BREAKING: YouTube Gun Channels In Danger Of Disappearing Forever

In an unannounced move, it appears that YouTube has pulled all ads from gun related videos. You might be thinking that is is a good thing and are happy about the decision, but you would be wrong. Thanks to the removal of any revenue that creators use to cover costs and even make a living, YouTube gun channels are in danger of disappearing forever.

Even our own channel, TFB TV, is in grave danger if the new change sticks.

While some gun channels will be able to sustain themselves through services like Patreon, channels like ours that have a small Patreon support base will suffer greatly. This means content could be reduced quite a lot, creators will move on and no longer devote the time to making videos for you to enjoy, and the big YouTube gun guys that rely on it for a living will either have to find another way to create the income to pay their bills or even cover the costs associated with filming.

What can we do about it? Nothing really. Sadly Google makes their decisions and sticks to it. What you can do is support your favorite content creators through whatever donation site they are a member of.

You can find the TFB TV Patreon page here:

Please consider visiting our Patreon page and pitching in a buck or two a month so that James, myself, and the rest of the TFB TV crew can keep the videos coming like you have become accustomed to regardless of what Youtube decides.


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Please subscribe!!! Click here.



It appears that all gun related videos on YouTube have been flagged as restricted material. That means that either YouTube’s algorithm or users have flagged them as inappropriate for one reason or another. Once a video is flagged it is no longer eligible for monetization.

I have spoken with several other YouTubers in the gun community and all of them are reporting the same thing we are seeing. There is no indication from YouTube if this is a temporary change or a permanent one at this time. We are still waiting on YouTube to respond to our request for comment.

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • NOT politics ok BUT now

    Other step by liberal biased and fascists GOOGLE triying to make reality SOROS tyranny dream.
    Thanks for try to all the people adopt your liberal ideology by force and by laws.

    • J. Murphy

      LGBT channels are getting hit by the same thing for featuring
      “sexuality”. But no, clearly it can’t just be youtube’s ad policy, it
      must be the evul liberliz.

      Here’s the thing, Youtube is a
      business that relies on ad revenue. Companies, particularly US
      companies, are very very picky about what they’ll allow their products
      to be associated with, be it guns, politics, sexual content or anything
      else that might cause a company grief.

      Google, who own youtube
      have decided that revenue is more important then giving people a
      platform, because ad revenue gives google money, and giving people free
      reign while still giving them a cut from the ad revenue they’re driving
      off loses money.

      If Google really was a nefarious Liberal plot to
      censor Conservatives, they could do a lot more then deprive channels
      (including left wing ones) of advertising in the vague hope that they’ll
      go away.

      • imachinegunstuff

        You are right, lots of Liberal channels are getting hit like,

        Amazing Atheist,
        Joe Rogan,
        Sargon of Akkad
        Chris Ray Gun

        And a ton more

        • J. Murphy

          …None of those people are Liberals, but they are great examples of the sort of people the Nikes and McDonalds of the world don’t want to be associated with.

          • imachinegunstuff

            What? Like 3 out of 4 backed Bernie Sanders, and Joe Rogan is certainly left of center

          • J. Murphy

            Backed Bernie Sanders for economic populist reasons. They’re hardline far right on social issues.

          • Reef Blastbody

            Sargon is a British citizen, so he really didn’t get too involved in the US election hoopla.

          • n0truscotsman

            In *what* way?

          • randomswede

            I’ve only ever heard Rogan define himself as “Centrist”, that tends to look “left” when viewed from the “right” and vice versa.

          • imachinegunstuff

            None of them are progessives,

      • Sue R

        It’s “rein”; giving people free rein… (like fingernails on a chalkboard to my eyes. I love you guys, but the grammar sends me…..sorry for the correction.)

    • AC97

      Have you ever read an English textbook?

  • EdgyTrumpet

    E-begging: The Article.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Not at all. It costs money to make these videos, sometimes a lot of money. If ad revenue isn’t deferring the costs associated with making the content there will have to be a change. If that is you donating $1 per month than cool, we can keep going like we have been. If it means reducing content than the viewers lose.

      • Bart Hatch

        I’ll preface this to say I’m not trying to be difficult. But what costs are there with a video shooting a gun. A lot of the time the gun is a T&E gun sent to you to show off. And you have an ammunition sponsor that provides your ammo which I would think is the largest cost. Is it that you also want to get paid for your time making the video? The actual check you take home or is there some other cost that I don’t know.

        I don’t make youtube gun videos so I don’t know what the cost of making one is. But if the guns and ammo are provided I don’t know what other cost there is.
        Once again, not trying to be difficult just want to know where the creators are coming from.

        • Bean Guy

          They won’t be providing as much if gun channels can’t make as many videos due to the fact that they aren’t making money off of their videos anymore.

        • Franivelius

          Time is money. The time they spend shooting, writing or thinking what to say in the video. The filming, the editing, etc, etc

        • randomswede

          It all comes down to if we want a youtube of “weekend warriors” who do what they do for fun, including the editing and buying cameras, lights and software or professional (as in paid to do what they do) youtubers who can take a paycheck.

          My personal preference is a mix of both, much as it is.
          That said I do like when I can tell that the quality and frequency goes up with view count and subscribers, I tend to stop watching “self appointed celebrity” channels that are happier about producing money than they are about producing content.

        • Please use this as a guide, but for video that is shot, you have equipment (camera(s), lighting, tripods, mics, software, computer, consumables, time, locations, just to name a few. That is if you want something other than garbage shot on a cell phone camera. Rule of thumb if you are paying someone for work, $80-$120 per finished minute of video.

