12 ga Precision Gun Works armor piercing slug

Let’s take a look at some specialty 12 ga ammunition. Can this possibly perforate armor as the name implies? To answer that question, we fire Precision Gun Works Armor Piercing Slug from an 18.5″ Mossberg 500A at level IIA body armor.

But the ammo here @ Ventura Munitions:

Guns in this video:
Mossberg 500A

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Andrew is a combat veteran of OEF and has performed hundreds of ballistic tests for his YouTube channel, The Chopping Block (https://www.youtube.com/user/chopinbloc). He is an avid firearm collector and competitor and lives with his family in Arizona. If you have any questions, you may email him at choppingblocktests@gmail.com


  • Jared A. Faber

    “This has enough power to cut through the thickest car doors, armor plates, or any steel plated objects up to ¼ inch. The Armor Piercing Slug is boosted by the penetrator button on the slug and has an extreme velocity that will plow through steel giving it its name “ARMOR PIERCING”.”

    What. A. Load.

    • Dougscamo

      But not a Level IIA vest….

      • Jared A. Faber

        Must be a fluke. How can anyone doubt a company that has trouble keeping their quarter-of-an-8.5×11 logo straight on their box? I mean this no-name company sells a 5 round box of flechettes for $25! What a steal!

        • Dougscamo

          LOL here!….

    • RealitiCzech

      They must’ve been referring to stormtrooper armor plates.

  • jonp

    It does say “armor piercing”. I would like to see if it does go through solid metal better than other types of slugs.
    Any comment on this in comparing to other slugs?

  • codfilet

    Call for the Box O’ Truth guy…….

  • Calavera

    Steel ball bearing? No thanks. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. One major drawback: ricochet.

  • Vhyrus

    Whether or not it actually penetrates, if you get hit by any 12 gauge slug while wearing anything less than steel plates you are going to wish it had killed you.

    • jonp

      The internal trauma would suck. Just like being hit in the chest with a 10lb sledgehammer swung by Arnold in his prime. Wouldn’t go through the plate but anything under it would be broken, squished or out of place

      • Swarf

        or *and*

        • jonp


    • CommonSense23

      Dude, have you ever been hit by a boxer in the chest?

    • Aerindel Prime

      Not how physics work. Force of the bullet is identical to force of recoil.

      • Vhyrus

        Incorrect. Momentum is equal, but the energy of the bullet is much higher than the energy of the gun. Higher energy = higher force.

        • Aerindel Prime

          No. The energy is the same. The difference is that the gun weighs a lot more than the bullet so it is accelerated at a much lower velocity than the bullet and releases its energy much slower and over a larger surface area than the bullet.

          • Vhyrus

            Since you think you’re so smart, I’m going to go ahead and paste this right off the wikipedia page for recoil:

            “For example, with a rifle weighing 5 pounds firing a 150 grain bullet, at 2840 feet per second, the recoil energy will be only about 0.43 percent of the total kinetic energy developed.The bullet receives about 2685 foot-pounds of energy, and the rifle only 11.5 ft-lbs of energy, even though the rifle and the bullet both receive about 1.89 pound-sec momentum.

            As I said, momentum is the same but energy is very different. Higher energy = higher work = higher force. If you’re going to argue physics with someone, you should probably not pick a mechanical engineer.

          • Aerindel Prime

            Irrelevant to the point I was making but if it makes you feel like a better person than by all means, enjoy the feeling.

          • valorius

            Sometimes it’s best to just say “ah, ok. thanks.”

      • Nicks87

        Really? So if you get hit in the vest with a 12 ga slug you might have some slight bruising, similar to what the stock does to your shoulder? That’s funny.

        • Aerindel Prime

          Depends on the vest. The energy is the same imparted to the projectile and to the gun, but the gun weighs several pounds while the projectile weighs much much less so it is accelerated to a higher velocity. When it strikes it converts that velocity back into force. The mass of the vest and its rigidity slow that energy and spread it over a larger surface area and over more time, just like the gun and the buttstock do for the shooter but given that the vest will probably not have the same sectional density as the gun you may get more bruising. But the totally energy is still the same. It its plate armor, which weighs more than the shotgun and has a huge surface area compared to a buttstock they would get much less damage than the shooter would to his shoulder.

          To put it another way, if you fired a slug from one shotgun into the barrel of another shotgun someone was holding they would feel the same force in their gun as the shooter does.

          • valorius

            Plate armor vs a slug, you’d be ok- probably. But vs soft armor, the backforce deformation is -severe- Like 3x the allowable NIJ standard severe.

            I have tested this personally.

      • valorius

        Now imagine the force of recoil of a 12 gauge magnum load concentrated on the size of a quarter. It would definitely break stuff. I tested a 3″ .50 cal sabot vs a IIIA vest. The vest stopped it, but the backface deformation was about triple the NIJ allowable depth.


    I wonder if Flechette ammo would do the trick.

    • mosinman


    • Only if it has a single flechette made of depleted uranium that weighs 10lb and has a muzzle velocity around 5100fps.

    • Russ Kell

      Hundred yard dart game. Sure 🙂

  • Spencer W

    Love the shirt! The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    If I want to defeat handgun armor with a long gun, I have a lot of choices. Like pretty much any centerfire rifle that exists. If this was advertised to defeat Level III that would be a different story, but I imagine that would take a long skinny steel saboted projectile.

  • Kwong

    I’m confused, why would one test armor piercing rounds with not-armor?

  • Xaun Loc

    Continuing on the theme of 12ga armor piercing shotgun slugs, how about
    trying the “Balle Flèche Sauvestre” shotgun slug by the French company
    Sauvestre — not advertised or specifically intended to be “armor
    piercing” but this sabotted sub-caliber bullet seems a lot more likely
    to defeat a IIA vest than conventional shotgun slug.

  • Kevin Craig

    “Piercing body armor” doesn’t make a round “armor piercing”.

  • valorius

    The Breneke max barrier penetration slug will blow clean through level IIIA out to 25 yds and then penetrate over 30″ of gel.

  • Stephen Paraski

    How about a foster type slug with a Tungsten flow drill epoxied onto it. And bump charge a few grains?

  • iksnilol

    “Let’s shoot a steel ball bearing at supersonic speeds, what can go wrong?”

  • Moonman45

    wtf was that scrap? lol it looks like something pulled from the wreckage of a downed airliner

  • John

    I’m a gun owner, but this story Scares me. What scares me even more is that someone wants to make stuff like this.