Strike Industries Latchless Phantom Charging Handle Now Available In Three Colors

Phantom Charging Handle

In the first of many new products that Strike Industries now has notified us about, they are now offering the Phantom charging handle in a gray color. For those of you not familiar with the Phantom charging handle, it is an ambidextrous charging handle that uses a hidden spring clip to keep it in place instead of a latch. When the charging handle is in its resting position the spring clip engages the cutout that allows you to get the two ears on the charging handle shaft into the channel.

Somehow we hadn’t run something on the Phantom until now, but the charging handle was introduced at SHOT 2016 when we covered the prototype. The production model is made from a 7075 aluminum and has some cutouts in the bottom of the handle to vent gas and keep it out of your face.

The Phantom charging handle is for standard mil-spec AR-15s only, it will not work correctly with suppressors, full auto fire, or barrels under 14.5″ in length. I understand that the gas blowback on suppressed, full auto and short barrel guns is strong enough to overcome the spring and damage the charging handle. As long as you are using it on a rifle that is semi-auto and has a barrel longer than 14.5″ you will be good to go.

You can learn more about the Phantom charging handle over at Strike Industries website. MSRP is set at $35.95 and they are available for purchase now.

Patrick R

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  • Audie Bakerson

    ” standard mil-spec AR-15s only” “it will not work correctly with […] full auto fire”

    • Haulin’ Oats

      That’s because it lacks the typical mechanical latch found on most normal charging handles and in its place uses friction to keep the handle from sliding around while the gun is in use.

      • JSmath

        Audie was getting at the irony of claiming “for mil-spec” clashing with “will not [work with full auto]” – If anything, what they had meant with the lead in sentence does not agree with the rest of the covering-of-their-posterior:

        Requires mil-spec receiver (dimensions, materials, coatings/treatments) to fit and function correctly; BUT also does not work well with the following assortment of less-than-ideal combinations that result in increased gassing.

    • neckbone

      Exactly. They left out the important part.

      “WARNING: For standard mil-spec AR15 only. Not rated for suppressors and /or full auto fire. Not for use on SBRs or pistol length barrels (<14.5")"

  • Haulin’ Oats

    It’s mil-spec but does not come in green? And why not White for the new french HK-416 rifles?

  • Louis C

    Where are these made?

    • JSmath

      Hmm. Their company is based in California, and their products aren’t laughably overpriced… So probably China, I would guess. ­čśŤ

    • BillC

      I believe Taiwan and/or China.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        A lot of it is from Taiwan.

    • USMC_grunt2009-2013

      Most likely by the Chinese, our best good pals in the world.

      • James

        Made in Taiwan.

  • thedonn007

    So, short barrel with a suppressor is definitely a no go. Guess I will need look elsewhere for a charging handle.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Guess I’ll just stick with the standard handle that’s worked fine for me for 30 years.

      • You could try a bcm. They are gtg.

  • The Dude

    Oh boy! Another dumb colorful product from strike!

    • 22winmag

      Few companies “strike” a balance between price, quality and functionality like SI. Get off your couch and try some.

      • The Dude

        Haha you’re a funny guy, many companies put out cheap, crappy components just like si. Get off your keyboard and run a gun harder, that’s a strike against you

      • BillC

        Strike is a sub-par company putting out junk. Latches that come in colors and don’t work and cookie-cutter comps. They are products designed to just take your money because you don’t know any better and you’re barely getting a product that’s better than NC Star.
        TFB really has a strange thing for Strike.

      • Redfoot

        I have 4 of their J-Comps in 556 and 308 and they are the best bang for the buck. I think a little competition is good. That said I am a little on the fence on this product and would like to see a review first.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      How is this a dumb product?

      • The Dude

        How is it not? It serves no purpose other than to be different and can’t be used with short barrels, cans and full auto. What exactly does this do that a regular charging handle doesn’t already do better except suck and come in three colours? Strike makes products that serve no useful purpose.

        • Got to agree with The Dude. I don’t have anything against Strike but this seems like product that wasn’t well designed.

          1. Has huge functional limitations that prevent it from working but with a small subset of possible configurations.
          2. Doesn’t look much bigger than a normal charging handle, I don’t know of many people that want small charging handles.

          • FightFireJay

            – It works on 99% of AR-15s.
            – Works well for lefties.
            – Works well for right handed folks that hate the latch.
            – Cheaper than nearly every other ambi or colored charging handle.

            How is this a problem?

          • The Dude

            Your numbers are fake, hating the latch makes no sense, left handed users aren’t people, and being cheaper just means it’s going to break and doesn’t work as well. Nice try nerd.

          • You are assuming that it will work on most ARs shipped. Based on the limitations it sounds like if your AR is overgassed (which most are), or you AR has a harder recoil impulse it won’t work.

        • Gene

          Is this really a “Don’t like what I don’t like” thing? I dunno about all of their “products serving no useful purpose”. I don’t care for many of them but to each their own. I do like their SI link curved foregrip. Feels better to me than other angled foregrips so I use them.

        • USMC_grunt2009-2013

          I concur. This is utterly useless, it offers no advantage over a standard charging handle.

          • FightFireJay

            Other than being ambi? And being cheaper than practically every other ambi charging handle?

          • USMC_grunt2009-2013

            If you’re a lefty and you struggle with a standard charging handle then you are retarded.

      • BillC

        Because it’s an awful design where it will punch you in the nose. I bet you dollars to donuts, that people with 16″ barreled, carbine gas lengthed rifles, will get “booped” in the nose with these handles, because many are already over-gassed. They redesigned a latch, which works, into a stupid spring clip which doesn’t work, all to make probably the cheapest ambi-charging handle on the market.
        Strike. Is. Garbage.

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          If they bought a 16″ carbine length barrel they deserve it,

    • BrandonAKsALot

      You really have to know what to buy from them. Their small parts and muzzle devices are fantastic, discussion for the cost. However, I bought their megafin xl hand guard and it’s crooked and the voter stock is a rattly pile of crap. I’m not alone in this. My buddy bought a bunch of their stuff too and we find the same issues.

    • USMC03Vet

      The red is hot. Black rifles aren’t in season any longer.

  • Question for you. Have you ever used any Strike products? Most of us here at TFB have and most of us use them. The colors aren’t for me but some folks like them. At least they are available for those that do like them. I don’t like judging people whatever makes them happy.

    • The Dude

      Question for you, why do you need to use a bad design to know it’s a bad design? What does this awful product do better than an actual charging handle? We all know it doesn’t do anything better and it does everything worse.

      • FightFireJay

        I have a Strike Industries charging handle.
        – I like it better than “mil-spec” (real mil-spec issued M-16A2 or current civie rifle).
        – Works on my 5.56 and my 270 AR wildcat.
        – The part is ambi.

        I’m glad you have shown me how this product that I use and thought worked must not be working, even though you don’t have one and I do.

        • The Dude

          No one cares nerd.

  • Raptor Fred
    • The Dude


    • BillC

      I like this.

  • marine6680

    I am not a fan of these “latchless” charging handles, but of all the ones I have seen…

    This one looks to be one that has a chance to actually work, without damaging the receiver.

    Other designs I have seen high speed video of them not working, or pics of rapid wear at the latch point.

  • Reedin

    Funny how they’re recommending a charging handle that doesn’t function on suppressed weapons when nearly every single post relating to suppressors on this blog INSISTS that all guns NEED TO BE silenced and aren’t complete until they are.