          This assumes DSLR or other quality video equipment including GoPro’s and drones, drones usually make cost go up quickly, editing a computer built in the last year or two using Premier or Final Cut.

          We haven’t even talked about what the talents time is worth, and if they supplied their own equipment and consumables, or if the range where it’s shot at requires a membership or additional costs to have no one else on the range during the shoot.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          I will be glad to explain it a bit more clearly.

          Equipment costs money. Between the lights, cameras, memory cards, maintaining all of that, and the computer and editing software I would estimate that you are looking at near $10,000 tied up in that alone. That isn’t taking into account further upgrades to continue improving quality of the videos, consumables, or building things like light boxes and tables used for filming.

          While the support Ventura gives us helps out greatly, rarely does the ammo they provide cover an entire video. Sometimes the shot is slightly out of focus, I don’t perform the sequence right, I might screw up whatever line I want to deliver, Someone talks over the audio, etc. Any ammo that is needed on top of the ammo provided to us by Ventura is purchased by me. My ammo bill monthly is around $400-$500, sometimes spiking to a bit more than that depending on specialty ammo needs like the .338 Lapua needed for the long range video and tomorrow’s video. Shooting that video alone cost me $340.

          We also purchase firearms to show you guys now and again. The Colt Detective Special, Police Positive, and Mauser M2 were all firearms that I bought in order to do a video on them. Sure, sometimes we get a firearm loaned to us, but that is not always the case. Older firearms aren’t available for T&E and some manufacturers don’t send out samples for whatever reason. If we want to present them it comes down to purchasing one or hoping we can borrow one from a friend.

          Lastly there is the time invested, range fees, the fuel to drive to the range, and other incidental costs. This adds up quite quickly also. Each video takes about 4-6 hours between travel time, edit time, video export and upload time, as well as the time spent on a range filming the video. That isn’t taking into account any research, responding to comments, cleaning the firearms after the range, or setting up the range trip. All of that is additional time on top of the 4-6 hours.

          But I think the question you are most interested in is if I am interested in a take home check. Since this is my actual job, I have to be able to pay my bills and feed my kid. I wouldn’t expect anyone to work for free, regardless of what they do.

          • Bart Hatch

            Excellent explanation, Thanks. There is a large gap from a hobbyist video maker to the pro in quality. Thanks again for making it clear.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Glad I could help. You can see how fast those costs add up and how important what support we get from viewer is. I hope that either YouTube reverses whatever happened or we can muster up enough support from our viewers to keep doing what we are.

          • Good job, Patrick. Now, no one will suspect that we actually use all the ad money to buy gold bullion to fill our Scrooge McDuck swimming pool.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer


            Hell, I don’t even have a pool, I have to sit in the lawn sprinklers. Poor people problems.

          • Mystick

            It’s not gold in that pool, but expended brass.

          • neckbone

            Sucks, but most of us are in the poor house. It’s probably only going to get worse. Are the companies that are not buying the ads like they used to the problem? I mean are they just not getting the clicks from their YouTube advertisements? Maybe they figured their ad dollars are better spent elsewhere. Seems to me if they were getting huge numbers of hits from these ads, they would be spending more. Maybe the Adsense system isn’t tuned right?

        • James Reeves

          I’m relieved to see that so many of our readers/viewers understand already what Patrick also explained perfectly. It takes an incredible amount of time and equipment to make content worth watching.

          • Bart Hatch

            Yea, its good to more fully understand where the costs are and why losing ad money on videos is bad. I just was unsure if the costs also included a salary for the video makers or other costs. Great explanation by Patrick in response to my earlier question.

          • Swarf

            I work “in the business”– which is totally what we call it– and it is absolutely true that for every person you see on camera, there are at least 10 behind it.

            Well, 10 for Patrick. Like 15 or 20 for James.

          • James Reeves

            Leave my makeup and hair artists and the sweatshop kids that make my tri-blend v-necks out of this

        • Costs associated with a gun channel:
          Camera and lenses
          Audio recorder
          Recording media
          Editing software
          Possibly outside editing help on an hourly basis
          Editing hardware

          These are just a few costs

          It’s easy to grab your cell phone, press record, ramble for 15 minutes, don’t edit, and upload. But, those aren’t the videos you’re watching, are you? Good quality content does not come cheap. There are lots of other costs that come with shooting a shooting video.

          Safety gear
          Free for exclusive range use
          Video props
          Travel to and from the facility
          Feeding the help, Craft services

          Then there is the time. A pretty conservative number is that it takes 1-2 hours + 1 hour per minute of final video. A minute video has 7 hours of whiteboard, shoot, reshoot, edit, and publish time into it before you ever see it. People’s time does have a cost.

          TFB puts out quality content with high quality production value. It’s not cheap, it’s not easy, and it’s not free.

          Me, I make very little from gun videos, a few hundred dollar each year. I know what I’ve spent on video gear (no exclusively used for gun videos). I don’t doubt that TFB has $15k or more in gear alone. Oh and when everyone wants slow mo, 4k, and 360º video that gets even more expensive and you have to keep up or start losing views.

          Now, I just checked all my videos and they have not been demonetized. I did have two that this happened to tin the past and I appealed that and won, have the monetization reinstated.

    • Jason Wimbiscus

      I’ll never understand the disdain for people and organizations that try to make money via creative content. It can safely be assumed that a majority of people frequenting firearms focused websites and Youtube channels lean right, ideologically speaking. Typically, right leaning people tout themselves as staunch capitalists, yet for reasons that make no sense to me, those who try to make a few dollars by writing or making a video are considered the scum of the Earth.

