Counterfeit M4s In Iraq

A number of AR15s that have been turning up in Iraq appear to be counterfeit products but are in the markets and treated as legitimate production versions of the rifle companies the producers are seeking to counterfeit. Some of them are very small differences, only being distinguished by the wrong roll mark or incorrect engraving. Others are blatantly obvious through the combination of several companies on a single lower. As an example, the largest indication that we are seeing is an AR15 with a 14.5 inch barrel, Burst selector, and with both Colt markings above the serial number and FN Herstal markings above the selector switch. Although both companies have been making M4s and M4A1s for the U.S. Military, neither of these companies have ever actually combined forces and produced a joint rifle. We’ll post the glaring examples we have seen so far down below. There are far more examples that are borderline counterfeit, but I don’t want to post them because I just don’t have the in-depth Colt roll mark knowledge to be able to discern whether or not it is genuine.

The largest question we have is where are these rifles coming from. Due to expansive manufacturing operations in China that seek to make one for one copies of everything in the U.S. and European markets, in addition to documented evidence of ATF acquiring counterfeited AR15s in Mexico in 2009, we can reasonably assume that these rifles or parts are being mass produced and being smuggled into Iraq and possibly neighboring countries. There already is a huge market in Iraq for Chinese Airsoft components and accessories because actual firearm parts cannot be legally imported. However, this is only an assumption and requires much more research and tangible evidence to definitively confirm that certain companies or entities in China are engaging in black market AR15 sales internationally.

These two M4s have the aforementioned company roll mark mix-ups, in addition to an entire slew of issues that mark them as not being legitimate Colt rifles or FN Herstal M4s.

This is the rest of the rifle above. Notice the handguard is not very similar to most handguards in current usage on AR15s in the U.S. This is because we are seeing more and more of this type installed on AR15s in Iraq, the handguards themselves most likely come from China.-

We don’t believe that the Colt M4 Commando “Super Mine” has ever existed in a Colt Defense catalog-

This particular version is an Airsoft lower receiver. It matches the exact product description of a certain WE Airsoft out of Taiwan that produces a Gas Blow Back (GBB) lower that fits it exactly, down to the faux serial number and extra period in front of the “5.56 MM”.

The WE Airsoft product image. Note the exact same serial number-

This one doesn’t even have a serial number.

This is an example of a legitimate Colt M4 carbine roll mark-


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  • iksnilol

    Why would China make counterfeit M4s when Norinco already makes M4s?

    • SP mclaughlin

      The Norinco ones have Norinco trademarks; I guess they wanted these to be less obvious.

      • iksnilol

        Dude, everyone has Norinco guns, they’re basically untraceable by default simply because they’re so widespread.

    • USMC03Vet

      That sweet sweet sponsorship money.

    • LCON

      probably some local arms dealer making money using airsoft receivers to build real weapons and make a killing. One of the reasons they can get away with it is the receiver assemblies on Modern combat weapons are meant to be manufactured on cheap. These might even shoot for a time.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t understand the logic behind using airsoft receivers. You still need a “real” upper. And if you can make an upper, you sure as all heck can make a lower.

        Also, IIRC airsoft isn’t easy to import there.

    • Michel_T

      We need not worry!
      The UN Small Arms marking regulations will come into effect in June 2018….

      It will now be doubly-illegal to illegally make illegal guns!
      The world will be a better place!
      Illegal firearm manufacturers will never dare duplicate the new country code engraved on the firearms…

  • Vhyrus

    I really doubt the daesh care if they’re shooting us with counterfeit m4s vs real ones. I hope to see these lowers on amazon one day.

    • Audie Bakerson

      To be honest, the way Colt is now I’d strongly consider taking a Norinco gun over a modern production Colt.

      • iksnilol

        Why wouldn’t you? Norincos are a bit rough, but they’re good. Their M14s have better receivers than the new production Springfields.

      • Holdfast_II

        I have Canadian friends with Norinco rifles (openly marked as such) and they are just as good as any other mass-produced AR pattern rifles.

