Chaos-12: A Shotgun With AR Parts Compatibility

AR patterned shotguns have always caught my attention. So when I saw the Chaos-12 Development on social media, I was definitely intrigued.  Aside from using VEPR-12 magazines, many of the other components are interchangeable with AR parts – stocks, grips and triggers.

Can you say binary 12 gauge trigger?

The prototype Chaos-12 Shotgun looks to be a great host for my SilencerCo Salvo suppressor. And hopefully by the time production rolls around, the Keymod attachment system has been replaced with the newly anointed MLOK rail slots.

Honestly, if the price is right, the Chaos -12 has a spot reserved in my safe.


Chaos-12 Shotgun Specifications

  • Caliber: 12 Gauge (2 3/4″-3″)
  • Uses VEPR 12 Magazines
  • Finger Guard Quick drop mag Release and Magwell
  • Adjustable AR-15 stocks and Folding Stocks
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • AR-15 drop in Triggers
  • Interchangeable rifled or smooth Remington 12 Gauge Barrels threaded for muzzles devices
  • Adjustable gas system (by hand. no tools required. not even a shell)
  • Complete Take down with no tools
  • Monolithic 1913 top Rail
  • Keymod Hand guard
  • AR-15 Grip
  • Length To Be Announced
  • Weight To Be Announced
  • Coating MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL-A-8625 or (Type III Hard anodize, Non-Reflective)
  • MIL SPEC Black Oxide Coatings
  • Manufacturer Chaos Inc. Evansville, IN United States

Founded in 2008, Chaos Inc. is a Firearms Accessory Manufacturer in the Midwest of the United States. In 2015 Chaos Inc. upgraded to a weapons manufacturing Type 7 FFL License. We manufacture and sell Rail Systems, Muzzle Devices and Optics Systems for several firearm platforms.

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  • Heartbreaker

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since it’s inception. I’m also hoping for M-lok.

  • Bradley

    Interchangeable remington barrels? Could it possibly take 870 barrels. That would be exceptionally clever.

    • Brad

      870 barrels don’t have a gas system on them so they won’t work. 1100 barrels are what it looks like on the gun.

      • Bradley

        Yeah I thate occurred to me after the fact. Still cool to use a fairly common barrel.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I hadn’t heard of this gun. Color me intrigued.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Holy crap an almost-50 state legal AA12. Where’s the drums?

    • PK

      There are VEPR-12 drums already on the market, so that’s covered.

    • Cal.Bar

      If by “almost” 50 state, you mean except CA, NY, CT, and others where most of the US population actually lives. Then, yes, “almost” 50 state legality.

  • PK

    If that comes mostly as pictured for anything near the $1,500 mark, it’s going to sell like crazy for 3 gun.

    • noob

      parts commonality! buy your favorite pistol grip in bulk and save.

    • SGT Fish

      yes and no. the open class isn’t nearly as popular as the others. so not as big a market for mag fed shotguns. historically, mag fed shotguns sell best with the zombie fags

  • Bob

    Check out the UTAS XTR 12. A piston AR 12ga. shotgun for less than $1000

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I was going to say the same thing.

      Also the XTR12 uses the same push button mag release as the AR and the mags insert and drop the same way as well. However it does use proprietary 5 and 10rd mags.

      • Bob

        And the mags are steel. Very well made. 10 rounders are BIG! Some good reviews on-line. Seems to be a well made, well thought out shotgun. I want one in ODG

    • Bierstadt54

      Head to head review?

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        That is something I would really really like to see on TFB. Can we make this happen?

    • Salty

      Its junk. Bolt is too thin in the extractor area. Will fail all the time until.a redesign

      • Bob

        Do you have first hand knowledge? In its short time on the market, it has gotten good reviews

        • noob

          TFB Torture Test! run both guns until Ventura Munitions says “okay guys, the next box is at retail price.”

        • SGT Fish

          well, it is made by UTAS, so isn’t that proof enough that its junk? lol

    • Nocternus

      just looked and they are $800.

  • LazyReader

    It looks like one of them there video game guns my grandson uses. fancy schmancy

    that being said I’m neither a grand papy or surprised

  • Person

    I did some deep digging and, according to my sources, the Chaos-12 is listed for $1,400 on the company’s webpage. I don’t know if it’s true or not, because I didn’t actually check myself. I really wanted to check, but I didn’t have time. Besides, I should leave the heavy lifting to the gun bloggers.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Thanks. I missed it.

    • PK

      If that MSRP ends up being correct, they’re going to pretty much own the 3 gun market!