      No one would ever expect a plumber to come to your house for free or a restaurant to make you food for free, but somehow people who write or film/edit content for your consumption are expected to do that for nothing.

      Please explain.

      • raz-0

        I think part of it is that it is hard to justify a particular dollar amount and hand it over, and that’s what the alternative payment models are. I think part of that is that there is no publicly accessible value of an ad view.

        If me watching it makes them a penny, I’d gladly stick $20 in an account and dole pennies out at the same rate and in the same way ads do it now. Same if it is a nickel. But you have 30 channels with a 1 in 10 hit rate of interesting stuff that want $20 a year? Not a firkin chance.

        I watch a decent amount of content, but not a huge quantity from any given channel. I’m sure my pattern of watching represents a decent chunk of viewers, even if what counts as interesting varies greatly.

        That gets to the other problem. There’s a massive abundance of gun vids, and an even huger abundance of entertainment out there. It’s a tough sell convincing people you are where a buck should be spent in general. Youtube put up a business model where the sell was “streaming, free, and unfathomable variety” To the production side the sell was “you make something to watch, we place ads, everyone gets a cut”.

        It took a lot of the HARD, HARD work out of making a salable entertainment product. That may have come to an end.

        • Guy Slack

          Well the easy days (like when FPSrussia had two channels) are over.

    • “Boy I’m really glad that I’m not a sucker and didn’t fall for all that e-begging!”

      -EdgyTrumpet six months from now, looking out over the content wasteland that used to be YouTube

      • EdgyTrumpet

        Sorry to ruin your apocalyptic vision of YouTube, but that isn’t going to happen.
        The huge channels will either stay unaffected or they will find some other source of revenue and the small channels will probably stay as well since most of them weren’t in it for the money to begin with.
        And for the rest, there’s still Patreon.

        • “The huge channels will either stay unaffected or they will find some other source of revenue”

          Using my monetization numbers…. A channel that does 40m views/yr stands to lose about $40k in YouTube revenue. That’s a big nut to have to try and make up with other sources. Sure, there’s patreon and other donations, but you’d be lucky to make $200/mo from those sources. Then there’s Amazon referral links, which can be really lucrative, but, until Buds has an amazon store you’re not going to get gun sale referral money from Amazon.

          • LGonDISQUS

            Channel Criswell is making $500/mo from Patreon, and having significatly lower viewer rates and subscribers.

  • lynyrd65

    I haven’t used Full30 yet. Maybe now’s the time to try it out.

    • Gun Fu Guru

      There are two major issues with Full30. First, it only allows specific people to have channels and post videos. Second, it has not monetized the videos yet.

      • Edeco

        I recall they got righteous with darling, boyish scamp Royal Nonesuch. They must have a stick pretty well inserted…

        • Gun Fu Guru

          My personal favorite is that they included SkinnyMedic who may only have twenty gun videos out of his 530 on YouTube. I guess being friends with Sootch has it’s perks.

  • Darrell

    The word you seek is Patreon.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Whoops. Fixed.

    • Swarf

      See? Poor kids can’t even afford Spell Check.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        The struggle is real.

  • anonymous

    Since Google/YouTube is a private corporation, and not a government entity, we can only declare that this is the wonder of the free market at work! Yeah capitalism!

    If you don’t like their terms, you are free to start your own video hosting service for firearms related content.

    • EdgyTrumpet

      But muh hipster welfare.

      • imachinegunstuff

        How is it welfare? They produce a product, and people voluntarily watch and support it.

        to Anonymous they didn’t say anything about forcing Youtube to change.

      • Mrninjatoes


        • EdgyTrumpet


    • Bob

      But these liberal losers do nothing but advocate for the 1st amendment right to free speech. It’s funny how they try to shutdown our rights when they’re in control…

      • LGonDISQUS

        Because it is about control. Once you drop the liberal and conservative labels, you can see many sheep in power whom are flexing their power, wanting more power, or doing the bidding of others for their gain in power.

        Don’t let the veils fool you on targeting the wrong things.

    • abecido

      And here’s the great libertarian blind spot: the failure to realize that not only state power but also private power can be dangerous.

      • anonymous

        > the great libertarian blind spot

        I’m just going to steal something that somebody else once wrote and offer it as food for thought:

        This is another example of what I think of as “repressive libertarianism,” where certain people who call themselves libertarians invariably side with property owners who want to limit other people’s liberties through the use of contract law. Property rights (usually held by somebody with a whole lot of economic clout) trump every other liberty. The libertarian defense of HOAs is the perfect example. The developer writes covenants and leaves. Everybody who lives there has to obey them forever, even if they lose due process of law and expressive liberties. As private corporations take over more functions of government, this position could lead to gradual elimination of constitutional liberties. (in response to “Gun Rights vs Freedom? How ‘Take Your Guns To Work’ Laws Violate Property Rights” August 25, 2008)

        To all of the folks who believe that YouTube’s actions are a violation of the 1st and 2nd amendment, think about the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendment rights you give up when you go to work every day.

      • n0truscotsman

        You hit the nail on the head.

        Many libertarians like to associate the ‘successes’ of capitalism solely on the market, yet quickly dismiss the failures as ‘examples of the state getting involved’.

        They want to have it one way, but not the other.

        This false dichotomy between the ‘state’ and ‘the market’ is a 1950s mccarthy-era relic that needs to go away.

