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Radian Weapons has one of their rifles on display at the Brownell’s Booth. Luckily Nick Booras of Radian was there to explain and share some info about Radian Weapons.

Some of you may or may not have heard of AXTS. But I am sure many of you know of the Rainier Arms Raptor Charging handle.  Well Rainier never made those charging handles, It was all AXTS.

Well due to poor brand recognition and that the AXTS name is not even an acronym. So they switched it to Radian Weapons.

On the Radian AR, on the Brownell’s Dream Guns display, the lower receiver uses their ambi bolt catch design where you simply press the mag release in as you rack the charging handle back and that actuates the bolt catch to lock the bolt open.

While Radian did not have any thing new to show me, they do have some new charging handles coming out soon.

First up they are making a Raptor handle for the Sig MPX/MCX line of guns. They are also coming out with a Raptor style charging handle for the Sig 716.

Edit: Here is a leaked photo I found of the MPX/MCX Raptor.

Radian is making a custom handle for the Q Honey Badger and it will be clear anodized to match the Honey Badger.

They will also be making a Raptor style handle for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 and the M&P10.

The Sig handles should be coming out in 4-6 weeks and the rest are to be released in similar increments.

Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Ohh!! Fancy charging handles! How novel and surely a great way to support your business in the post-Obama era.

    • int19h

      This charging handle has been on the market for several years now. What more, it’s one of the best available options.

  • GaryOlson

    It is encouraging to see someone providing options for the Sig 716; Sig certainly is not.

  • JPG

    FINALLY!!! A replacement for the droopy MPX charging handle that tears the crap out of your receiver. I’m so sick of babying my MPX while racking it. Hopefully this fixes that problem. Maybe it will have suppressor slats in it too?? Too much to ask?

    • Nicholas C

      Does it need it though? I mean unless you are getting gas to the face, which can happen but rare, I dont see the need for the MPX to have cuts for suppressor.

      • JPG

        The Gen 1 suffers from being a little gassy with supersonic ammo. That’s why they made the gas port smaller on the gen 2 (which created reliability issues with subsonic ammo). I have a gen 2, it won’t cycle subs, I have to get my gas port drilled, I’m sure I’ll start getting gas with supers after that. I really don’t shoot supers much, but I remember when I did with my previous Gen 1, it got me pretty good. I like zero gas that’s why I have gas diverting charging handles and adjustable gas blocks on my ARs, I get nothing.


    This is an open order item from china, I can bet.

    • Nick

      The Raptor is 100% manufactured in Salem, OR, but there are quite a few Chinese knock offs that you should be weary of.

  • Nicks87

    Would love to get a Raptor Charging handle for my DPMS Gen 2 .308 rifle. It has an odd length handle so I don’t think anybody is currently making them. Hint hint. 😉

    • Nick

      On it!

  • DanGoodShot

    AXTS isn’t an acronym??? Then what the hell is it? And yes, that was my biggest take away from this article.

  • Squirreltakular

    The current AR .308 Raptor works fine in the M&P10. What could they change?

  • None

    Too bad some of the colors in the pictures aren’t made.

    • Blake

      Not sure exactly what you’re talking about, 4 of them are available on their site right now (and an additional one that isn’t pictured here) and the only one that’s not pictured I have one two of my ARs right now.

    • Nick

      The only color not currently in production is OD Green on the far left. We chose to sell them as a limited run on Veteran’s Day last year with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Special Operations Care Fund.

      • None

        Any chance OD will ever make a comeback? Seems like there would be some interest.