      • Nocternus

        Why will this own the 3 gun market when UTAS makes the XTR12 on a AR10 lower for $800 at Atlantic Firearms.

        • noob

          convenience, for people who don’t already own an AR10?

        • noob

          good point – we need a head to head review.

          also does XTR12 take drums? this one should be able to take a VEPR-12 drum.

          • Nocternus

            I believe I watched a review where a guy developed a 28 round drum for it. Not sure how much they cost.

        • SGT Fish

          should we really trust anything that UTAS makes? lol

  • LazyReader

    $1,400 dollars when Saiga’s are plentiful and cheap

    • Moonman45

      converted saigas are pretty close in price when they come with extras

    • Heartbreaker

      Saigas are no longer plentiful or cheap due to the import ban. They also take time and money convert them and make them work reliably with light loads. The Chaos 12 is made in the USA and you can customize and add optics a lot easier.

    • Vhyrus

      Saigas are not. VEPRs however are and they’re about half the price right now. I just picked one up and it is fantastic.

  • nova3930

    What’s the availability of VEPR mags compared to say Saiga compatible mags?

    • andrey kireev

      You can convert Saiga mags to work in veprs by filing down some plastic…. done it on 3 of them, they work just fine.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Sweet photoshop of a clearly non-functioning gun, eye pro, no ear pro, pasted over Afghanistan or some where.

    Too bad this is another dolled up 1100 for people who haven’t learned what a shotgun is supposed to be used for. At least they chose the right magwell/mags.

  • Vhyrus

    “Can you say binary 12 gauge trigger?”

    Yes, I can. Can you say ‘dislocated shoulder’?

    • Thomas Bennett

      Grow stronger. 12Ga doesn’t buck that much 😛

      • Rene Hernandez

        Lol lets try a turkey shell first and THEN tell me if it doesnt buck that much.

    • KidCorporate

      I can say “huge-ass muzzle brake”

      • noob

        And a slide fire stock!

        And a VEPR-12 drum!

        AND FRAG-12

      • VieteranGunsmith

        I had no idea that Hugh Jass was into shotgun design.

  • PewPew

    But does it take Glock Mags?

  • Bert

    Chaos-12… Mattis is Chaos-6, so this is two Mattis’, right?

    • Frank

      Haha made my day. No if Mattis is Chaos-6, than this joke here is Chaos 12-attometer. (attometer = ^−18)

  • CharlesH

    This vs. the Fostech Origin 12….. DO IT!

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I like that it takes Vepr mags and Rem 1100 (presumably) barrels. Going proprietary really kills these cool, new ideas that people want and I think part of it is that it costs so much more and takes so much longer to establish a supply line for the parts when you can adapt popular, existing parts to work with your idea. Yes, you retain more profit by making everything proprietary but what idea has succeeded lately with that method? I have no interest in buying a gun and then three more barrels and three more sets of magazines and whatever else to get it to be as adaptive as the AR, which everyone could take a lesson in success from.

    I was initially unhappy about the handguard but making that AR-compatible would be impossible with the magazine tube-diameter op rod. This handguard may not age perfectly and look dated in 20 years but it’s a great idea in that time. Until someone perfects the AR-10 12-gauge upper, this looks like the closest thing.

    • Nocternus

      UTAS XTR12. I don’t know about perfected but it is getting good reviews so far. and the whole thing is $800.

    • noob

      it would be nice to have a “PC ATX” style set of interfaces for firearms which is what the ar-15 is doing de facto.

      if the take down pins are in the right places, the grip screw is in the right place, the receiver extension is the right diameter for most stocks etc then you could conceivably pay one tax stamp on a lower as a AOW and then go nuts with accessories to make it almost every kind of firearm.

      • Pod

        As someone who used to build PCs and now builds ARs, this is exactly how I phrase things to my friends.

  • noob

    nice. is the recoil spring inside the buffer tube, or down at the piston?

  • prova975

    Vepr-12s only cost about $800 or a little less, and they are very reliable, I know because I have one. Vepr-12 factory steel mags are expensive but there are US made polymer mags that are cheap and reliable too, I have several that work great. And you can smooth out the bolt carrier sliding on the rails in the receiver and it will reliably work with very light to full power 00-buck loads. Why spend $1,400 on a shotgun when you can get one that works great for less than $800?

  • VieteranGunsmith

    Stripped of the handguard this thing looks more inverted AK than AR.
    I have always been intrigued with semi auto mag fed shotguns, and if it was not KaRazee expensive, I might buy one.
    I do object to the photoshop Afghanistan patrol background – sort of cheapens the real experience of our real warriors.

  • Nobody