        • ccpotter

          What exactly are you proposing? If you’re saying we need to get rid of capitalism, check some history books about how well that worked out for private gun ownership. It did work out for those of us who like decades-old milsurp rifles in 7.62×39, but not for the people who had to live under the regimes that produced them.

          • n0truscotsman

            private gun ownership is permitted and banned in both ‘socialist’ and ‘capitalist’ countries, so im not sure what your point is.

      • ccpotter

        How does this show private power to be dangerous? If it weren’t for the free market then there wouldn’t be a YouTube to begin with for TFB and others to use to counter the liberal media’s anti-gun bias.

        One could argue that YT has gotten so dominant in online video that their private decisions to take down videos are effectively censorship, but that’s not a free market problem so much as a consolidation problem. And that hasn’t really happened yet anyway.

    • john huscio

      Already exists, called full30

      • Gun Fu Guru

        …which doesn’t provide ad revenue.

    • Jeez Louise

      Libertarianism is not the same as corporatism. Listen to smart folks like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager. They’ll show you the difference.

  • Odoyle

    Patreon… like the URL you posted. Not Pateron (or Patter-on, freud?)…

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It is fixed.

  • Franivelius

    Are you on Full30?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Not currently, no.

      • Franivelius

        I think you should start uploading over there too just in case YouTube goes full leftist and directly shuts down gun related channels.

        • LGonDISQUS

          You have to apply and be approved to be on Full 30.

          Their bandwidth rates are still like $0.XX per gb from amazon.

          Hosting HD video isn’t inexpensive ***yet.

      • You are missing out on that baller $5/video (average) earnings there bro….

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Big money! I could retire!

        • MarkoR

          Wait.. Full30 pays those guys only $5 per video? Holy shiite..

    • Gun Fu Guru

      To my understanding, Full30 does not provide ad revenue. It is merely a host for videos and a forum.

      • Jeff Heeszel

        Full30 does provide ad revenue. The biggest problem is very few people actually go there and watch videos.

        • Form Factor

          Because they ignore excellent channels such as TheWoundChannel, with his insanly high quality ultra slow motion M855A1 EPR clear gel test.

          • Ok William. lol

          • Form Factor

            Im not William, i just know him and spoke with him about it.

          • Jeff Heeszel

            He’s on Carbon TV. Probably a much better deal there.

        • HemingwaysBeard

          This may change that.

  • Juice


  • Zundfolge

    Full30 really needs to get their crap together and put out apps for set top boxes … if I could watch them on my Roku I’d gladly stop using YouTube.

    • Wow!

      Full30 killed themselves out the gate by being an invite only site. There is absolutely no point to Full30 when they don’t host many channels worth watching like gunsmithing, or tactics. Instead is is just fluff channels that Youtube doesn’t censor to begin with. Basically Full30 is just wanting a cut of the ad revenue market, but they aren’t actually offering anything worth watching on the site.

  • Heretical Politik

    Do we know this for certain? I just watched an InRange mud test, it had ads. Is this just part of the Joerg Sprave fallout? I have a feeling that stuff is temporary.

  • Jeff Smith

    Full30 – subscribe now.

    • koolhed

      I go there to watch Hicock45 smoke some pot.

      • LGonDISQUS

        I don’t know whether 25 years of Internet use has caused ADD, but I can no longer sit through a 20 minute video with him since mid ’16.

  • Heretical Politik

    I have a strong suspicion that this is part of the pewdiepie and Joerg Sprave fallout, but unlikely to be permanent. YouTube has been losing revenue as major advertisers have started boycotting. In response, YouTube has promised greater flexibility for advertisers, I doubt this is some major singling out of gun channels in particular.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It isn’t just gun channels, other areas have been affected as well. I surely hope it is not permanent, but there is always a chance.

      • Jason Culligan

        Gun channels, right-leaning political commentators and even atheist channels are being flagged. Apparently it’s OK to call for the death of white people according to YouTube but review a pistol and you’re in the hot seat.

        Why can’t they simply alter their algorithm to allow for companies to choose what sort of material that they advertise on? I’m sure for example that FN would love to advertise on your channel but would have no interest in showing up on an anti-gun Democrat’s channel.

        • Heretical Politik

          YouTube has said it is working on adding that specific functionality. I’d imagine the jihadis just had their ads pulled too. This isn’t political, it’s a response to YouTube being boycotted by some major sources of ad revenue.

          • Audie Bakerson

            I was going to ask how you own a site for a decade and only now start implementing such a thing, especially when video tagging has been in since forever. Then I remembered Youtube has never made money.

          • Exaflop

            First off, there is absolutely zero basis for the claim that youtube doesn’t make money. Google doesn’t release financials for youtube. Note how many of their services they kill if they aren’t profitable? Tons. Note how youtube is still running?

            As for asking for such a thing, 300 hours of video are uploaded EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whatever algorithm Google uses is going to be the most advanced one there is, due to the nature of having to deal with a volume that is unlike any other site by far.

          • Audie Bakerson

            That’s exactly why buying Youtube was such a stupid move: Too expensive to keep, too popular to kill.

          • Exaflop

            There is literally no such thing as too popular to kill. If something is making you lose tons of money, you kill it.

            Period. End of story.

            If they aren’t killing it, then it MUST have monetary value. Please don’t start a business.

          • VieteranGunsmith

            Yes, but if you have hundreds of millions of other people’s money to operate on, you can ride that horse into the ground and then walk away after you’ve squandered millions – Solyndra ring a bell? They lost hundreds of millions of taxpayer money months after being given funding from Obama.