        • john huscio

          Not as good as colt canada

      • Bronson

        Get out of here with that over dramatic crap!

    • DILKe

      Bezos does not approve.

  • Ambassador Vader

    It wasn’t the colt “super mine” it was the colt “super bankruptcy”

  • Anonymoose

    Super Mine, because the market for M4s in the Middle East is a gold mine!

    • TDog

      This rifle is Super Mine – if you want one, get Super Yours.

      • Asimzmn

        Super LOL

      • Wow!

        I can hear that in a sassy valley girl voice. All it needs is an “OMG” at the end.


    Probably products of Darra Adam Khel… They’re the ones that like to masquerade, I don’t think Chinese makers bother with that. Also, the workmanship looks about right for a Darra gun.

    • Anonymoose

      I dunno, man, looks like some Chinese ebay stuff to me. Do they even know how to work with aluminum in Khyber?

      • Friend of Tibet

        Chinese cheapy ebay is very different than Chinese firearm export.
        All Chinese firearm exported by Norinco are UN marked.

        • Anonymoose

          Yet these are not, and could possibly have come out of some “black factory” somewhere. The Chinese are trying to buddy up with Trump, so these may be their way of supplying weapons to various actors in the Iraq/Syria area without being too obviously implicated.

          • Friend of Tibet

            Why would China(any other major country) sell these rifles to black market when they can legally sell CQ-A to Canada and euro, Not a good business and too much risk with not so good profit.

            Not to mention the firearm in the picture have very different marking technique compare to all Chinese AR15 production.

            China never shy about their guns, you see a lot of Chinese guns in hands of Syria fighting forces, they are are marked correctly.

          • SPQR9

            Deniability has long been a part of covert intelligence support of insurgents.

          • imachinegunstuff

            I mean Norinco tried to sell machine guns to gang members in the 90s and the ATF busted ’em. Past behavior is indicative of future behavior.

          • Friend of Tibet

            I am sure in USA gang member only ever used Norinco

          • imachinegunstuff

            I’m serious, Norinco was trying to sell guns in the states, got busted by the Feds, so they aren’t above it

          • Friend of Tibet

            Again, if you have solid evidence this is come from China I would love to see. But based on current evidence, there is no suggestion the particular AR15 shown here came from China. Even the 2009 Mexico document stated “No information on the origin of the firearm”

          • imachinegunstuff
          • Friend of Tibet

            Again, Norinco’s past has nothing to do with AR15’s in the picture here with fake marking. As far as this logic go, any firearm manufactures who had bad history can make this fake AR15. If you have something like “The machining mark within the receiver has same pattern as CQ-A after inspection” that would be solid evidence. As far as I can tell, the fit and finish does not look like Norinco products whatsoever.

          • imachinegunstuff

            A company’s past of questionable dealings certainly pulls them to front of the line for being a suspect, especially from a country where fakes are notorious

          • Friend of Tibet

            Good thing assumption and generalization like these were not used in professional investigations.

          • imachinegunstuff

            Nope just internet forums

          • Friend of Tibet

            In your link also:
            “Federal officials would not say whether the Chinese arms dealers obtained the weapons legally in China and then exported them to the U.S.”

            Blame everything on Norinco for the fake ar15 found in mexico is way far too fetched.

          • Cynic

            Government contracts to provide weapons that mean the gov aren’t going to burn my business to the ground or charge me massive amounts in bribes this year = WINNING! in China

            Plus in terms of profit selling to embargoed countries/terrorist groups/rebel groups has a MASSIVE profit much more than the retail wholesale because those groups are forced to offer incentives to break.the law and supply them with guns. a californian senator i believe it was the anti gun pos de Leon but don’t quote me got busted for selling guns to philipino Muslim rebels and was making BANK if the court records are right about what he was charging.

