Now Shipping: Canik TP9DA Pistols


Century Arms announced it was now importing and shipping the Canik TP9DA pistol to the United States market.

The TP9DA is a polymer framed pistol similar to the others in the Canik line. However, this model uses a double action/single action (DA/SA) operation similar to the SIG SAUER P226, Beretta 92/96 series and third generation Smith & Wesson autopistols. Unlike those guns, however, the Canik does not have an external hammer. Instead it uses a striker fired system.

Initial shots are longer, DA pulls of the trigger. Subsequent shots¬†have shorter, lighter pulls. Traditional thinking justifies this kind of system as helping to prevent unintentional discharges under stress. Unfortunately, the anecdotal and statistical data I’ve reviewed suggests that the DA/SA system decreases the¬†overall efficiency of the shooter as he or she must train to shoot the weapon in two distinctly different modes. Nevertheless, the systems can be learned, and there are many shooters who like this operation. So, it makes sense that Canik would make a pistol to cater to this niche.

Decocking the gun to return it to a double action mode is achieved by pressing a button on top of the slide. This same button ensures that you would not need to press the trigger to field strip the gun.

Canik builds the TP9DA with a 4.07″ match grade barrel. The polymer frame has interchangeable backstraps to allow the shooter to best fit the gun to his or her hand. There is a loaded chamber indicator and a striker status indicator.

The gun is available in two colors: black and burnt bronze. Guns ship with two 18 round magazines. The MSRP is $424.99 for either color.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • valorius

    I think all duty weapons should be a true DAO and have a hammer. But that’s just me.

    • 8166PC1

      Honestly I think there’s a reason why a true DAO are not used by many Police and military.

      • valorius

        They are, and have been used by tons of police forces.

        • 8166PC1

          If you’re talking about GLocks they aren’t true DAOs.

          • valorius

            No, not talking about glocks, but i agree with your assessment of their mechanism not being a DAO.

        • Dougscamo

          Beretta 92D (and others)….great for the years of transitioning from revolvers to semi’s….

          • valorius

            3rd gen S&W DAO automatics were really popular with police for a long time. Saw some cops here in Hawaii still carrying them last week.

          • Dougscamo

            Man, those things have to be getting pretty long in the tooth! What are we talking….2002 or 2004 when they stopped making those? Unless S&W had some kind of special offer for PD’s….
            Bought my old Beretta (92D) when we retired them and later gave it to my son-in-law….what a mistake! Wish I had it back…

          • valorius

            How is a 15 year old gun long in the tooth?

          • Dougscamo

            Since my experience was with the Beretta 92D Centurion that, according to a source that I found, ceased production in ’98 which means the demand dropped off before that date. I looked up my Beretta armorers cert. which was ’93….so we would be talking 24 years in our case. In 24 years my office went through 4 different service weapons and agencies around me have gone through at least as many if not more. So for a daily carry service weapon, yeah, long in the tooth….unless, as I said, S&W did something different….

          • valorius

            The Sheriffs back in Pa that issued my permit still use 3rd gen smiths too. They probably almost never fire the things. I personally have guns that are dozens of years old that i actually do fire, that still work perfectly. The oldest is a model 1927 Savage .32 auto that i passed on to my god son when he came of age- it was his fathers gun. Still works perfectly.

  • Erich

    Nothing in the article is wrong, but it’s an oversight to not even mention the Walther P99, since it is both the gun that the TP9 is based on and the only (to my knowledge) other DA/SA striker-fired pistol.

    • Some Guy

      Yeah seems like every time a new P99 clone / variant comes out all of the journos talk about the thing like it’s something brand new and not a near direct copy of a 20+ year old pistol (now with inferior mag release and Turkish manufacturing quality!).

      • Erich

        Agreed. I’m also not sure that DA/SA combined with the trigger dingus is a bright idea.

        • Some Rabbit

          I see what they’re doing here. On the Canik (and Walther) once you chamber a round you have the options of decocking, leaving the trigger all the way forward (long single action pull) or pre-staging the trigger for short single action. The dingus is for those wishing to carry the gun in the long single action mode. The dingus remains retracted after the first shot and plays no role if decocked.

      • Mack

        The latest stuff coming out of turkey, actually has above average quality. The TP series is some of the best bang for your buck pistols out there.

        But you are correct. Americanised P99 made in Turkey.

        • James Young

          Nah, not really above average. Maybe around the quality of a SDVE or Creed or American but at $100 to $150 more. Caniks dont seem to do well in harsh environments either. Keep em clean, they’ll run

          • Dougscamo

            Not a fanboy but you need to check the Military Arms Channel testing….passed in tests where the H&K VP9 failed….

          • rennsport4.4TV8

            I don’t think that is true.

          • Mack

            The TP9 is way above the SDVE and Creed. SDVE has the heaviest damn triggers in the world. Creed just doesn’t look right. I have sold 32 Canik TP9 variants this last year in my store. (not a very large store) Not one single send back. I run one personally in 3 gun, not a single problem.

            TP9SF/SA Trigger is right up there with the PPQ, and VP9 triggers in my book. Come with a holster and two MECGAR mags. I have been selling them a 350$ like hot cakes. For a budget pistol, i havent found any better.

      • Some Rabbit

        Inferior mag release? It was the Walther paddle release that everyone hated. Canik uses a classic push button release. As for quality, Canik is ISO 9000 certified.

    • Some Rabbit

      Schmeisser makes a DA/SA (kinda) striker gun the SLP-9. The first shot is a long light trigger pull and follow-ups are a short light pull. They call it DARE (Double Action Rapid Engagement) trigger. I don’t see any way to ‘decock’ it like the Walther or Canik but it does offer a double strike capability.

      • L. Roger Rich


  • J.T.

    It’s just the TP9 v2 with a new name. Century must just be doing it to better differentiate the SAO and DA/SA versions of the v2. Due to the name change, you can find v2 marked guns on clearance from some places for under $300 right now as they get rid of their stock with the old markings.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    This is the original Canik pistol’s operation. The first pistols were striker fired DA/SA pistols. 2nd gen was SA only, but retained the de-cocker on top of the slide (which allowed you to render your gun unfirable w/o re-racking the slide). The 3rd gen deleted the de-cocker, leaving you with a normal, SA non-decock-able striker fired pistol. Looks like they now have a new DA/SA pistol, or TFB is a few years late on this product release.

  • Andrew

    Are automated bots writing these stories? Not only was the TP9DA announced in January but it is just a newer version of the DA/SA TP9v2 which was just a newer version of the original DA/SA TP9.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    TP9V2 had a shorter slide and barrel than the TP9SA. Im assuming this is basically a TP9V2 with a longer slide/barrel

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      It doesnt look like it has the longer slide like the SA/SF. It looks like the normal length slide. I think it is just a renamed V2. The SF/SA slide sticks out infront of the rail. This “TP9DA” just not just like the TP9V2.

  • Duro Sig

    needs a hammer. WTF.

  • Some Rabbit

    Canik used to call that model the TP9v2, nothing new here but the designation stamped on the slide. Oh, and enough with the crap about DA/SA triggers. If you’re that lame and unskilled with firearms maybe you shouldn’t even carry a gun.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Ah, another P99/AS clone… No, it’s worse, it’s a renamed clone of their first clone…

  • Hoplopfheil

    So this is what the TP9 with the suicide switch should have been originally.