SKS Trigger Mag Release: Worst Mag Release Ever?

Another good idea, bad idea. has a magazine release for the SKS rifle. It is shaped like a trigger and positions the trigger to the side of the trigger guard.

The problem is it requires you to use your trigger finger to be placed inside the trigger guard. You can have your own ND for $49.99!

The concept is good but the execution is bad due to the fact you have to use your trigger finger inside the trigger guard to manipulate the mag release. At least with an M1A you are moving your finger in the opposite direction. But this is a trigger shaped object that sits relatively close to the actual trigger of the SKS. It would be better if the mag release as longer and protrudes down past the trigger guard so you can actuate it without being inside the trigger guard.

Nicholas C

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  • tsh77769

    This takes stupid to the stratosphere!!

  • tsh77769

    This takes stupid to the stratosphere!!

  • Jimmy the cracker of corn

    Yeah, no way you could accidentally discharge the gun with that one.
    Or drop the magazine when you wanna be shooting.
    Good call fellas. The inventor of Microsoft Zune would be proud.

  • Badwolf

    oh come on guys… it just takes more training time to use. hahaha

  • Badwolf

    oh come on guys… it just takes more training time to use. hahaha

  • Some Guy

    What could possibly go wrong? – A British orangutan

  • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

    The real question is does David have his grade 5? The design tells me maybe not.

  • Dougscamo

    Tort lawyers are going to have a field day!

    • kgallerno

      Hardly. Tort law in Canada sees very little for payouts. We are not the United States were everyone sues and can win big. Here you will spend 50000$ on lawyers fees to win a case to recieve 10000$ in remuneration.

      • Flounder

        It’s canada… Won’t you send the apology not anyways?

        • kgallerno

          Well probaly yes. Then we would send a second apology note about the first note and being so late with it.

          • Baggy270


  • Beju
  • Anomanom

    To be fair to the designer, it certainly works as intended. Maybe if you shortened up the action bar so that the release is in front of the trigger guard instead of inside, it would be better.

    That aside, Am I the only one who likes the design of that chassis though?

    • Cayton Jones

      Nyet, rifle was fine!

  • Ah, the joys of making your SKS uglier, heavier, more expensive, and less safe all to approximate a WASR that costs have as much as your garbage modifications!

    • Ken

      Have fun buying a WASR in Canada. You can’t legally.

      • I have fun not living in Canada, thank you very much.

        • Ken

          Same, but for the people stuck there, a bubba SKS is the best they can do on a budget. It’s not the case here in the US, where the cheapest SKS has gone up near AK prices, and ARs have dropped near SKS prices.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    There should be a decocker there instead.

  • USMC03Vet

    Still better than euro paddle release.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      Paddle releases are fantastic. Not everyone has thumbs long enough to reach most mag releases.

    • iksnilol

      Your opinion is wrong and you should feel bad.

      • USMC03Vet

        If Euro Paddle is right, I’m glad to be wrong.

  • Gary Kirk

    What window-licker actually thought that this was a good plan?

  • ______\

    Or you could not sporterize a military surplus rifle

    • Flounder

      It is new production. Or it could be. Canada has different laws and they can legally import new sks rifles. I think. I am not 100% sure.

      This is just for the people who want an AK, but aren’t allowed to have one. It sucks. And the mag release is horrific. But the chassis is not the worst I have heard about. They do weird things up north.

    • Dan

      Why not? Let me guess it displeases the gun gods to modify your property? Like surplus guns sit around a table telling the stories of their life? Maybe they had one maybe not. Im doubting a Norinco made SKS has any story at all. Im doubting most that made it here do. Even if they did it’s in the past, you’ll most likely never know it. So why not give it a new story. Excuse my while i go cut down my Mauser and Mosin barrels drill and tap for optics and toss their wooden stocks in my firepit. Maybe I’ll bead blast them and give them a nice cerekote in a god awful “tactical” color and set them in a composite stock. Because you know I can.

  • Some Rabbit

    Glock put the safety right on the trigger face. How is this any worse?

    • TheWarriorWorkshop

      Are you really that stupid?

      • Big Daddy

        yep he is

      • Some Rabbit

        Heh! Before the internet, fanboyz had to walk miles to call me names.

    • ARCNA442

      The Glock trigger safety is not a safety – it helps make the gun drop safe by making it nearly impossible for gravity to manipulate the trigger.

      • Dan

        So a drop safety……or safety

  • Anonymoose

    Oh, Canada…what the heck were you thinking?

  • iksnilol

    I see no problem. Mag release or safety in the trigger guard is genius. Best would have been something like a lever in front of the trigger (inside the trigger guard). When pulled back it would release the mag and set the rifle on safe, whilst the other way it would put the rifle on fire and release the bolt.

    • gusto

      I had a sauer 202 a while, hated the safety

    • Dan

      I dont see an issue either. If some a$$hat manages to have a ND with this more than likely they were destined to have one regardless.

  • Big Daddy

    That mag release is just a fail. Good idea but the wrong place and even making it look like a trigger, a double fail.

  • Ken

    Maybe if AKs were legal, they wouldn’t have to resort to such devices to have a cheap 7.62×39 rifle that’s usable with detachable mags. Blame the politicians who came up with such laws, not the citizens who work ways around it.

    • Samuel Millwright


      • Indiana Finney

        aaaand those are $1300+, and half of them were illegal for quite a while.

        • Samuel Millwright

          Well, at least you guys can buy chinese guns…

          I’m jealous of that, and all the shotgun stuff you guys can get that fall under arcane, stupidly restrictive, and pointless nfa bullshit specifically targeted at shotguns

  • Bart Jabroni

    It’s the serpa of mag releases. Did strike make this?

  • 11bangbang

    My biggest issue with this aside from the obvious trigger guard fingering to operate is the fact that it still requires 2 hands and essentially the same amount of movement/body mechanics as the more AK-ish mag release mods already out there. This does nothing to improve just adds some really bad muscle memory to your trigger finger.

  • Ian Snell

    I liked my Zune. my only problem was its low capacity. All the haters never owned one.

  • Lee Attiny

    Well the first mistake was getting an SKS. A friend gave me one he had sitting around, its been sitting on the floor of my gun room untouched for a year now. Complete piece of garbage.

  • ToddB

    Here I thought the SKS had a perfectly serviceable mag release. but then again, mine still has the original 10 rd internal mag, I need 30 rounds, they sell these rifles called AKs you can easily change the magazine in.

  • Ben Pottinger

    250-350$ for a stock for an SKS?!! Really? Why?!

  • UCSPanther

    The SKS was meant to be reloaded like a Mauser or any other older battle rifle: An internal magazine with stripper clips.

    You can’t get away from that, no matter how hard you try.