            As for the gang stuff yeah norinco has form for guns with dodgy markings imported illegally selling full auto aks to gangs in the USA you may smear it saying ‘oh so gangs only use norinco’ implying that if they aren’t the sole source of guns it doesn’t count or whatever but it happened they were offering a serious quantity of hardware on the black market.

            Just like the UK has allot of eastern European guns coming in illegally it makes sense for a source for Syrian guns and ammo to be the Chinese because of borders’ and distance.

          • Mike

            Leland Yee was the guy, currently serving his time in prison and a big driving force for much of the anti-gun legislation in California in the last 20 years.

            Kevin Leon is the current politician who is rabidly anti-gun and is trying to keep us all safe from ourselves, and competing with Newsom for the governorship and selling the most guns and ammo.

          • Cynic

            is De Leon the Ghost gun one and the same cockwomble who has spent 15 years trying to ban airsoft whilst taking millions from the paintball lobby to get an exemption for them because my 6mm 14round handgun is evil but the same gun sans conversion kit in 68cal is perfectly fine.

          • Mike

            He is the ghost gun 30 caliber magazine clip guy, but I don’t know about the airsoft/paint ball thing.

          • Norm Glitz

            “allot” is really “a lot”

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            Because it’s not Red Army or Red Army shell company product. It’s the same Chinese pirates as in every other manufacturing sector.

    • Cynic

      You’d be surprised most of the AS scene goes for trades and over the years iv seen some HORIBAD ‘realistic’ trades. The g&p frog lowers or the combat machine lower for example.

      You have to remember that a couple of the Chinese AS factories have links to norinco. VFC i believe but some of their proline bodies from norinco. Real Sword, are widely considered to be the BEST AK platform manufacturers on the planet for externals primarily because they buy/get their bodies from norimco. Their also the guys that are one of the few LEGAL producers of weapons for airsoft in china (it’s pretty severely illegal to own purchase or play in mainland china HONG KONG whole mother story) as they have the contract to produce the ‘type 97’ to be used as a training weapon for the Chinese army. Real Sword and LCT AK’s use version 3 gear boxes but aren’t TM spec precisely so they can use these real bodies coz its easier cheaper to buy a norinco flat/have a run for you than it is to mill your own receiver (small scale production can’t sustain the cost of stamping dies)

      The steel body cyma guns like the RK045RWS (ak, 47, wood furniture, LCT spec) comes with a Chinese manufacture issue ak sling from their mil surp and their rumored to use real Chinese production ak furniture.

      Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if the guys at norinco were told to run a batch of guns through the rollmark engravers with weird trademarks or similar marks to some of the AS guns coming out of china as sterile/noneidentifiable guns for some trade deal with a foreign power a bit like the fall with the cut put supied for the Cuban resistance stuff.

    • Chas

      Indeed, the Pakistani’s in/around the Kohat area are notorious for turning out copies and, if a fly craps somewhere on the logo of an original being copied, it will end up as a ‘period’ on the copy….

  • Jeff Smith
  • anonymous

    > We don’t believe that the Colt M4 Commando “Super Mine”
    > has ever existed in a Colt Defense catalog

    It did, but it was a Super Duper Top Secret project, with the guns used by Delta Team 6 Force. After the war, a few of them were sold by the government to the civilian market. At least, that’s what the dealer trying to sell me one said.

    • Martin Grønsdal


  • Friend of Tibet

    China already have CQ-A and the quality looks better that whatever here in the picture.

    This assumption is so baseless.

    And a simple google will tell you all AR15 made in China have different marking technique compare to the picture here.

    Most likely what happened here is airsoft lower reciever modified.

  • TDog

    Given that China has some insane percentage of the world’s manufacturing capacity, it’s always a safe bet it comes from China.

  • Ed

    So? Chinese CQ rifles with fakes US markings. Not the first time the chicoms done this.

    • Friend of Tibet

      Do you have the previous case of Norinco CQ with fake US marking? Link?

  • Badwolf

    Or…. certain companies or entities in the US are engaging in black market AR15 sales internationally.

