Enhanced 9mm Silent Captured Spring from JP Enterprises


Earlier this month, JP Enterprises officially launched the new Enhanced 9mm Silent Captured Spring (Enhanced SCS). This new buffer spring system is based on the original silent captured recoil spring, but with design changes to give it more mass to help with low mass 9mm bolt carrier groups in AR rifles.

Let me back up for just a second. Most AR rifles and pistols chambered for the 9mm pistol cartridge use a simple blowback design. So, sheer mass (weight) of the bolt carrier group (BCG) is a huge factor in the reliability of the system. A BCG that is too heavy or too light may be prone to malfunctions. Likewise, the buffer and spring should be properly selected to counter the mass of the BCG.

JP Enterprises introduced the Silent Capture Spring to, in part, help tune your system for the best reliability. It has five weights made of steel and tungsten. The “non-enhanced” version of the SCS is sized to only accept four weights. By changing which weights you have in place, you can increase or decrease the weight of resistance during operation. The fifth weight gives the shooter additional tuning possibilities.

If you are using one of the JP Enterprises BCGs, the Enhanced SCS allows for less felt recoil, reduction in bolt bounce and the ability to run hotter ammo (can you say .357 SIG?) reliably. If you are not using a JP Enterprises 9mm BCG, you likely have a BCG with a weight pinned into its rear. Should you need to remove that, the Enhanced SCS allows you to alter the SCS weight appropriately for optimum reliability.

These are made in the USA. The MSRP is $184.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • Slab Rankle

    This system was originally developed for use with silencers, in order to eliminate noise from the AR recoil spring cycling.

    I only mention it because a lot of people think this a useless (and expensive) item.

    • pun&gun

      I’ve listened to the difference on video. It’s pretty compelling, even at that price.

      • Scott Willbanks

        I’ve listened to it in real life. I will never go back to a standard spring and buffer setup. The recoil is more linear and the sproing in your ear is completely eliminated, and not just noticeable on suppressed firearms. There’s a noticeable difference on all ARs I’ve tested.

  • Tassiebush

    The name of this thing sounds like it’s responsible for the decline of bees or something.

  • HSR47

    I love how they briefly talk about actual buffer weight, but only do so in relation to another product. Looking at their website, NEITHER product appears to list it’s weight…..

    If I’m going to drop nearly $200 bucks on another bolt/buffer system, I need to know what kind of weight range it’s in, so that I know if it will work for me.

  • Walter Williams

    10mm is the next frontier in PCC’s. I would hope this will work with the 10. No need to get another just for the 10.