New Recover Tactical Shield & Glock 43 Magazine Clips

Magazine, Clips, are you triggered yet? Just kidding, we wanted to tell you about Recover Tactical’s new Shield and Glock 43 Magazine Clips that have just come up for preorder on the Recover website. If you aren’t familiar with the product concept, I have included a few videos below that kinda spell things out for you.

They have had a Glock compatible model for some time and are now branching out to cover the much loved Smith & Wesson Shield as well as the Glock 43. So what does the Magazine Clip do for you? It allows you to keep a spare mag on you without the need for a mag pouch or just dropping it in your pocket.

The preorder will be shipping at the end of June, so if you want to be one of the first guys to make the gun store commando’s head explode you better preorder now. Just think about how much fun it is to say “Magazine Clips” and not be wrong. You might even give Gun Counter Gus an aneurysm if you say it enough times.

Each Magazine Clip will include a baseplate, clip attachment, and butt plug cover. MSRP for both models is $14.95 and will be shipping at the end of June. You can learn more about the Magazine Clips on the Recover Tactical website.

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  • bull

    butt plug cover? 😛

    • Recover Tactical

      It’s tough to riff these videos on the spot for social media!!!

    • Longhaired Redneck

      Joke inserted here – ( i )

  • James Young

    Seems handy. Costs the same as a Glock mag though…

  • valorius

    Not a bad idea. I have a pocket clip on my Ruger LCP and it’s super handy. So why not mags too? I like it.

  • Tom

    Doesn’t the neomag clip do the same thing without the need to have it permanently installed? I love my neomag. The magnets are super strong where you cannot simply pull the magazine out of the clip. However, the magnets are polarized so the magazine can easily slide up and down on the clip allowing it to easily be pulled out.

    • Recover Tactical

      Different products with different purposes, I own 15 holsters but they all carry the gun. These are also compatible with the Neomag and cost a third of the price.

  • pablo4twenty

    The benefit the Neomag has over this is that you can carry a plus 2 with the Neomag – at least on the Glock.