          • VieteranGunsmith

            Now I understand – Google runs on Al Gore Rhythm… everyone knows the man is as graceful as a water buffalo and has no timing.
            Kidding aside, I think Audie was referring to YouTube’s stock market performance historically, They are as profitable as Solar power.
            They have more expenses than revenue and dividends are way off. YouTube is a horrible business model.

      • glenn cheney

        It is an outright mission to clear out anything resembling real news, I’m multiple times victim, by hardware destruction and software attacks….I know personally, this extends well beyond gun channels…GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, they are shaping the mindset globally, indeed, these are the most dangerous times I can ever recall in nearly 70 years of being well up the political pipes.
        They are censoring the commentary, the medium/message of any info that is not in co-witness with the “party line.”
        I’ll not go into what is just now emerging over the missile attack, and who is really culpable, complicit.
        No, there is now a war on, since none of the RINO’s acceptable to mainstream won nor the other acceptable rubber stamp, Hillary.
        We are in for some chit far worse than utube issues with ad revenues.
        I fear for the future here in the U.S.
        The good news is, 86,000 Garands supposedly have been approved for shipment to the Marksmanship Program, no date set as yet on how soon. I figure we may be needing them.

    • SP mclaughlin

      what happened between the Swede and our lord and savior, Joerg Sprave?

      • Heretical Politik

        Nothing between the two. They’ve both been targeted by old media sources recently for producing “offensive” material. Daily Mail went after Joerg a day or so ago, and pewdiepie got torched by the Wall Street Journal. They’ve attacked other channels more deserving of it as well… At least one content producer I watch had a theory that the attack on the Swede was a way to go after Google’s ad revenue indirectly (dude has 54 million subscribers!). If that’s the case, it’s worked beautifully.

        • Stan Darsh

          This was all instigated by WSJ’s jack nicas and ben fritz. It really comes down to them feeling emasculated by “losers on youtube” having a much, much larger audience, holding more sway and making more money than both of them combined.

          • n0truscotsman

            Bingo. They see youtube videos, blogs, etc as threats to their existence. Competition. Because people are tired of the corporate MSM. They can no longer bulls–t with impunity without being broken down and refuted.

        • Edeco

          I’d be afraid to offend Joerg, that he’d show me features

      • Some Rabbit

        He dared to make a video demonstrating that a thin pointy spike can penetrate a “stab resistant” kevlar vest. DailyMail accused him of teaching Jihadists how to kill cops.

        • Kurt Akemann

          That paper is called the Daily FAIL for a decent reason.

          • LGonDISQUS

            Even Morissey dissed them in the early 80’s!

        • n0truscotsman

          British media is so scandalous and attracted to sensationalism, its sad. They uphold their abysmal reputation quite well.

        • Carl_N_Brown

          That’s why I hate to discuss the limitations of body armor whenever some group mounts a drive to ban common ammo as “kop killer bullets”. Body armor has limitations — which the users do need know about — but I am divided on discussing it openly. I will say the idea that the Jihadis did not know the limitations until the guy posted a video is absurd.

      • Jeff Heeszel

        He got his strike removed and he can reupload the video.

    • Some Rabbit

      Agreed. However, anyone who ever had a website hosting Google Adsense knows that Google’s vague, ambiguous TOS are enforced arbitrarily with Nazi-like resolve and no option for appeal. They employ an army of nameless, faceless, unaccountable reviewers who have nothing better to do then prowl the web looking for violations of Google’s TOS and gun related content is on the verboten list. Ironically, up until now, YouTube seemed to get a pass on content that would sink a blog.

      • Heretical Politik

        Of that I have no doubt. I used to live near a Google server farm. The most dark, foreboding, and heavily guarded place you can imagine. Google isn’t run by a bunch of liberal fantasyland dwellers… they are cold, calculating, and (at least on the web) omniscient.

        • Juggernaut

          Google, Facebook= CIA

          • andrewRS

            Google > Facebook > CIA

          • VieteranGunsmith

            In the beginning NSA begat CIA and CIA begat Google, and Google begat Facebook, then Facebook begat YouTube, and then YouTube restricted firearms related video content and the liberals were contented – until no one bought anything advertised on any of those web entitites, and the NSA was found wanting.
            Such is the gospel of liberal owned internet social media. The true reason social media exists is to harvest personal information so the all powerful machine can know and see all and your privacy is no more.
            Why do we want to watch YouTube again???

      • deFUBAR time

        How is this different from a baker refusing wedding cake orders?
        Seriously? Since when can a site like YouTube which makes it’s services available to the public, start discriminating against its users- who are I might add, engaged in not only legal, but protected activity.

        • noob

          Well there is Full30 as a competitor. They are the firearms friendly tube site that has advertising too. If you own a small business, even firearms unrelated, advertise there and we can go watch out content there and support your business by buying your stuff.

          If google doesn’t want to deliver the goods, we don’t have to deliver our eyeballs to their advertisers.

          • Markius Fox

            And CarbonTV.

          • Wow!

            Full30 isn’t a competitor since you can’t upload there unless invited. They don’t have the content to stand alone, and are more of a leech off youtube traffic. If youtube traffic dies, so do they.

          • Mikial

            Then we need to change that. If they want to survive, they need to cultivate the 2A folks as an audience and stop being selective in who they allow to post.

          • Wow!


