Taiwanese Raysun Counter Drone System in Iraq

Defense Blog has published evidence that Iraqi security forces are using a counter drone gun to aid in the fight against the so-called Islamic State’s many hobby drones that are either acting as forward observers for the terrorist group or weaponized themselves by dropping grenades upon unsuspecting Iraqi forces from the air. Every month since the attack on Mosul began we’ve seen these drone attacks skyrocket compared to what they were previously.

The Taiwanese company that makes this particular device is called Raysun, and the particular model in use is the MD1 Multicopter Defender. It uses radio control to disrupt a drone’s connection to the user, thus  thinking that the user has commanded a return to the origin and then utilizes that lull to either bring the drone down or to let it fall out of the air. It is equipped with a collapsing M4 stock, a battery pack mounted underneath, a forward grip, sling, picatinny mountedM16 copied carrying handle, and appears to come issued with a thermal scope that shows colors in either Iron Palette, Rain (Rainbow) Palette, Ice (Fire & Ice) Palette (not sure which, FLIR describes this color system, help here?) which shows warm and cold temperature objects as red, yellow, blue, etc… instead of Black and White. Although so far the only examples seen in use in Iraq aren’t mounted with this scope and instead use the iron sights.

This is from an Iraqi describing the system-

وصل الوحش بيد ابطال الرد السريع ماكو مبروك

سحل كتل نتل هسا خلي يطيرون المسيرات الدواعش

‎مكافح الدرونات الصيني RAYSUN MD1 Multicopter

يدخل الخدمة في العراق مع قوات الرد السريع

‎ يعتبر هذا السلاح من افضل اسلحة مكافحة الدرون حيث يمكنه التداخل مع ترددات الدرون بغضون٣ ثوان والتحكم به او اسقاطه من مدى 1100 متر
ويمكن للسلاح قطع الـ GPS او الـ ISM للمتحكم بالدرون..يستخدم الدرون منظار حراري ومنظار ليلي.
مواصفات عامه:-
الوزن مع الملحقات 6كيلو غرام
يعمل ع جهد DC24V
قدرة البطارية 6400M/AH
وقت العمل 60 دقيقه
وقت الشحن 4 ساعات
المدى 1100 متر

منقول من خلية الخبراء

Loosely translated, this is-

The Beast has arrived, however, quick reaction heroes mako congratulations

Dragging masses follow hsan let fly marches ldwạ ‘ sh

Nat, struggled through the Chinese raysun md1 multicopter

Enter service in Iraq with rapid reaction forces

This weapon is considered one of the best combat arms blackmagic where it can interfere with blackmagic frequencies in about 3 seconds and control him or bring him down from over 1100 meters.

The Weapon can cut the GPS or the ism a handler ron dizzy.. Blackmagic Using Thermal Lens and binoculars.

Ama Specifications :-

Attachments With Weight 6 KG

Doing his effort dc24v

Battery Capacity of 6400 M / ah

Work time 60 minutes.

Shipping Time 4 hours

Range 1100 meters.


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  • Moonman45

    I would expect a sneaky counter-raysun tactic would be to simply equip your drones with time bombs, so when the ‘drone hunters’ are inevitably taking a trophy-pic around the captured equipment, it blows them all to hell

    why cant they just shoot them?

    • GD Ajax

      Because shooting 5.56 or 7.62 at a small target into the air is a waste of bullets. Even small drones can produce downwash making them difficult targets to hit.

      The only other solution is wasting Manpads or Anti Aircraft guns on them. The former can’t track certain UAVs because of their small heat signature and Mark one eyeball depends on your luck.

      • TechnoTriticale

        re: Because shooting 5.56 or 7.62 at a small target into the air is a waste
        of bullets. Even small drones can produce downwash making them difficult
        targets to hit.

        Plus the normal hazards of where the errant rounds end up. Not all anti-drone scenarios are in combat theatres.

        The next generation of drone guns will also jam every GPS sat from horizon to horizon, just to be sure.
        Caution: may attract HARM.

      • wetcorps

        Issue skeet shotguns then.

        • GD Ajax

          It would still be a crapshoot. If it crashes your going to have casualties regardless. Also the difference in energy between a slug and 7.62 NATO rounds is insignificant.

    • Sianmink

      bring them down with the jammer, and shoot them on the ground. That produces the least risk to nearby personnel. If you shoot it in the air it could end up anywhere while it’s crashing.


    Thag can’t be long-term healthy to hold a RF jammer that close to your face, despite apparent directionality.

    I personally would use a T-shirt cannon with a 1m² net as ammo.

    • wetcorps

      Just wrap your head in tinfoil and you’ll be ok.

    • The Bellman

      RF radiation is non-ionizing, so up until the point where you can actively feel it cooking you like a microwave it isn’t going to give you cancer or anything.

  • Fred X. Derf

    lots of blackmagic going on here…

    • gunsandrockets

      AR handle = big juju

  • Omerli

    Thanks. The Turkish Savar, just covered in these pages is another anti-drone weapon. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/04/12/turkish-savar-drone-use-turks-azeris/

    I wonder what the U.S. is using?