    Perhaps using reverse psychology by intentionally using wrong roll marks or incorrect engraving to make you (read: Miles) think they are coming from China.

    However, this is only an assumption and requires much more research and tangible evidence to definitely confirm.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      requires meds and more tinfoil

      • Badwolf

        You said it.

        Just like Miles, mine is only an assumption and requires much more research and tangible evidence to definitively confirm.

        Just add that disclaimer and you can pretty much say whatever you want.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Prehaps the quadrail is in imitation of an MR556?

  • John

    There will come a time when the world makes counterfeits of the QBZ-95 with slight differences. China won’t know what to think then.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Probably works good enough.

  • Disarmed in CA

    So do they work? or ‘sorta-work’?

  • Friend of Tibet

    “in addition to documented evidence of ATF acquiring counterfeited AR15s in Mexico that have been traced back to China in 2009, we can reasonably assume that these rifles are coming from China and being smuggled into Iraq and possibly neighboring countries.”

    I read through the entire document btw, it did not mention China.

    “There is not enough information available at this time for SWB-FIST to determine the source country where the counterfeit weapons are being manufactured. ”

    And the tin foil hat logic of “Must be China they can just change the marking” can apply to any country.

    FYI, The YHM handguard were installed on all counterfeirt AR back in 09 mexico, well, let your assumption go wild 😛

    • iksnilol

      Comrade, it is Miles, ID’ing guns isn’t his strong side.

      • Okay? I outran my headlights. Happens time to time.
        When did I ever say these lowers are definitely Chinese? I specifically said that my best guess would be Chinese due to the overwhelming presence of Chinese Airsoft parts already in Iraq, and thus the rifles following the same trade and merchant patterns. In addition, I explicitly stated that more research would be necessary before any definite conclusion can be made about the origin of the rifles.

        • Friend of Tibet

          I did not meant to say you said that sir, I meant to the comments that said “Must be Norinco that made the AR and then change the marking”.

  • McThag

    I totally know what I’m engraving on my next 80%!

    • LGonDISQUS


  • Graham2

    So may people saying Chinese here, Iran loves messing in Iraq, so maybe they’re just FAJR 224s with dodgy markings?

  • TechnoTriticale

    Is there some chance that these errors are deliberate?
    Mocking the customers, mayhaps?

    Even if the cloners were working strictly from a copy of the TDP, there are ample photos on the web for what these markings should like like.

    In some arenas, like the fake wines amusingly documented in the movie “Sour Grapes”, the errors are somewhat understandable, because the faker may not have been able to discover that a given winery didn’t bottle variety X in year Y, or had some subtle label difference for that bottling.

    • SPQR9

      Non English speaking trying to copy English markings is what is shown here.

    • BaconLovingInfidel


  • snmp

    Iran and Sudan have Production of AR15

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      No or Yes

  • Sean Heihn

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is super mine.

    • durabo

      Their suppressed version is SUPER MIME.

  • Pilot

    Soooo…… An airsoft lower can fit an AR upper? And actually work?

    • Cynic

      Sort of, needs ALLOT of work and the upper will get converted to AS usually. Iv seen guys put real uppers with modified barrels on their gas blowback guns to make it feel more.authentic BUT they’ve hacked the upper and barrel up on allot of ways.

      Could you jerry rig something with a US legal gbbr or an empty high end aeg lower probably and it may even be doable in the ‘reasonable times ATF rules *snorts* but it would involve drilling new holes reshaping things and it wouldn’t be safe to fire even with a high end lower because allot of the airsoft guns are slightly specced different so there’s be like a 1-3mm gap at the back of the upper between it and the buffer tube. New holes drilled for the trigger group the milling of the receiver would be needed and honestly for the work done you could probably buy a 80% lower and it would be easier.