          • Mikial

            Exactly. Sites like YT and FB need us a lot more than we need them. We need to generate enough business and interest for our “alternative” sites and stop depending on the popular mainstream. Everything that fits that definition is run by the liberals, from the media to the social networking sites.

          • Sergi Kent

            I put in a plug for Full30 above before seeing this. Take our advertising consuming eyeballs elsewhere and the hell with You Tube.

          • Nunya Bidniz

            My understanding is that Full30 is by invite only. So you can’t just xfer your YouTube biz to Full30 at will…

        • Marcus D.

          Not all discrimination is prohibited. In fact, only discrimination against persons falling into statutorily defines “suspect classes” which has been subjected to historic “invidious discrimination” is prohibited–and gun owners are not a suspect class. Therefore it is not a viable claim.

        • Mystick

          It’s called the “Hypocrisy pf The Left”…

          • timberjack460

            thats all it is

          • Kathleen Lowy

            left wing political commentators are also being highly affected…I listen to them all the time…I came here by looking up Youtube censorship story…I am not a gun lover, at all, but please note:
            here is an obvious example of where the left and right have something in common: namely fighting CENSORSHIP…
            …all the coporatists want is mindless/ consumers who take happy pills and are unaware of being screwed by the powers that be…

          • Mac Turner

            Welcome to the right. The left now supports censorship. They claim speech they don’t like isn’t protected, because it’s hate speech. They don’t understand, popular speech doesn’t NEED to be protected. Unpopular speech DOES. As long as it’s not a direct physical threat, it is protected under the 1st amendment. They don’t like that.

          • avlisk

            Yes! You are sooooo correct. The Left wants to ban everything they disagree with. But it’s clear that threats against Trump are OK with the Left.

          • jimpeel

            Exactly! The SCotUS affirmed in California v Cohen that unpopular speech is protected.

          • Tim Kies

            Kathleen, I am a pro constitution person, not just the 2nd amendment. But I for one, welcome your point of view, and support your fight against censorship in all forms. I think that the anti 1st amendment idea of shouting fire in a crowded theater was a completely incorrect idea. You should be able to shout any damn thing you want to, anywhere. If in doing so, you cause harm, whether simply in the form of panic and fear, or up to and including injury or even the death of someone who is trampled during a mass exodus, then you of course should suffer the punishment that is due to you. And as to the 2nd amendment, I believe that I should not have some arbitrary law enacted by someone who does not like guns, held over my head to stop me from exercising my freedom. If in the exercise of my freedom, I wrongfully cause harm to someone, then once again, I should suffer the penalty for doing so. But to try and censor someone prior to any action is wrong, just like trying to keep someone from having a firearm without them having committed any crime is wrong. It seems that politics can make strange bedfellows, if they are honest with themselves. I wish you all the best.

          • Kathleen Lowy

            I agree with you 100%…thank you for your rationale comments..
            and the same to you …have a good week!

          • Hyok Kim

            “I came here by looking up Youtube censorship story…I am not a gun lover, at all, but please note:
            here is an obvious example of where the left and right have something in common: namely fighting CENSORSHIP…”

            I thought fbg also has censorship policy. Be careful what you wish for. I do not like what youtube is doing but they have the right to do it just like fbg has the right.

          • Jeffrey Cochran

            While everyone chants FREEDOM as they are marched further into slavery…
            I’m not left or right somewhere on the outside of those confines trying to stay loving sane happy while the rest of the world seems hell bent on insanity wanting to blow something up or drop bombs on people..or is on some sort of a class trip… reality is we are all related all riding on the same train going in the same direction at the same speed human beings are so disconnected from what is real so wrapped up in the illusion, an illusion created by the predatory energy prevalent on the planet that mines our minds mines the essence of our spirits …sometimes words I say anger people no offense it’s my perceptions are different that’s all.
            Wanna set some people off tell them North Korea has a right to self defense just like you do mr trigger happy gonna kill somebody gun owner… “Get off my lawn !”

          • Hyok Kim

            Nope, it’s called private property rights aks free market. So be careful for what you wish for.

        • n0truscotsman

          For the same reason facebook and twitter do. They simply can. The narrative ball is in *their* court, so they get to make the rules.

          Those two have become so blatantly biased, its not even funny anymore. Youtube is headed down the same path.

        • Exaflop

          There is a massive legal difference between choosing not to serve someone because of who they are (gender, race, sexual orientation) and choosing not to serve someone because of something they do or say.

          EVERYONE is entirely in their rights to refuse service to someone who comes into their store without a shirt, or cursing up a storm, or yelling insults to other customers.

          Youtube deciding not to give money to people who choose to use their voice in a certain way is 100% legal by EVERY SINGLE metric of the constitution.

          • Evan

            Homosexualism is something people do, not something people are. Despite the insistence of the homosexualism lobby, there is zero scientific evidence that says that homosexualism is anything but a choice.

          • Darrin

            You are correct sir!

          • VieteranGunsmith

            Except when they are discriminating against your second amendment rights. They think they can effect social change by this means and until someone challenges them in the courts they will get away with it.
            Our best weapon is to stop viewing all content on YouTube. If every gun owner and firearms enthusiast stopped watching their website they would feel the pain of their own ill conceived tactics.
            There are millions of people in this country who are gun owners and shooting sports competitors and supporters, If we all stopped going to YouTube, their bottom line would indeed suffer.

          • George

            Ask Starbucks and Target how pi$$ing us off is working for them.

