Strike Industries Introduces The Viper PDW Stock

It looks like Strike Industries is on a roll right now with yet another product they showed off at SHOT 16 becoming available for preorder, this time it is the Viper PDW stock. It looks like the stock changed slightly from when we last saw it on the SHOT show floor but the concept is very much the same.

The Viper PDW stock allows you to use a standard bolt carrier instead of a proprietary bolt carrier that can limit your options should something break or become damaged. Personally, I think that might be the most attractive feature of the Viper PDW stock since I tend to be a bit hard on my guns. They accomplish this by using a flat wire spring and a reduced length buffer instead of the standard one. Sadly I am not sure what the weight of the buffer is, but I imagine that it is standard carbine weight.

Below are the specs from the Strike Industries website:

Package Includes:
– 1x PDW Stock Assembly
– 1x PDW Buffer Assembly
– 1x PDW Buffer Tube
– 1x PDW Flat Wire Buffer Spring
– 1x PDW Castle Nut
– 1x PDW Cheek Rest

Product Spec:
– 6061 T6 Tube and mount
– 4140 Nitride Rods
– Polymer Buttpad
– Cheek pad: TPU

Weight: 20.2 oz

OAL (16″ Barrel): 28.5” Collapsed, 32” extended

LOP: 7.5” collapsed, 11” Extended

Buffer Tube Length: 5.45″

– Ambidextrous, push button deployment
– (Patent pending) Ergonomic, compound curved stock
– Lightweight
– Compatible with standard bolt carriers
– No non-standard take down procedures
– Compatible with many ambidextrous lower receivers such as the SanTan and Rainier Arms.

Preorders are open now and Strike is offering a bit of an incentive for those that order now. They say that the stock will be ready to go late June, possibly sooner. You can learn more on the Strike Industries website. MSRP is $274.95 and they are taking $25 off for preorders.

Phil Note: I have the first production PDW in hand. I’m testing it now and will have a post on it later this week or early next week. A very handy well-made stock.

Patrick R

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  • The Dude

    That looks awful, just like everything strike out makes. Hard pass.

    • I disagree. I like a lot of what Strike makes, and this looks interesting to me. Different isn’t always bad.

      • The Dude

        You probably also enjoy ncstar and chyna

        • Nope. But I enjoy Strike Industries, Hera Arms, and a few others. I am allowed to disagree.

          • The Dude

            You are allowed to be wrong, which you are.

          • Vhyrus

            That’s just, like, your opinion man.

          • I can’t be wrong when it comes to personal preference, brother.

          • Porty1119

            Your opinion is wrong.

          • Okay, whatevs, man. More Strike Industries for me. 🙂

    • FearlessFarris

      I’m not sure what your bad experience with Strike Industries has been. I’ve owned a number of their products and used them on some very high-end builds, with nothing but complete satisfaction.

      Maybe their particular style isn’t your thing, but any quality comparison to NC Star or Chinese-made crap is wholly unfair.

      • The Dude


        • FearlessFarris

          Clearly you don’t care to elaborate on your negative experience, so you’ll forgive me if I completely disregard your opinion.

        • PK

          Their trigger jigs are fantastic, especially for the price. I have little experience with anything but the jig and the short throw safeties from SI, but I’ve been pleased with both of those products.

          • The Dude

            Those are also garbage.

          • PK

            Well gee, I guess that settles that, then.

            Anything past calling their products garbage? Particular complaints? Things to look out for?

          • The Dude

            Yes, don’t buy them.

          • FearlessFarris

            You’re wasting your time. Don’t even bother with this one.

          • The Dude

            Cool story, fairy.

          • Brett

            Wow, how Un-Dudely of you.

          • The Dude

            Oh no! Stfu fgt.

          • Brett

            Oh no, some one on the internet called me a scary word. What ever am I going to do? At least you could do is put some flavor on it, my DI said worse. If you don’t have anything useful to say, move on or abide, as you namesake suggest.

          • The Dude

            Stfu pog

          • Brett

            Creative. Really. Like Pulitzer Prize level stuff. Could be the next great American Opus. I wonder where such blind anger comes from. Tell me, did you eat paint chips as a kid or live under power lines?

          • The Dude

            Tl;dr, stfu pog.

          • Brett

            Oh my, ignorant internet slang. We are witnessing a true genius at work, people! Laughable. What else you got?

