Kaviar Fragmenting 12 ga Slugs | NRA 17

DDupleks is planning on bringing a new slug for the US market. The Kaviar fragenting slug is designed to break apart. It is being marketed as a home defense round and does not over penetrate.


I see its potential for shooting action matches safely when shooting steel. Steel Challenge with these would be interesting to see. The Ddupleks rep said they have tested these on steel as close as 3 yards. However they recommend at least 7 yards for safety.

No determination on price but they are looking to bring them in packaged in 15rd boxes.


Nicholas C

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  • PK

    12ga Glaser, simple enough concept. I wonder how readily it fragments in tissue.

    • Goody

      It’s a 12ga slug, unless you’re hunting, fragmentation is irrelevant.

  • derfelcadarn

    Some article, no details, very informative

  • DanGoodShot

    Ummm… just check Youtube for wax slugs. Take a bunch of your kids broken crayons, melt them down, cut the shot out of some bird shot(just trim off the roll bread) and pour it back in the shell. Volla, “fragmenting Home Defense” slug. I bet they’re charging an arm and a leg for these things too.

    • Giolli Joker

      Wax slugs were discussed here recently. This is surely more consistent. Never tried this load, but I know that in Europe it has been available for years. There is also a law enforcement version with ceramic shot instead of metal.

    • valorius

      They have a drawback though- they fail in high temperatures.

      • Mike

        From my understanding on the topic, wax slugs can be made more reliable against failures to the payload before detonation from heat or physical deformation by cutting the canning wax with a bit of microcrystalline (jewler’s) wax. I am not sure about ratios, but I think the canning wax was the majority component after the lead shot. YMMV.

  • Tom Currie

    Wow — the Glaser Safety Slug comes to 12 gauge! After only 43 years.

  • Tom Currie

    Anyone want to bet that it penetrates two sheets of standard drywall spaced 3.5″ apart and is still deadly on the other side?

    • Jeff Heeszel

      drywall doesn’t stop anything.

      • Swarf

        Fire. Drywall is a good defensive barrier against an intruder attempting to gain entry with a lighter and a can of Aqua-Net.

        For an hour. Then you’re s.o.l.

      • Will P.

        Jeff you must get some of these to try out!

  • Swarf

    I wonder how well a few dozen neodymium spheres would perform at this kind of task?