ELEY Releases Lot Analyzer Tool & Reintroduces New Standard 22 Ammunition

ELEY Ammunition, known for their fantastic rimfire loadings, is on the march to make more loadings and those that exist even better. ELEY has announced the release of their “Standard” 22 ammunition and their Lot Analyzer tool.

Many of the competitive rimfire shooters I know have often bought 1’000s of rounds from individual lots of competitive ammunition. With even the smallest change between lots a potential for either accuracy degradation or POI shift, some have even taken it to the point of determining an accurate load and buying over 25,000 rounds for the expected competitive lifecycle of the firearm.

Recognizing this, and knowing the markets voracious appetitive for data, Eley has created and has published their Lot Analyzer tool. The tool provides data on each individual lot of ammunition manufactured from 2015 forward including, “…quantity loaded, group size, percentage of shots within tenths of inches from center, velocity and much more.” This data is available for all ELEY ammunition across all levels.

Also seeing the market accepting of additional lower-cost loadings, ELEY has released their Standard line of ammunition. The Standard line is oriented at price-concious shooters and features paraffin-wax lubrication. Standard loads will work with all rimfires, including semi-automatic. The launch SKU is a 40 grain, round-nose bullet with an average velocity of 1090. 500 round bulk packs are priced at $49.99 MSRP.

Nathan S

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  • PK

    That is an outstanding price for Eley ammo. I’ll have to see how it runs in various rifles, but that may be a cheap way of getting good results.

  • nova3930

    Ooooh. My S&W Victory loves Eley ammo.

    • Bart Hatch

      I was wondering this. I have had some trouble with Aguila raising inside the magazine slowly and causing malfunctions due to their wax lube they have on the casings. I wonder if this standard stuff will do the same thing? Automatch is currently my preference for my pistols.

  • QuadGMoto

    This is really cool. Eley is one of my favorite .22 brands, and their lot analyzer is really impressive.

    Now if they can just start using a 50-count box that isn’t closed by means of a sticker, that would be great.

  • Keiichi


    Didn’t know that was a word. Learn something every day.

  • d s

    Nah not for .10 per round

    • iksnilol

      Milk drinker.

      I bet you don’t shoot .22 past 70 yards.

      • d s

        How did you know that. Your right, well 75 yd. anyway. My Savage 93 .22 magnum will reach much farther than that but I can’t see that far. Ha Ha

        • iksnilol

          Because people who shoot 100 meter and further don’t complain when Eley is that cheap :p

          • d s

            I give up because I don’t do competition shooting. A ground hog doesn’t care what hits him in the head.

  • nonobaddog

    Anschutz already makes a better lot analyzer.

  • The_Champ

    Funny this article on Eley came up today as my trip to the range involved testing some Eley Tenex ammo through my old sporter Anschutz.

    I’ve tried some “match” ammo by a couple American companies and it shot no better than any cheap bulk stuff. Today at 100 meters on a fairly windy day I squeaked 5 Eley rounds under an inch. Color me impressed.

  • alex archuleta

    Good price for nowadays but dang I sure do miss the price of 500rnds for $10

    • Buddy_Bizarre

      Yup, used to pickup 550 rds at Wally World for $11. To be fair, it wasn’t Eley which I’ve never actually used.