TruGlo Goes All-Out on Glass with New EMINUS Tactical Scopes

Not content to have excellent offerings within the fiber optic iron sighted world, TruGlo has opted to apply their sighting expertise in the scope realm. Out of the gate is the first of two series of scopes, the EMINUS series of optics, where “Eminus” means, “from a distance.”

As the name implies, the new EMINUS optics are designed for longer-range shooting with two models available at launch. The first is a relatively standard 3-9×42 optic, but perhaps more interesting for mid-range shooters is a 4-16×44. Both optics feature a 30mm tube, manufactured from aluminum, and hard coat anodized to a matte finish.

With TruGlo’s common-sense approach to fiber optics, it’s good to see them taking the same approach to their reticle design. Opting for functional simplicity, the illuminated T.P.R. “TacPlex Reticle” MOA reticle is largely devoid of clutter, yet keeps and illuminates critical stadia creating boxes around both the center of the optic, 5 MOA and 10 MOA. I really like the illuminated boxes, which can make shooting moving targets in the dark possible by knowing the placement of those box corners. Adjustments are 1/2 MOA on their locking turrets.

The 4-16x scopes feature side focus from 20 yards to infinity (3-9x is fixed), generous eye relief, the usual mix of nitrogen purged shock-proof construction, and is rated “water resistant.”

Retail is shockingly reasonable. The 3-9x is only $280 and the 4-16x is $369.


Features from TruGlo:

    • Multi-coated lenses for enhanced clarity and contrast
    • 30mm tube for increased turret adjustment range and increased brightness
    • 1/4-MOA locking target turrets
    • MOA-based reticle for simplified adjustments, tracking, and holdover
    • Included APTUS-M1 mount for a strong hold and ideal mounting position on modern sporting rifles
    • Illuminated TacPlex Reticle (T.P.R.) for precision measurement (in MOA) without a crowded sight picture
    • Hardcoat anodized matte black finish
    • Nitrogen gas-filled, fog-proof construction
    • Water-resistant and shock-resistant
    • Illuminated glass-etched reticle
    • Leaf-spring turret control for positive and responsive click adjustments.
    • Generous eye relief
  • Side focus dial: 20yds to infinity (TG8541TLR)

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Travis

    The 4-16×44 sounds like a great option for my ruger american predator in 308

  • Dan Goodwin

    Where are they made?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Based on the price, China is the only option (I am aware of).

  • Jeff Smith

    I like it!

    Clarification: you stated it was 1/2 MOA adjustments in the body of the text, but 1/4 MOA in the bullet points. Which one is correct?

    • Rem870

      From the pict, seems to be four marks between numbers on turrets. Can’t imagine 1/2moa on scopes with these magnifications.

      • Jeff Smith

        That’s what I was guessing, but you never know. Sometimes companies just get it wrong, haha.

  • Gary Kirk

    FFP?? At the price, I highly doubt that it is..

    • Tom Currie

      “Second focal plane reticle: measurements are calibrated
      at the maximum magnification for each model. Reticle does not change
      sizes as magnification changes — this means fine lines stay sharp and
      don’t get lost or crowded out.”

      And, of course, it also means that the measurements are totally worthless at anything other than maximum magnification.

      Sorry, I’ll pass

  • dhdoyle

    I guess they know their market. I am firmly in the mil/mil camp and MOA/MOA seems like a step sideways. Still, it’s better than the mil/MOA fiasco of the previous decades.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Fancy! But I already decided the perfect rifle scope is the Tasco Pronghorn 3-9x40mm.

  • Flounder

    I don’t see any fiber optics on this scope. But you also don’t mention what battery it takes…

    So… What is the illumination source?

  • mazkact

    I mounted a Tru Glo Infiniti 4x16x44 on a Valmet Finnish Lion .22 target rifle just for kicks and it is a pretty fair scope. I normally stick with SWFA SS fixed power scope on target centerfire rifles but this one might be worth a look.