          • The Dude

            Tl;dr, stfu pog

          • Brett

            Oh, how cute. He is on repeat. But seriously, what war chest do you keep pulling these nuggets of wisdom from?

          • The Dude

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          • Brett

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          • The Dude


          • Brett

            How quaint, more internet speak. I do not write these for you to read, it’s obvious you barely can. I don’t really do it for me. Let put it in terms you can understand, I do it for the LOLZ.

          • The Dude

            Cool story bart, next time add some dragons.

          • Brett

            I have always considered myself a pretty writer. I mean, I am no Brandon Sanderson. Though the question remains, would it focus on Metallic dragons, chromatic, or the on going fight between them?

          • The Dude

            Yes and or both

          • Brett

            Um, Dragon Wars eh? Not half bad idea. Obviously, this is needs a high fantasy setting i.e. dwarves, elves, and the like. Next question is if other creatures have joined the fight or are they caught in the middle? Maybe there are both, even some used to fight by proxy. That could to possible dissension. This is getting interesting.

          • The Dude

            Add in a story about a time traveling Winnebago.

          • Brett

            Not bad, the reader will see the world through the travelers eyes. They will be vessel where the reader make a connection! Tell me, how stuck are you on the Winnebago?

          • The Dude

            It could be some kind of centennial eagle.

          • Brett

            I was thinking more of a Pace Arrow, however an ancient, magical being in the form of an eagle does make more sense, per story.

          • The Dude

            Each flap of its wings should bring forth showers of gold.

          • Brett

            But with an eagle and golden sparks instead of a butterfly and rainbows.

          • Marcus Toroian

            Butterfly in the sky? Psh. I can go twice as high.

          • He can’t complain because he has never used the products. Just trolling adding nothing to the conversation.

          • An uninformed opinion if you never used the parts. I suspect you haven’t.

      • BillC

        It’s not a high-end build if you use Strike.

        • FearlessFarris

          A Noveske, LWRC, Wilson, or Knight’s Armament rifle (upper, lower, BCG, barrel) with Strike Industries pins, safety, or foregrip is still a high-end build, in my book. You’re entitled to your own definition.

          • BillC

            So what I’m hearing is you threw garbage on high-end rifles? I’d expect that to happen on an Anderson, but way to go on putting wal-mart wheels on performance cars. #whenyouallouttacashbutneedcheapbling

          • FearlessFarris

            Search “Strike Industries quality” in Google, and every single result on the top page are positive reviews. Any of those sources are more reputable and credible than you.

            If you don’t like Strike’s product style, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you don’t like them simply because more expensive options exists, you’re an idiot, but feel free to spend your own money however you like. If you have first-hand experience of a Strike Ind. product failing under use, please share it. Otherwise, you can keep your meaningless internet opinion to yourself.

          • Zack mars

            SI also has ripped off at least one manufacturers products.

            Their stuff works, but that neither makes it high quality or high end

          • Jason St Pierre

            Hey, let him have an opinion. I got a good laugh off his dopey comments.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Their charging handles are the best I’ve ever used, and quite a bit cheaper than, say a BCM handle.

      Also they come in red.

      • PK

        I do like the red anodizing on some of their products, it’s instantly recognizable at matches.

        • The Dude

          Recognizable as whose rifle isn’t going to run.

          • PK

            You really have it out for SI, apparently.

          • The Dude

            Why Do you say that?

          • Haulin’ Oats

            I think he’s got a vested stake in a competing company.

      • The Dude

        They are cheaper, but that’s because they are crappier.

  • datimes

    Reminds me of my MPX collapsible stock. Very compact and well made but makes for an uncomfortable cheek weld.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Did they get the music from TRON Legacy?

    • plumber576

      It’s the opening theme of Stranger Things but I can see how you’d mix them up as they have a very similar sound.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Never seen that one. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          You should watch it. Not because its good, but simply so when anyone says anything, you can one up them by saying “Ive seen Stranger Things.”

          • FearlessFarris

            Yeah, Stranger Things was definitely good, but also definitely over-hyped. I’d recommend it, but wouldn’t place it in the must-see-TV category.

          • PK

            That was a groaner.

      • USMC03Vet

        It’s a whole genre of music called new wave retro. Basically 1980’s synth music. Plenty of Youtube channels putting out that type of music.

  • Edeco

    “on a roll” is a passe figure of speech. I substitute the more contemporary phrase “going HAM”

    • USMC03Vet

      Roadhog approves of going ham.

      • AD

        Yes, but he prefers going hole hog.

