Arex ReX Zero 1 Compact 9mm

Since the Arex ReX Zero 1 showed up on the market, it has been making some pretty big waves. Not only has stolen more consumers from a popular German manufacturer than anyone ever thought it would, but it gave shooters a lower cost choice with some reasonably unique features. In this episode of TFBTV,  Patricks takes the reasonably new ReX Zero 1 Compact out to the range to see what all the fuss is about. Is the Slovenian wonder pistol all that it is cracked up to be? Watch the video to find out what Patrick likes about the ReX Zero 1 Compact and what kinda turns him off from the pistol.

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  • Just my opinion

    I’m not so sure it is fair to throw out the German/Swiss tag when the guns available here now are those trashy US builds from Nh. I don’t feel that the US made pistols are in the same league as the older pistols from Germany. This event and the recent Nj state police dispute would seem to suplort my opinion if it was infact Speer lawman tmj that the Sigs choked on. Were it totally the fault of gun ignorant jewsey boyz, I would think Sig would have calles that out by now, instead of blaming training ammo alone. Hell even if they were running Tulammo to train with, I would expect a quality pistol to have no issues running it. I’ve ran Tula in everything from hipoints, m&p, sigma, Ria 1911, and various Czs and have never had issue. I would think sure as hell that Lawman is gtg

  • J.T.

    I don’t get what the fuss over these is for. It’s just a modernized Zastava CZ99 with a safety added.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I’m not saying it’s a bad gun, but if you’re going to copy someone you should be better or cheaper.
    This gun is over $600 and if you look hard you can find a P229 in the low $700 range.
    The grip is also a good deal thicker than the pre-E2 Sigs

    • mig1nc

      Are you sure? I heard the grips were thinner than Sigs?

      Also, I don’t think you can get a Sig with both a decocker and safety, can you?

      • Kelly Jackson

        I don’t just mean the side panels, I mean the total circumference of the grip, it seems much thicker than your average P229.

        The P229 grips do fit on this gun.

        I’ve never seen a P series with both a decocker and safety.

  • Some Rabbit

    Whoa! That looks so compact it could get lost in a vest pocket. /sarc One little nit, Patrick spends way too much time shooting. Watching someone shooting and shooting and shooting tells us nothing about the gun (other than it cycles and goes bang).

  • jonp

    The biggest draw I have seen for these was the reliability when thrown in the mud beating out about everything. Useful if your in dirt I guess. I have to think the slide release would break in after a bit