          • borecrazy

            I disagree-the 2nd Amendment is a constitutional guarantee. Gun ownership, sales, and purchasing are LEGAL commerce under the law. If someone is abusive, discourteous, or making others uncomfortable they already have guidelines covering such behavior. But it is absolutely wrong to bar someone because they have different ideas or beliefs. A while back there were people in gun related businesses who used Bank of America for their business accounts. Supposedly some started talking about being told by the bank that they were suspending their accounts because the did not support their chosen way of commerce. I never heard if it was true, but as soon as the bank was called on it the subject faded away. If businesses are allowed to judge who they do business with based on “not liking something about them”, where will it end? Some might ban sinners, Nascar enthusiasts, fisherman, anyone who eats meat-the list is endless! Someone mentioned the cake people who refused to bake for a gay wedding-they had the right to refuse service, they even fortified that with an explanation of conflicting with their religious beliefs-but they ended up getting a huge fine that changed their lives. How was that right?

        • Wow!

          Well people are allowed to have the right to refuse service, it is just that with the rise of civil law (aka fake law) they can contradict the actual law and favor left wing bias in dictatorships (I mean “courts”). it is getting to the point that some people think that case law is the law when it isn’t.

        • neckbone

          How much do you pay them to use their service at YouTube?

        • mcyclonegt

          Because being a gun owner is not a protected class. We are definitely being discriminated against though.

        • Hyok Kim

          “Since when can a site like YouTube which makes it’s services available to the public, start discriminating against its users- who are I might add, engaged in not only legal, but protected activity”

          They have the legal right to discriminate so long as it’s done legally.

      • Ced Truz

        I can concur. I worked part-time for awhile at a conservative new site and google dropped them from Adsense arbitrarily with no way to apeal, effectively killing the site’s revenue. This is why many are moving to a subscription based model now.

    • Gun Fu Guru

      #1. This is a permanent move to stop all channels – regardless of topics covered – from monetizing until they have a minimum of ten thousand total views.

      #2. In all fairness to YouTube, I can’t blame them. People consider Google to be a liberal organization and instantly assume that any change remotely affecting guns is a result of that bias. However, they are changing their business model for the reasons that you mentioned. Unlike what happens with traditional TV shows, companies cannot tell Google the videos on which they want to advertise; Google randomly assigns the ads. These companies do not want to associate with anything that could negatively impact their brand. Recently, many companies are boycotting Bill O’Reilly since it was revealed that he was involved in numerous sexual harassment suits. No one in the gun community is complaining about that.

      • KiwiGuy

        A well thought out rational explanation.

      • PersonCommenting

        With how clever google is with its targeted ads youd think advertisers could have a selection of choices that get them where they want to be. At the same time their ads follow people around from website to website based on cookies even the side and banner ads on youtube. Why does it matter if the video is in front of something else? Ive advertised on facebook, it was great, I selected gender, age, region and then wide topics of interest. Why cant google do this?

        • Gun Fu Guru

          I sure with I could stop seeing Preparation H ads right before I watch Demolition Ranch blow something to smithereens. 🙂

          In all sincerity, that is something on which they are working. They just announced in January that they will let companies use your Google Search history to help determine the ads. However, that doesn’t quite solve the problem of selective advertising. Take this example: _I wear a lot of suits for my job and visit the Men’s Warehouse page somewhat regularly. If I look at Japanese anime all the time, then the company’s algorithms are going to associate anime with MW and then place more MW ads on anime videos._ That probably isn’t something that MW wants: association with slimy, smelly teenagers. The company won’t be happy to know that they are spending ad money on people watching anime because that isn’t their traditional customer base. Now, companies are being very particular about the social message associated with the product in the age of social media which can end companies if they aren’t careful. Associating with guns is not entirely helpful for them because they could easily say “we aren’t anti-gun but we have no position on the matter” when confronted with the lack of ads on gun videos.

        • Exaflop

          Simple reason. On facebook, it’s mostly text. It’s very easy to know what the content is. On youtube it’s video and at best you get the subject and description to go on. Many videos don’t even have descriptions, and subjects are extremely misleading.

          For youtube, they need machine learning to actually identify the content of the video. It is a problem far more complex by orders of magnitude.

          • PersonCommenting

            But in order to be an effective content creator you have to have good description, tags and in video links. Youd think google would have some way of knowing what goes where. At the end of the day this is going to hurt a small number of people. I mean I bet TFB barely makes a 1000 a month on their videos. If that. Really not much and I bet most of that goes to traveling to events like shot or buying some things. Yeah it is a loss but not much. You have to have millions of views to make some real coin of youtube these days.

      • Geoff Timm

        People with hundreds of thousands of views, cross reference: TheYankeeMarshal, have been hit, he has over 200K subs. I didn’t win the Lotto so I can’t fund a class action suit. Geoff Who notes after the US Civil War black gun owners were discriminated against, the NRA was created to stop it.

        • Norm Glitz

          That sounds good, and the NRA certainly did help black gun owners post civil war. The democratts, of course, responded with their own organization, the KKK. The NRA was created to improve marksmanship in the general population, with the goal of improving marksmanship in soldier recruits.

    • Marcus D.

      There was an article I read a couple of days ago that says exactly this, and that YouTube has tweaked its algorithm so as to identify “violent” content or content that is suggestive of terrorism so as to appease its advertisers. And it has an interest in doing so because advertisers, who have little if any control as to what vids their products are associated with, demand it. Thus, the only remedy is as someone suggested–a channel for gun folks where the advertisers know in advance the nature of the videos that will be shown with their products.

    • Joerg Sprave fallout? I haven’t watched his channel in a while, but can you catch me up?

