New Arsenal Firearms SWITCH Rifles And Suppressors

No, not that Arsenal, the other Arsenal. At SHOT 2017, I briefly swung through the Arsenal Firearms/Salient Arms International (SAI) booth looking at Glocks, but I must have missed the bigger news. is reporting on the company’s new rifle the ‘Switch’. The AR/AK-patterned gun is piston-driven, accepts AK magazines and utilizes a reciprocating side charging handle. Currently the Switch is chambered in either 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm.

From on the Arsenal Switch:

Let’s start with the Arsenal Firearms AF Switch, which was designed and developed by one Michael Brown, who was kind enough to spend some time with us and take us through the gun’s design features at the company’s booth (see DR video below). According to Brown, the guns accept standard AK (AK-47/AKM and AK-74) mags (magazines), which secure very positively, with no play. The Switch can also, according to Brown, handle any available ammo (including corrosive military ammo) and any combat-type adverse conditions, including “over the beach” salt water-and-sand conditions. We assume this is due to the combination of the piston/op-rod design and chrome-lined internal parts. The adjustable gas block has on/off capability and high and low settings for suppressed or unsuppressed/standard fire. “The first thing that’s wear out on this gun is your ammo budget”, says Brown.

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Now, on to the Arsenal Firearms AF Streamer QD556-A and QD762-A QA/QD low-back-pressure muzzle cans (silencer/sound suppressors) designed by a design team at Finnish company Saimaa Still Oy. The Streamer cans get their name from their proprietary “Stream-Through” front venting technology, which vents gases out the front (see DR video below) to lower the back pressure and virtually eliminate “blowback”. This reduces or even eliminates hot gases and particulate matter coming back and hitting the shooter in the face, and eases weapons cleaning and maintenance, since the rifle/carbine/SBR’s (Short Barreled Rifle) internal parts don’t doesn’t get as dirty. The extremely-lowered back pressure also obviates the requirement for different gas settings on the gas block, so you can shoot suppressed or unsuppressed with the same settings. According to an email we just received from Mr. Sjogren (on 3/29/17), the QD556-A and QD762-A Streamer cans are essentially further-developed/product-improved variants of the earlier Saimaa Still AK 545L and QD762L cans, which were developed for Kalashnikov AK-47/AKM and AK-74 rifles.


SWITCH  Arsenal Firearms




We like to keep things quiet around here… We also have a full lineup of suppressors.

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  • rjackparis

    Wish they released a 5.56 with that side charging set up.

    Also what made it a good idea to drop the bolt by bumping the stock?

    • Elvis

      Yeah, that’s a liability, not an asset.

      They do have some fairly innovated features, though, now I’m just trying to figure out why I need an AR that takes AK mags.

      • Reef Blastbody

        If you want to shoot 7.62X39 or 5.45X39 through an AR platform, AK47/AK74 magazines are the most tested and proven reliable option.

        As for why you’d want to, even with the 7N6 ban, 5.45 is still cheaper than 5.56, and if we manage to get the 7N6 ban undone, the floor will drop on ammo prices for that caliber again. And 7.62X39 is still cheap. Great for training, and you can find high grade ammo for hunting and other applications where you need more than minute of pie plate accuracy.

    • Reef Blastbody

      The bolt catch is a variant of the H&K style, i.e. a recess cut in the receiver to hold the charging handle open. Understandable since the AK magazines lack the bolt hold open feature, and trying to gimmick something like the bolt catch like the AR was designed with would mean proprietary followers or magazines.

      I’m okay with the design. Maybe modify it a bit so you have to pull the charging handle back and up to put the charging handle in a slot to hold the bolt open.

  • Did they… did they just make a Generic AR™ version of an AK? I think I may swoon.

    That’s a really cool can concept too.

    • Reef Blastbody

      >Did they… did they just make a Generic AR™ version of an AK? I think I may swoon.

      Hell yeah. Also the AK-74 magazine variant. Shaddup and take mah monies!

      All that’s left now is either for Magpul to get serious and release a metal reinforced 2.0 AK74 PMAG, or someone (maybe Arsenal) to also start bulk importing (I’m talking steady streams of Conex boxes) Russian/East Euro AK74 magazines so the Raifu Weeaboos selling their organic, free range, fair trade, artisanal, bakelite/slab side/circle jerk/whatever AK74 mags for 80-200 a pop can go fornicate themselves.

      • Scott Wagner

        There are clear polish mags that are already out for 16 bucks, and magpul would have to release *any* AK74 mags first if tthey were going to do a 2.0

  • Yggdrasill

    Cool rifle but their site gives a very unprofessional impression.

  • thedonn007

    Stream through instead of flow through, huh. Looks like a similar idea to the OSS suppressors.

  • Aono

    Anyone of our Finnish readers have any Saimaa Still db readings? I’d love to see how these perform on a semi at the shooter’s ear.

    • samuli hakala

      about 28 db!

  • Jose

    Any updates on those rifles and sbr’s? I visited the website,but they only have the pistols. Anything new?

  • Reef Blastbody

    Also, since it wasn’t really addressed in either video, are these products are in the process of getting ATF approval for US sales, or they’re in the process of setting up some form of manufacturing here in the US?

  • Brett

    There are some cool things about the rifle but all I heard in that video was buzz words and “Neva ben dun bfor” claims.

  • LazyReader

    Meanwhile while were still waiting for Kalashnikov USA to do something other than promise….

  • Fox Hunter

    Why did they name it after the Nintendo console?