      It IS true that CERTAIN pistols (WE/tm pattern 1911) pistols MAY be able to take conversion slides but i wouldn’t do it for that long with most as their zanak pot metal and not guaranteed o be perfectly in tolerance with the real slide. But honestly for the cost 110-160 for the metal framed 1911 pistol plus couple of hundred bucks for the slide conversion kit you may as well have bought a dedicated m22 1911 trainer. Is it cool to see it can be done yeah would I fire one FUUUUUUUUUUCK no.

      • Lo Andy Kruth

        you are assuming everybody lives in the USA.

        • Surly Old Armorer

          And that US laws apply in places like the PRC and Iraq.

          An AR lower receiver isn’t a “firearm” in many places. You can buy actual US-made M16 lower receivers in much of Europe without any restrictions.

          Why would some Chinese aluminum machining manufacturer give a toss if his lowers are being sold to airsofters in Thailand or gun assemblers in Iraq?

          • Cynic

            true BUT the majority of manufacturers if not all of them build their products o comply with US law on stuff because that’s where the money is in airsoft. The LM4 which was the source of the moron with the mag in backwards on the news, the KWA/KSC m4 was redesigned once the atf confiscated a load on the basis of it ‘could’ be done with their ‘reasonable time’ standard and none of the cloners in China or the Tha/Japanese aftermarket make lowers to that spec because there’s no money in it because there’s only a couple of hundred of that spec gun out there so there’s no market for the parts and even that gun can’t be converted without a hell of a lot of work probably equivalent to making an 80% or a deact a functioning firearm

            even the really high end stuff that is pretty much identical dimensionally to a real AR is slightly out of spec in its positioning of parts was the point i was making. Whether that’s because of wanting access to the us market or because of places like the UK where the reciever being able to to take parts from a restricted weapon would make the reciever itself a restricted weapon even if that airsoft pot metal upper or even glass fibre polymer upper would explode under the 55k psi of a 5.56 round it would still be treated as a restricted weapon.

            the Chinese manufacturers of airsoft parts clone the Japanese/thai original designs and because the original gear boxes and gas blowback systems are out of spec with real parts (for the most part) the clones are as well.

            most aeg externals are enough out of spec that real parts don’t work bar things like the PTW and the Chinese clones of the 1400$ PTW are still in the 300-500$ range and even then internally they aren’t compatible at all.

            the point i was trying to make was that with the amount of work involved in the conversion of the parts and the tools required to do so you probably have the skills to manufacture a lower anyway because your having to drill a new pocket for the bcg, recut and reshape the magazine well, drill new holes for the seat pin and tap new threads for the barrel nut since the airsoft ones aren’t real spec, either buy a barrel and adapt the upper reciever threading or reshape the lugs on the lower for the most part with Chinese recievers even the thread pattern and size on the buffer of an ar is wrong being a bastardised cross of commercial and milspec with some of the gas guns being milspec. I think the only bit of my WA gas M4 which is one of the most realistic gas rifles ever made, its fire control group looking identical to an at the only real parts that work without extensive mods are the buffer springs and i think a H2 buffer will work in the heavy recoil kit. Even though my bcg looks identical the holes aren’t in the right places and the pin holes aren’t the same size. I believe i could use a real burst kit sear but and the cam stuff but I’d have to buy one and buy a WA fcg and file and dremel and cannibalize parts and i may as well just drop in the WA kit because its about the same price and is guaranteed to mostly work. (3rd burst is finicky and it has the same issue as the real one where if you let off the trigger early it will only fire the shots left on the burst not reset to three each time and it can get easily out of time apparently as bits wear)

            AK’s are even worse because the reciever is usually the wrong length aside from LCT and RS guns and their expensive using heavily modified flats from Norinco iirc. But to convert the ak you’d need to be a good enough welder that you could probably make something like a grease gun with less time and effort.

            if you are in Europe well the parts of Europe that have more sensible gun laws than the UK where you can buy unrestricted recievers then an airsoft gun offers you pretty much nothing that will help the conversion other than a ejection port door and maybe some of the pins for the body and the rail because the upper is wring internally, the outer barrel well I guess you could braze a .22liner into it but… It depends how brave you are.

            my point was more about the things being massively out of spec than US law being the reason for that.

            i was just taking the opportunity to have a dig at the BATFE because they argue that the standard for a semi auto to be ‘readily convertible’ into a machine gun is 10 hours in a ‘well equiped home shop’ and they legitimately have argued in court that 10 hours with access to a drill press, welding gear and a lathe is a reasonable standard for stitching someone up because they built something that with all those tools and ten hours a machinist could make fire more than one round with each trigger pull.

            because basically FTATF because that’s ludicrous.

