congratulations! this is one of the few sites I actually type into my browser bar no matter what computer or phone I’m on. Come for the guns, stay for the community.

  • civilianaf

    Nice work guys.

  • Unsooper

    Ha! 10 years in the pocket of big bullet you mean. Er, big Glock, no I got it, 10 years as stooges for open comment. Ah, I got nuthin’.
    Seriously, I’ve been coming here (mostly lurking) for many years and watched it grow and I’ve recommended it to many friends along the way. This is the place where I asked about getting into the AR platform and got great advice and built a .308 that I enjoy quite a bit. Hope the future continues to be as bright for the blog as its past.

    • Blake

      I certainly wouldn’t know of phrases like “In the pocket of Tactical Tupperware” if it weren’t for this blog :-).

  • BattleshipGrey

    Steve, out of curiosity, when you first started TFB, how many hours a week did you devote to research, writing and posting? Keep up the good work and congrats!

  • Nicks87

    HA HA it’s a celebration b*tches! Thanks for giving us gun crazies a place to rant and rave. Cheers!

  • uncle bobedy

    Happy Birthday TFB!

    You great people make reading firearm industry news, reviews, and articles, worthwhile.

  • Swarf

    Glad you’re still here, and I wish the best in the future.

    The only actively non-political(ish) gun blog I know of, and with great content to boot.

    …Might want to fix the runoff sentence in the first paragraph of your self congratulation piece, tho.

  • Ben Warren

    Congratulations! I’ve been a regular for about eight of those years, and I’ll keep coming so long as the blog maintains the high quality of content!

    By the way, an index of Nathaniel F.’s greatest hits would not go unappreciated.

  • RazorHawk

    Cool, nothing wrong with politics though as long as it is pro-gun, pro- 2nd amendment politics.

  • Bigbigpoopi
  • Blackhorse

    Happy Birthday
    Hope there are many more

  • Anonymoose

    Today is my birthday too! Congrats!

  • Qiavraluk

    Team TFB great work. On my browser after weather in my region yours is the next button. Please continue the posts.

  • Harry’s Holsters


  • Voice from East

    Happy B-day TFB! Best regards from Rasha. Make it 20.

  • Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

  • .45

    Well, congratulations, happy birthday and all that. I forget how I found this site, probably something relating to Googling Lee Enfield’s or something, but have been regularly lurking and posting for about two years now.

  • 日本のゴリラ
  • That’s a glitch with wordpress. Now and then it randomly repost an article and leaves out the photo. That is what your seeing.

  • Random Disabled Person

    The oldest I have is save of The Firearm Blog _ Gun 6-02-09 .htm but due to how it save the javescript/css was lost for display but was saved of the articles of that day with their links mainly offsite.
    As of June 2009 This was the article counts so far.

    June 2009 (5)
    May 2009 (76)
    April 2009 (39)
    March 2009 (64)
    February 2009 (72)
    January 2009 (160)
    December 2008 (92)
    November 2008 (71)
    October 2008 (59)
    September 2008 (42)
    August 2008 (26)
    July 2008 (17)
    June 2008 (12)
    May 2008 (22)
    April 2008 (20)
    March 2008 (48)
    February 2008 (94)
    January 2008 (112)
    December 2007 (40)
    November 2007 (42)
    October 2007 (110)
    September 2007 (47)
    August 2007 (28)
    July 2007 (8)

    I’ll look at old back up drives that may have earlier saves. From back when saving pages to read offline was and for back up & libary building was common place for things disappearing with the ever changing early internet.

    • Random Disabled Person

      I forget the other parts below that

      Hi, welcome to my blog! This blog is dedicated to all things firearms related. I hope you enjoy it.

      I want this blog to appeal to a worldwide audience and so I will be
      focusing on firearms and shooting rather than country specific
      politics. There are already many great blogs defending your rights!

      – Steve


      air guns (26)

      ammunition (123)

      beginner (6)

      big bore (17)

      blackpowder (18)

      culture (33)

      handguns (285)

      howto (8)

      hunting (34)

      knives (4)

      machine guns (43)

      manuals (3)

      military (194)

      misc (194)

      news (129)

      optics (14)

      photos (149)

      rifles (528)

      rimfire (44)

      shotguns (114)

      strange guns (13)

      Suppressors (18)

      target shooting (4)

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      video (71)

      weapons (31)

      Tags *size is cloud use format*

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      Firearm Blogs *how many still exist and/or have died?*

      A Keyboard and a .45

      Advanced Armament Blog



      Brass Casing

      Cowtown Cop

      Cryptic Subterranean

      Double Tapper

      Freedom Sight

      Front Sight, Press

      Gun Blobber

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      To which I replied…

      Traction Control

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      Defense Tech

      Murdoc Online

      Other Blogs

      The Download Munkey

  • Tassiebush

    Thanks for all the effort and keep up the good work!

  • Karl Vanhooten

    Congrats all!! The best Internet blog out there for gun reviews, opinion, news, and tight shorts. ;D Ignore the trolls . . . most of us recognize them for what they are.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Here’s to 10 more years!

  • Congratulations Steve and the crew. Still the best firearms website by far!

  • wetcorps

    Happy birthday guys.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    HBD TFB! Here’s to 100 more!!