Cobalt Kinetics Releases AR-15 Parts & Accessories for Sale to the Public

Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics, known for their cutting-edge and futuristic looking AR-15 rifles, will now be selling their parts and accessories to the general public. It is starting out as more simple offerings like stocks, muzzle brakes and other small pieces. This is just the beginning according to Cobalt Kinetics since they have expressed to continue to release more and more pieces to the public as time goes on.

The formal announcement came on June 27th to many FFL dealers and distributors:

St. George, Utah  June 27 Cobalt Kinetics, manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, today announces the release of a broad lineup of AR-15 accessories.

Cobalt has historically reserved the availability of their proprietary furniture and accessories – keeping these items exclusive to their own rifle builds. Due to popular demand, Cobalt is releasing their most requested upgrades for individual sale. The engineers at Cobalt Kinetics have redesigned and re-engineered some of these unique parts to make them universally compatible. Now every AR custom shop and home-builder can create or upgrade any AR pattern rifle with Cobalt‘s premium level of performance and style.

This list of offerings includes universal fit rifle stocks, both fixed and adjustable; those based on the EDGE and TEAM rifle models. The Pro Billet Grip is the same found on all TEAM model rifles. The Pro Buffer System is a tremendous advancement and arguably one of the best upgrades available for the AR today. Rifle, mil-spec, and commercial patterns are available. All of Cobalt‘s current muzzle brakes are now available, featuring the EDGE Brake, B.A.M.F. – 5.56 Linear Compensator, B.A.M.F. – 7.62 Linear Compensator, and of course, the game-changing Pro Muzzle Brake. All accessories are furnished in black; aluminum parts are cerakoted and steel parts are finished in Lithium-Iron surface conversion.

The parts vary in pricing anywhere from $75 to $320 depending on whether you are in need of a simple compensator or an adjustable billet stock.

Cobalt Kinetics

B.A.M.F. Linear Compensator 5.56mm – $75

Cobalt Kinetics

B.A.M.F. Linear Compensator 7.62mm – $125

Cobalt Kinetics

EDGE Muzzle Brake – $90

Cobalt Kinetics

Pro Billet Pistol Grip – $100

Cobalt Kinetics

Pro Buffer System (Carbine Length) – $195

Cobalt Kinetics

Pro Buffer System (Rifle Length) – $195

Cobalt Kinetics

Pro Muzzle Brake – $190

If any of the parts have you reaching for your wallet, they can be found on Cobalt Kinetic’s webshop or at a Cobalt Kinetics dealer very soon.

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  • Blake

    I’m not really into AR-15s, but that rifle on the bottom is awesome.
    Coming soon to a sci-fi film…

  • Havok

    Translation: Our expensive rifle is not selling as well as we had hoped.

    • Cory C


  • Keiichi


  • Corwin Bos

    Over priced rifles with cool features. The company does show some promise as an innovator though. I just wish they would drop the stupid looking have to have point on every thing look.

  • john huscio

    Don’t think I’ve seen an uglier AR

  • Edeco

    Step in the right direction. I wanted something they had but not near enough to pay for a primo rifle with a bunch of other parts I don’t care for.

  • Raptor Fred

    Studies show, that you are more likely to cut yourself with sharp muzzle devices. Than to have any appreciable effect on adversarial targets in a linear battlespace environment.

  • Evan

    Now you can make your AR look ridiculous too. What a useless company.

    • Flounder

      Isn’t it always about looks?
      Half jk half dead serious. Lots of people buy stuff for their AR just to be different.

      And the company is doing odd things. Which I encourage because occasionally it leads to awesome things. Although they will have to change their business model or die in the upcoming years. But then again I believe they are a pretty small shop.

      • Evan

        Odd isn’t necessarily good. This is the same company that makes a rifle with a ridiculous feature that throws your empty magazines away. And those spiky muzzle brakes? What are those meant to accomplish? Is it supposed to be a bayonet – on a rifle with literally no features you’d want for combat? I somehow doubt three gun matches require bayonets. These rifles are form over function, and the form is atrocious.

        • Bierstadt54

          I love these rifles, and would buy one in a heartbeat if I could afford it. They are not form over function; rather, superb function for competition combined with eye-catching form.

          • Evan

            The form is “eye catching” the same way a multiple car pileup or a severely deformed person is, and working kind of like most other ARs except worse is by no means superb. If you want one of these ridiculous things, you’re a sucker, and I’d like to discuss a beachfront property I have in Wyoming for sale.

  • El Duderino

    2009: Wow this quad rail is like a cheese grater against my softcase!

    2017: Wow this muzzle device is like a cheese grater against my softcase!

  • Frank

    If you’re going to spend $100 on a pistol grip why not get a G10 one? Aluminum isn’t a great material for making a grip.

  • RetroG

    I WANT the AR that auto ejects the empty mags and auto drops the bolt when a new mag is inserted. Why retain an empty mag or not chamber a round when you put a new mag in? I like the looks of the lower rifle, except for the pointy-stabby look of the front of the hand guard and muzzle devices.

    • Ryan StJohn

      What are you talking about? This rifle is TOTALLY form over function! I mean, it’s not like an auto empty mag release or an auto bolt close would improve your performance in timed competition or anything!