Jagemann Polymer Glock Magazines | NRA 17

One of the lesser known companies at the NRA Annual Meeting is Jagemann. Their brightly colored mags is what caught my attention. Upon talking to the representative I learned that Jagemann are OEM manufacturers of brass casings for a lot of companies. Hornady is one of their customers.


Jagemann also uses their automotive industry experience to mold polymer magazines for Glock handguns. They make magazines for the Glock 17, 19. 42, and 43.  Their magazines come molded in six colors; Tiffany Blue aka Robin’s Egg Blue, Pink, Red, Brown, Green, and Grey.


Certainly different and an option for shooters who like a little color to personalize their guns.

Their Jag17 magazine, for the Glock 17, actually holds 18 rounds and has an extended base pad. Although the basepad does not actually extend below the magazine. It looks as though their magazine is just longer than a standard Glock mag to accommodate the 18th round.


The Jag17 seems to be the only Glock magazine that is extended. Their Jag19 appears to only have 15 rounds. The Jag42 and Jag43 seem to have the same capacity as factory Glock magazines but they do come in molded colors.

Their magazines have and MSRP of $15 but I have been able to find them online as low as $10.99.

Nicholas C

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  • BattleshipGrey

    That second to last pic looks like they just took the worst floral design colors you could possibly have in one place. Almost like they just told Magpul “hold my beer”.

  • Raptor Fred

    Wait till people get all sassy and switch the baseplate colors around.

  • john huscio

    I like em…..18 rounds > 17 rounds

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Stupid until they make 21-33 rounders so you can show off your A S T H E T I C mags.

    • Nicholas C

      Not really. I would like longer mags but if you are a competitive shooter, these will stand out on your belt.

  • Dave D

    Jagemann step up the plate. Need to go big, as in the Glock 18 big stick mags! Would buy the grey or black big stick mags if the price was well below factory Glock.