Return of the Kriss Vector Gen II Carbine to the California Market

Kriss Vector California

Kriss USA announced the company was re-releasing California compliant Vector CRB carbines for its customers in The Golden State. The updated guns will meet all of the state’s newest gun restriction laws including the use of a grip wrap barrier made of Kydex. Additionally, the guns have the Defiance DS150 stock that gives the rifle an overall length of 36.5″.

The revised weapons will be available in four different calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45 ACP. All of these calibers will feed from a 10 round Glock magazine. Five color options will also be available. In addition to the ubiquitous black, California residents will be able to buy guns in flat dark earth, olive drab green, combat grey and alpine white. This brings the total number of combinations to 20 guns.

Kriss Vector California

Each of the California compliant guns will carry a suggested retail price of $1,599. Local market conditions can drive that price up or down. According to the company, the guns are already shipping to its dealers in that state.

No doubt, California’s gun laws are a pain for manufacturers to deal with. However, as the nation’s most populous state, nearly 40 million (estimated) residents, it is a difficult market to ignore. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new Kriss guns in the comments below.

Richard Johnson

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  • Roguewriter

    At some point I’m going to have to get one of the Vektor carbines in 10mm. Best all-purpose caliber out there as far as I’m concerned. I have the Glock trifecta of matching pistols. And a few other 10mm pistols as well. I’m really hoping that Kriss will come out with a magazine extension for the G20 mags like the one they have for the G21.

  • Robert R Ramos

    Literally the stupidest weapon to buy in California.

    • RSG

      Why is that? There isn’t an argument you could make to justify that. The only way you could be correct is if there was a law restricting a person to only owning 1 weapon.

  • EC

    Well, there is the new NRA/CRPA lawsuit against California. If successful, it might eat away at some of the restrictions here.

  • Nandor

    So does this mean it’s NY compliant also? Why is this stuff always only California compliant and nobody makes these things for NY? I’m feeling left out with my corrupt government who never clarifies any of the restrictions.

    • bucherm

      > Why is this stuff always only California compliant and nobody makes these things for NY?

      Because California:

      (1) Has a far bigger rural population(and so more gun friendly) than NY and

      (2)Has bigger RKBA friendly urban population(Orange County, military personnel and retirees in San Diego) than NY.

      NY is NYC and Long Island, population wise. The market just isn’t there.

  • RSG

    So how do you hold it?

    • Tinkerer


  • iksnilol

    Is that an extended barrel thingamajig or is it a suppressor?

    • Tinkerer

      I think it’s just happy to see you.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    What in the name of f-ck is on the grip?

    • Ehtacs

      That’s the California part. it makes the Vector less assaulty, duh!

      I think a portion of their retarded new law specifies pistol grips so that piece is a semi-permanent modification that changes the pistol grip to a non-pistol grip (not sure what to call it – definitely not standard or traditional grip so maybe Fudd grip?) exempting them from other retarded restrictions/procedures.

      • TheNotoriousIUD


        • Scott Connors

          If it is stupid but it works, then it isn’t stupid. BTW, in this configuration we can have conventional magazine releases, don’t need the dreaded ‘bullet button.’ Once again the Demoncrats in Sacramento learn the meaning of “unintended consequences.”

    • USMC03Vet

      A device which actually makes the weapon less safe due to being unable to control it effectively under the guise that anti gun politicians pass gun laws for safety.

  • Holdfast_II

    Ironically, this thing still would not pass muster in CT, because the three non-index fingers are still below the loosely defined “action”.

    Also, they’ve taken a fugly gun and made it fugly AF.

    • SGT Fish

      so your grip has to be at a 0 degree angle?

      • Holdfast_II

        Essentially any semi-auto long arm must be Elmer Fudd style.

        We went from having an annoying, but manageable, cosmetic AWB to what I think is the worst one in the country. Manufacturers won’t even sell the fugly Thorsden stock in CT as they are not confident that it is compliant.

        Help us US Supreme Court, you’re our only hope! And that sucks.

    • Scott Connors

      Where did you get this information? According to PC 12276.1(d), a “pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon” means a grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top exposed portion of the trigger while firing.” So as long as you can’t wrap your _thumb_ around the grip, you are GTG. There is nothing in the penal code that stipulates where any other digits must or must not be in relation to the action of the firearm. See (BTW, this shows just how far the CADOJ is in rectal defilade: the SKS with the pistol grip/folding stock would not be a AW unless it accepts a detachable box magazine–and even without such a stock it would still be an AW because it is listed by name in the law.) If you are referring to the proposed regulations CADOJ dumped on us right before New Year’s Day, those regs have been withdrawn because of threatened legal action by the NRA and CRPA that pointed out that they were exceeding the scope of the new law and overreaching.
      EDIT: Oops! I see that you were talking about _CT!!_ Sorry. Didn’t realize that there was someplace worse than Kali…. 🙁

  • Hoplopfheil

    Perfect. When SHTF you just Dremel off the bullshit and you’re good to go.

  • John

    Kriss SERIOUSLY needs to strengthen the magwell so people can grip it and not malfunction. Because that is the FIRST natural thing California owners will do.

  • Cal.Bar

    Well, at least they’re not screwing up a pretty or otherwise ergonomic gun in the first place.

  • USMC03Vet

    NRA filled 6 lawsuits in California recently to help liberate it’s unconstitutional tyranny. They waited until Gorsuch as confirmed, so the loony toons 9th circus can be over ruled once again.