Former Employee Charged For Theft of 8,000 Pounds of Federal Ammunition

It would seem that the sky is falling pricing on ammunition was not quite low enough for one Robert Foley of Ramsey, Minnesota. According to WCCO of Minneapolis, Foley has been charged with the theft of a significant amount of ammunition from his former employer Federal Ammunition, based in Anoka, Minnesota. Foley worked in the shipping department.

The investigation began in the spring of 2016 following a tip. The company investigation found that Foley had sent 257 separate shipments to a “non-customer”. The packages were destined for an address owned by Foley’s brother.

According to WCCO, the exact contents of the packages has not been determined, but even assuming the lowest price ammunition that Federal sells, the estimated value is around $25,000. Of course, it is not likely that Foley shipped only the lowest-value ammo. Foley contends that he made the ammunition purchases through Federal’s company store. Federal has stated there is no record of this theft. Foley states that he shipped only two packages to his brother and forgot to reimburse the company the shipping charges.

At face value, there is a huge gap between 2 packages and 257.

If convicted of the charges, Foley faces a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in prison. A fine is also possible in addition or in lieu of up to $20,000.

Nathan S

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  • Gun Fu Guru

    Makes me wonder how many åssholes did this in 2013 with 22LR.

    • Tym O’Byrne

      Thanks to Trump my local WallyWorld is full of fair priced 22lr now, since i had stocked up before Sandy Hooks epic price bump i have to wonder how all the trolls feel for buying those over-priced online scammer prices.

      • Thomas Oakheart

        Not sure what makes panic buying troll worthy.

        During the shortage I found 2, 500rd 22lr at ruleking for like idk…$40 each if i remember right. They were the Hornady Zombie rounds.

        • Tym O’Byrne

          I used the word troll, you paid to much, other then that i dont have anything other to post to your response to what i posted. Have a nice day.

      • mazkact

        Still none to be found at wally’s in the Houston area. I just started looking again and still none on the shelf. If Wally’s ever does start stocking .22 again it better be priced well bellow Academy or Cabela’s .

  • wetcorps

    If I worked at Federal I would be tempted to make my very own Scrooge McDuck bullets pool too.

    • Aaron

      Just make sure you cover the area you dive headfirst into with a tarp. It makes cleaning the hair, blood, and brain matter so much easier.

  • Edeco

    Mystery of the 22 shortage solved?

  • codfilet

    Johnny Cash: ” I made my ammo fort one box at a time……”

  • ro

    since the “shortage” I began to shoot a BB gun daily…and now still do….Walmart and the other vendors and mfgs of .22 can choke on their stock

    Viva the BB

  • Salty

    I seee where you were going with the article. You were saying what we all know folks steal and Ammo companies are no different, so this just affirms that this employee was trying to shoot for free!!

    I will give fs about Walmart 22 Ammo when th price drops. Until then, meeeeeeeh