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In another hopeful sign of silencer ownership becoming even more mainstream, a new private digital marketplace has opened its “doors” to allow for the sale of used suppressors. is focused on linking together individuals, dealers and distributors to provide an outlet for previously owned, outdated and overstocked silencers.

Even though there are challenges around the private sale of suppressors (selling/buying between parties in different states may be cost prohibitive with two $200 NFA transfer taxes) the ever increasing popularity of quiet shooting will lead to technological advances and the drive to upgrade “older” models.

Honestly, this is a welcome sight. Not that I have any silencers I plan on selling any time soon, but a service that helps put buyers and sellers together for preowned sales points to a healthy NFA market. I’ll be watching this startup closely and will report back with any updates.

Atlanta, Ga. April 30, 2017 – is an online marketplace for new and used silencers. It offers the silencer community – dealers, manufacturers, and consumers – an outlet to buy and sell silencers and silencer related products. It will allow overstocked dealers to move their inventories, manufacturers to offload older product, and individual consumers to buy from, and sell to, one another.

Everyone in the silencer industry understands that it has a culture of its own. Whether it is a deeper understanding of firearms, especially NFA, or more passion for the products and what they represent. provides an online platform that embodies that culture. Everything from silencers to muzzle attachments to threaded barrels will be available, along with soft goods like patches and stickers. is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the silencer while helping to bring the long, misunderstood product, into the mainstream.

To post your new or used silencers, please visit

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  • RetroG

    Who holds on to the money for the months the BATFE is processing the form 4?

    • Cymond

      The government, but the money goes​ into the general fund, not ATF’s pocket​.

      • RustyNutz

        I think RetroG was referring to the purchase price. I guess the seller holds both the purchase money and the suppressor for those 9-12 months?? I’d have a hard time with that. Gun guys, esp law abiding suppressor people are top notch in my book, but that still seems like quite the risk

        • RetroG

          Exactly what I was asking. A third party holding the money paid for the silencer until such time as the transfer is approved by the government would be better – maybe a service Silencer Broker should offer or another financial entity could offer, if legal.

          • Cymond

            Ooohhhh …
            I’m no expert, this is my first time, but my dealer wanted a down payment before ordering my suppressor. I chose to put down half, and will pay the balance when my paperwork comes in. They wanted to make sure I was serious before they ordered.

            From a business perspective, it sucks to have funds tied up in merchandise that takes 8+ months to move. Customers who pay upfront untie that capital.

            Fwiw, I think the NFA paperwork might actually safeguard buyers somewhat. If a suppressor is fully paid and the transfer is approved, but a shady dealer fails to follow through, then that dealer could be considered to be in illegal possession of the suppressor. Maybe​.

          • PK

            “I think the NFA paperwork might actually safeguard buyers somewhat”

            No, not really.

            ” If a suppressor is fully paid and the transfer is approved, but a shady dealer fails to follow through, then that dealer could be considered to be in illegal possession of the suppressor”

            Good luck with that scenario, or where a dealer who has the item for which you’re waiting on the F4 but then goes out of business. It’s generally a nightmare, but thankfully rare.

    • PK

      The current possessor of the item in question holds the money, generally, is how NFA transfers are done.

      Every time I’ve bought an NFA item, it’s been me paying the current owner and the F4 to a dealer in my state is filed. At that point, yes, the seller has my money and legal ownership of the item in question.

      If it’s an out of state dealer in the case of distributors/consignment, then they have my money and the item while a F3 is filed to a dealer in my state, who then has possession while the F4 is filed to transfer the item to me.

      For big-ticket items, I’ve also done escrow, but few sellers are willing to do that. The best solution I’ve found so far is to have them hand the item to a NFA dealer in their state, and while the item is in hand I then do a wire transfer and they relinquish control to the dealer. Their part is all set at that point, and then the dealer in their state has the item, files a F3 to a dealer in my state, who then has my item, then they file a F4 for transfer to me.

      I tend to buy from dealers/distributors to avoid scams if I can’t make the item in question (pre-86 MGs mostly) but honestly my preference is to file a F1 and make what I want for myself. Not only do I save money by doing it myself thanks to having a machine shop, but at no time is someone holding my money and the item I’m trying to buy, and at no time am I open to the forged F1/F4 scam which has hit a lot of people in recent years.

      The entirety of the NFA is very consumer unfriendly.

  • USMC03Vet

    All that for a metal cylinder. Whereas other metal cylinders called barrels can be bought without any checks, special taxes, or permission from big daddy government.

    Mind boggling.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Agreed. Crazy.

  • Cymond

    This might be great someday, but they need to grow a lot more. Currently, the are only 4 suppressors available on the website.