      • Ben

        You sure say allot A LOT.

      • Rbt Evans

        As Ben alluded to, could you please in future use “a lot”?
        “Allot” means to assign a portion.

        • Cynic

          i could but i probably won’t its a dialectal thing in northern british english where its commonly used to mean a lot so.

          and interestingly enough because English is a descriptive language meaning isn’t fixed. It’s based on whether a word is in common use in the context its used in and as its commonly used and understood i probably won’t end up spending the time to vet my lexis to remove dialect traits other than a general does this requires local knowledge to be understandable filter on my word choice meaning I wouldn’t use ‘put t’wood in hole’ when talking to a septic.

  • Iggy

    It’d be worth checking what Conflict Armament Research have to say about these, they’re pretty good at documenting stuff and tracing it back to source. And they’ve got alot of people in Iraq these days.

  • Al

    The selector marking of “mine – not yours – super mine” gives it away…

  • Sur Komm

    need some of that in CA………LOL

  • J. Thorsten

    No comment on the upside down A2 flash hider? You guys are slacking.

  • Mark Serafinn

    Why on earth would anyone want to copy one of the worst rifle designs in history? That’s just stupid.

    • Surly Old Armoer

      Such a terrible design that it’s the choice of the most elite special forces in the world.

      But keyboard commandos know better. They’d have take bin Laden out with their National Match M-fanboi-whatever, if only mom had let them stay out after 9:00 PM.

  • DanGoodShot

    I so SO want a SUPER MINE!!

  • 🦑 🐙

    So, not only can Iraqis buy “short barrel” 14.5 carbines, but they can also buy full auto? Freedom.

  • IN Dave

    Should I care? That was a serious question. Except for the obvious problem with the chinese trying to copy everything we make, it’s not new and it’s not perfected either. I dont have a colt or FN lower either. Does that mean mine are counterfeit?

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    All your base are super mine.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    Sweet carry handle scope mount. It’s kind of steampunk. I bet the Burmese Bullpup is great for murdering innocent unarmed civilians.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    I’d love to have one of these. I grew up near the Clemson Road FN plant, first shot an assault rifle in the field across the street.

  • Nick L

    Wait, I thought super operators didn’t care what their rifles look like?

  • bernardg

    More likely backyard Phinoy, Paki mom and pop shop products.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Do they work?

  • Patrick Murphy

    I am still trying to understand the AR 15 part as a ar 15 is just semi only and has no place in this story.

    • Norm Glitz

      The original rifles from the Armalite (not today’s Armalite) were Ar-15s and full auto. The US Air Force bought a batch of those with blue furniture. I got to handle one briefly in ’66. When the Army adopted them, they called them M-16s. And it went from there.

  • survivor50

    AIR SOFT parts??? Really ???
    Pakistani Couch warriors unite !!!

  • Chris Olsen

    The feds are going to go in undercover and start buying these rifles up and it’ll no doubt point back to China. “Super Mine”, come on. Would I purchase one? Honestly, if the price was right, yes. I mean, who doesnt want a full auto?

  • Anon. E Maus

    Boy, I can’t wait for my M4gery made from an airsoft lower to catastrophically fail.
    I mean I know the lower isn’t particularly stressed on an AR, but typical airsoft GBB lowers aren’t steel or aluminum, they tend to be zinc or zinc alloy castings with some machining.

