Elvis Guns | S&W Model 19 and Colt Python | NRA 17

While walking the NRA Show floor, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to talk with Rock Island Auctions about the Elvis guns that will be offered for sale at the next Premier Auction. Being offered for sale is a Smith Model 19-2 and a Colt Python. We also got a chance to take a very close look at Elvis’ very own badge.

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      Sorry about that. It is fixed.

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    Elvis video has left the room….

  • LB

    According to the museum at Graceland, Elvis kept several loaded firearms in every room of the mansion, including full-auto M-16s presented to him by the Tennessee National Guard. The museum exhibits several of the many and varied appliances which Elvis shot at different times, inside the house. These included TVs, stereos, refrigerators, and more – I recall that over 30 appliances in all were shot by him in this manner. About 10 were exhibited.

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  • Phillip Cooper

    More proof that money can’t buy taste.

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    Engravings… Give you no tactical advantage what so ever

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