French, Danish SF To Test KAC Stoner LMG

According to a report by Mönch Publishing Group, French Special Operations units and Danish Armed Forces are currently testing Knight’s Armament Corporation’s Stoner 5.56x45mm NATO LMG. Specifically the French Commandement des Forces Speciales Terre, and even more specifically the 1 Regiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marine will be conducting extensive tests of the XLMG to replace current FN Herstal M249 legacy systems in their inventories. There is little information dealing with what Danish unit will be conducting trials or is considering an LMG replacement.

From Monch-

European Special Operations Forces (SOF) are set to assess Knight Armaments’ evolution of the Stoner Light Machine Gun (LMG), designed to provide an even more mobile and lightweight weapon system for airborne forces.
According to industry sources, speaking to Monch at the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) at Camp de Souge, France on 30th March, force elements from the French Special Operations Command and Danish Special Operations Command have scheduled an evaluation programme for the weapon system later in 2017.
The Stoner XLMG, which is available in NATO Standard 5.56mm x 45mm calibre, represents a 2kg weight saving over legacy models (including FN Herstal’s Mimimi LMG) providing operators with a more streamlined solution suitable for close quarter battle and military operations in urban terrain as well as parachute insertion.

Initially, based upon Eugene Stoner’s design, Knight’s LMG offers a number of innovative features to include lighter weight, constant recoil system, a free floating barrel and gas system, AR15 compatible furniture (pistol grip, buttstock), an opportunity to exchange stocks, and a charging handle that can be reversed from the left to the right side of the weapon. Although we don’t know much about the accuracy potential of the belt fed light machine, it appears that it has the potential to be extremely accurate with the free-floating barrel, a recoil system that doesn’t allow the bolt to fully press against the rear of the LMG, free-floating gas system, and a picatinny mount that doesn’t lift with the feed tray cover as is very common among the overwhelming majority of all belt-fed machine guns. However, most of the time reliability and longevity is favored over accuracy when it comes to belt-feds in the military so the guaranteed accuracy might not be a factor in the operational requirements of these special operations units.


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  • GrumpyCat

    I was under the impression that the Danes already bought KAC LMGs. Are they interested in buying another batch?

  • A Froggy Guest

    10 POUNDS! TEN FOTHERMUCKING POUNDS! Looks really controllable, too.

    Having carried around a Minimi in 7.62 NATO (or as I like to call it the Maximi), that sounds like a miracle. My poor frame aches to this day.

    • SGT Fish

      yep! and its constant recoil! so a whole lot easier to keep on target than a conventional full auto.

    • The_Champ

      Yep 10 pound LMG is quite amazing, that’s M1 Garand weight!

    • roguetechie

      Knights actually offers it in 7.62 NATO too!

      It’s a neat gun for sure!

  • Patriot Gunner

    I thought they developed their own LMG and were not producing the Stoner LMG anymore.

    Or is this the same gun?

    • Joshua

      Same gun at the heart.

    • roguetechie

      The Knight’s LMG is a refined and fully developed Stoner LMG.

    • LCON

      same operation repackaged.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Abolish the Hughes Amendment and let me buy one.

    • Major Tom

      I’ll be next in line for one too.

  • Form Factor

    Lightweight, good small feedcover, low recoil. Feed it with M855A1 EPR and call it a day.

  • Big Daddy

    Constant recoil system, like the Ultimax 100. There’s a lot of potential there. Especially with the new M855A1 ammo. The M249 also has some upgrades by MGA with their SAW-K. But the constant recoil system is awesome, Youtube videos of the Ultimax 100 show how little recoil it has.

  • iksnilol

    Finally! I’ve been yapping on about it for years.

  • yodamiles

    I have been searching for a video of KAC LMG being shot for years, anyone have any luck?

    • SGT Fish

      Dugan used one in the lmg special on carnik con

  • RSG

    10lbs and under 33″ would make this the perfect truck gun or home defense rifle. i need this.

  • FT_Ward

    No chance this thing would quickly overheat is there? How does a bipod effect the 2KG weight savings?

    • Joshua

      It has a quick change barrel.

  • Gary Kirk

    About damned time someone stops drinking the damned FN koolaid, and gets something that “might” work reliably, and not weigh damned near 22 pounds..

  • Henry Reed

    YES. They will love it. Surprised it hasn’t been swooped up by anyone else yet.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    Reed Knight has been working on this LMG for years, tweaking it and improving it along the way. He continued to work on it despite a lack of orders, a testament to his belief in the gun. With serious interest now taking place, I suspect his efforts will be well-rewarded.. Still, it irks me that the French and Danes are likely to get it first, before our GIs. The horror….the horror….

    • GD Ajax

      Quite pointless for the US military. The Army and USMC still have “new” M249s. With the LSAT program producing results(if it isn’t canned) another new LMG is just a waste of funds.

  • noob

    I feel sad that Stoner never lived to see the kind of vindication his ideas would enjoy when materials finally caught up with his vision. Truly ahead of his time.

  • LazyReader

    It’s not a machine gun, it’s an automatic joy machine

  • Uniform223

    An oldie but a Goldie

    • SGT Fish

      that is wicked how he is holding it with one hand and having very little trouble

      • Blake

        Agreed. Kind of funny how he uses the recoil from the first couple rounds to get the gun to balance on the pistol grip.

  • To Tin Fung

    Can someone educate me, while he was shooting, the charging handle reciprocated but sometimes it didn’t move? what was going on?

    • The Raven

      Camera speed/frames per second. it’s kind of like filming a car rim, at speed, and it doesn’t seem to be turning….

      • FarmerB

        In my day, it was always wagon wheels in westerns used as the example.

    • It might be unlatching due to inertia.

  • Here is a photo with the Stoner 63 posed with the ARES LMG, which some dubbed the Stoner 86. If you look closely at some of the early public photos of the KAC LMG, you may be able to see the original ARES LMG receiver markings.