    Aside from the modifications you’d have to do (as they want to make sure a full-auto airsoft lower or it’s internals isn’t interchangeable with a real full-auto AR lower), I’m seeing the area around the buffertube giving way fairly fast, much like on lower quality plastic lowers (you know the kind, where they just made a cast of an aluminum lower then molded that in plastic, instead of designing an all new lower around the different material properties)

    • Surly Old Armorer

      Why on earth do you believe airsoft gear outside the US would meet US import regulations for toys?

      In much of the world, a lower receiver is no more restricted than a handguard or a muzzle cap.

  • 300 wm

    I wonder how long that lower would last should you actually fire it.

  • Bill

    Well, the finish on at least two of these answers the question “Whatever happened to all those cans of British Black you used to see at gun shows?”

  • RPK

    Might appear “someone” is switching air rifle lowers for the real thing which is then possibly sent back to “the world” for adaptation and use in a personal firearm. With all those firearms floating around, how hard would it be? I hope this is not the case, though. Besides putting lives in jeopardy with an inferior product, it poses the question who has the original lower and for what purpose? Just a possible scenario.

  • go4it

    I just wish someone knew what the @&$? a “roll mark” really is and why it can NEVER be applied to such a highly irregular surface such as (anywhere) on the outside of the magazine well on an M / AR Lower. Even a light, “kiss” stamping would crush the hollow cavity of the mag well. Supported from within, stamping OK. But “roll marking” anywhere on the Lower is worse than trying to land a 747 on top of the Empire State building; there will never be enough flat, open space.

    • Surly Old Armorer

      The markings are applied BEFORE the magazine well and FCG pocket are milled out.

      Let Colt know they’ve been doing the impossible for 50+ years now…

  • Hank Seiter

    I recently bought a complete Stoner 16.25 inch carbine upper on sale from Midway USA for $229 (complete meaning it includes BCG and charging handle) and an Anderson lower for $39 that was put on a 4473 as required. Free shipping on both since they were bundled with other items to meet a minimum free shipping price, btw!

    I found another great sale on a couple of lower parts kits at $29 each, free shipping again. I already had several spare six-position lower receiver extension tubes (i.e. “buffer tubes”), standard carbine buffers, carbine recoil springs and cheapy spare Rock River collapsible stocks. Though essentially “free” to me because of Magpul upgrades I made to my other ARs, I’ll still put a price of $25 on the final four items. No tax, no shipping cost, add it all up, less than $300 and I bet it would run right with a Rock River build or possibly even a Daniel Defense. Shoots 2 to 3 MOA with IMI 55gr. or Lake City ammo.

    But maybe the Chinese, or who ever is kit bashing these builds together, might be able to build their knock-offs for less than 1/2 or even 1/3 of what I ponied up. But one thing is for sure, mine will probably still be running when their Airsoft 2.0 AR 5.56 builds have bit the dust from some parts failure or wear.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I own a Colt M4 civilian version with 16.1 inch barrel and semi-auto only.I rather have my Colt M4 than a bad copy that might not be up to Military specs.

  • Jason Lewis

    Probably still better than anything Remington puts out.

    • John Willis

      Jason Lewis: Boy when they came out with that R-51 pos ,, i thought well there goes that company, ive got inventory of their older rifle’s they are quality ,,the newer production , couldn’t give em to me .

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    No different to what they are doing in Danao Philippines or Darra Adam Kel in Pakistan… At least the spelling is ok.. Wouldnt surprise me if most of it is all Airsoft parts coming out of Hong Kong and modified to work…

  • Rbt Evans

    Is it true that the examples turning up Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit are Super Mines?

  • JF

    At first I thought there was something wrong with the way the article was written about “Counterfeit M4 AR15s”, but then I guess if it is a Colt FN, well, then, yeah.

  • feline74

    Could some of them be home-brewed by one of the factions there? I saw a news report a while back about Kurdish gun smiths building and maintaining a variety of weapons for their forces; it wouldn’t be surprising if similar craftsmen were found among the Shiites and Daesh forces.