    • Scott Wagner

      The extended piece is a slip-on component that can be removed.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    I like it except for one thing – it does not look beard friendly.


    Saint Stephen the Obvious

    • Nandor

      Sadly any gun stock that has any kind of style lines in it will rip out whiskers. It’s probably why they’re not importing the Beretta CX4 anymore (possibly fake news). It gives me an ouchie on every shot.

      • Malthrak

        The CX4 importation is wonky, basically Beretta only exports them for US civilian sale when they dont have a military or police contract to fill. That’s why availability has always been so weird and why they’ll be $600 one day and $800 (if one can be found at all) 8 months later and then they’re back down to $600 and easily found in another 7 months after that.

        • int19h

          Wait, there’s military contracts for CX4? Who uses them?

          • Malthrak

            India’s border guards, Venezuelan national guard, some Russian agency ordered a batch with absurdly long 500mm barrels, Libya bought a few thousand before Ghadaffi fell, the Italian navy and Portugal.

          • int19h

            Interesting. I assume it’s some kind of full auto version with a shorter barrel than the civilian carbine? Are there any photos?

      • Billy Vegas

        The PS90 is not beard friendly either…

  • FearlessFarris

    I recently bought and installed a Maxim Defense PDW stock on a 300 BLK AR pistol build. I’m really happy with it. The ability to use any bolt carrier is a key feature for any PDW Stock, IMHO.

    In general, I’m a big fan of Strike Ind. products, but I’m not sure how I feel about this PDW stock. It doesn’t look like it would be at all comfortable to shoot in its collapsed position (which, granted, you’d almost never do), and the spring-loaded expansion looks gimmicky and a point for potential breakage.

    I’ll be really interested to read the detailed review when you have it ready.

    • Wzrd

      The discomfort while collapsed was my first thought as well. Also looking at the first photo, it doesn’t look like you could manipulate their safety with it in the collapsed position. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it appears. I’m not familiar with the Strike Switch so maybe it’s a short throw that will not interfere. I’d expect they’d at least try to make it compatible with their own parts.

  • Sianmink

    I’ve got the LWRC ultra-compact stock that does a similar thing, standard bolt carrier and a reduced-length buffer and flat spring to cut an inch from the collapsed length.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Unless one needs to fit an SBR into a very small space, that beats the hell out of any of these PDW stocks by providing a nice cheekweld combined with a short OAL.

      • Sianmink

        I often wonder why more of the PDW stocks don’t have a cheekpiece that extends forward from the butt. Do it right and it’s not in the way, and gives a much better feel.

  • Malthrak

    I mean…that’s kinda neat…but not almost $300 neat.

    • Jason St Pierre

      Yeah, one of these days, as there are SO many AR mount compatible guns some company will realize selling MANY more at a reasonable price makes more scratch than a few for ALL the money. If someone could get the upfront capital to produce a system like this and retail it at $100 that would certainly become a household name and standard with little more than a few articles and a YouTube video or two of exposure. Example KAK Shockwave, when was the last time you hit the range and not seen those on almost every pistol?

  • David Goldberg

    An LR300 would solve all these PDW problems 🙁

    • Zack mars

      And add a whole bunch of durability issues

  • valorius

    This is just what i’ve never wanted for my AR.

  • Hoplopfheil

    I love the look and design of all these badass PDW stocks. Maybe after we repeal the NFA I’ll make a shorty PDW.

    Until then I’ll stick with a decidedly impractical AR pistol.

    • Houston Moore

      PDW Brace, bruh.

      • Blake

        SHUTUP! I’m trying to get one and you telling more people about it is just going to make me getting one that much harder. Mr. butt face and head.

  • Nehemiah Sconiers

    Is that deus ex mankind divided music? hahaha I dig it

  • 22winmag

    First and foremost… get yourself some Strike Finger Bumps.

    • B Hawk

      Yea…Because when SHTF and for whatever reason you need to pick up a rifle, they will all have finger bumps. Learn proper finger positioning and trigger control, and you wont need gadgets!

  • The Pontificant

    7.5″ collapsed…

    What’s the point?

  • CA

    Confirmed: If you use it with full-auto, the rear vent acts as a field blow-dryer.

    • Jason St Pierre

      hehe. chicks will dig it.

  • uisconfruzed

    I’ll wait for the prices of these types of stocks to drop.
    Me likes the concept.

  • Rogertc1

    So darn sweet,,,

  • Lockmazter