      • Mr. Privilege

        Apparently he is at fault for the death of a London police officer – not the war criminal Muslim jihadi Brit who was allowed back into the UK in spite of being part of a notorious hit squad that slaughtered Christian Serbs during the Balkan conflicts after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    • Hyok Kim

      “YouTube has been losing revenue as major advertisers have started boycotting.”

      Who are these major advertisers?

  • Hoplopfheil

    Why does YouTube hate money?

    Gun channels do gangbusters on the site… There HAVE to be advertisers who want a piece of that.

    • Heretical Politik

      Not really. Only fpsrussia is in even the top 500 (he’s 229th). And he hasn’t put out a video in a year. Hickok45 is the next closest one, he’s 1025th in total subscribers. Gun channels are barely a blip on YouTube’s radar screen.

      • PK

        Sad truth, but it is what it is. Firearms are increasingly popular the world over, but videos having to do with them are scattered enough that there’s no one channel to point to and say “this is THE firearms channel on YouTube”, as there are with gaming and other channels.

  • Ratcraft

    There was a time when guys made videos for fun and the enjoyment of it. Looking forward to that again. Honest unabashed reviews. Looking forward to the big guys with lots of pull creating their own “youtube”……. but wait, there is full 30. So phuc youtube. They are a bunch of buzzfeeding social engineering kawkbiters.

    • I too look forward to when YouTube will be the Internet equivalent of America’s Funniest Videos once again.

    • 48conkli

      full 30 is ok, but that site kind of blows. Ya the high dollar content creators can post. But what also thrives are the 1000s of small gun channels that does weird stuff with reloading, experiments, un biased gun reviews. So till full 30 changes their model, to allow more content from all gun folks. Truly it sucks.

  • Chalky

    Google and YouTube have no issues with their services being used to radicalize Muslims but I’ll be damned if you speak on the 2nd amendment or firearms.

    • Dan

      Or LGBT… I heard about this first in mainstream news weeks ago because they were having their videos restricted as well. Guess that means the change hits everyone

  • USMC03Vet

    Welcome to the unhinged left and their business censorship. It’s all politics and I was only a matter of time until they finally did it to gun channels. They’ve been doing it to conservative channels for awhile now.

    Firearms not politics results in being blindsided by the obvious. Good luck, TFB.

    • Kristoff

      Just because you’re not interested in politics, doesn’t mean politics aren’t interested in you. I can’t even remember why I came to TFB originally. I think I was fed up with the Conservative Christian (libertarian agnostic here) slant of other blogs. I still enjoy TFB because they’re not political, but honestly, firearms and politics are absolutely intertwined, especially in this day and age.

      • n0truscotsman

        I can see your point, but I love the ‘no politics’ meme. When one involves firearms and politics, most of the time it turns into a giant cluster where commentators skirt the ‘promoting terrorism/insurrection’ line. A certain popular firearms website became outright ridiculous with that sort of sentiment.

    • Mr. Privilege

      Once liberals infest something on the internet, it inevitably turns to poop. The only solution is to flee for other platforms with a mission statement that goes against censorship and the oppression of leftist “muh feels”. If you haven’t closed out your Faceberg account and fled to Minds I suggest doing so.

      • USMC03Vet

        Never had a facebook account. Already a step ahead.

    • neckbone

      Not just the left that’s unhinged. The republicans created and passed the so called patriot act. Which basically destroyed the constitution. Yet nobody even complains.

  • It’s weird. A lot of mine usually always had the static ad on the video. None of them do right now. But when I’m checking some of my different content, the ads that DO play are actually content related (IE auto repair video was autozone ad, computer video, computer ad). I did get an NRA ad on one of my gun videos. Where is it showing the material is restricted?

    • Mystick

      You need to “opt-in” to “Restricted Mode”(found at the bottom)… Dave Jones of EEVBlog on YT did an excellent overview of this feature(and his complaints about it) last week.

      Problem is, content is being labeled “restricted” that shouldn’t be, and selectively muted in one form or another without any notice, reasoning, or even listed guidelines. This ranges from comments being redacted to videos not appearing in the channel’s listings.

  • Tim

    Buh-bye, U-tube. Guns are the only reason I’d ever go there.

  • valorius

    All you gun channels should get together and make your own streaming site.

  • Steve B

    I remember a time before anyone on youtube was making money from the videos they posted and yet they still kept creating videos and posting them consistently. Im sorry to say this but you guys found a way to make money off of a shakey business model and began to depend on that. The add money let you buy new equipment, new guns, blow expensive stuff up and in some cases quit your day jobs. Personally I would have never quit my day job based on something as tenuous as youtube money. Consider yourself privileged to have been able to make money in such a simple way. I think youtube has really hurt themselves for doing all this stuff but it is their business to sink if they want to.
    I do firmly believe they will see a big dip for all this stink they are causing…
    For the record I am in the video production business and know full well the effort it can take to make even a 1 minute video much less something with a lot of research, graphics, filming and special effects involved. I also can tell what videos have needed very little effort and I see a lot of that on gun channels among other genres and these are channels with 1/2 million or more subs who I am sure make some decent money, or used to. Im not trying to kick you guys while you are down but merely pointing out the reality of it all. Keep doing what you are doing and start looking to some of the more traditional ways that media outlets make money. You have generated a large and faithful audience through youtube, now use that to your advantage before that begins to dwindle. Or, get back to making videos in your spare time and enjoy the hobby, sport, constitutional right and dont try and make money.

    • Gun Fu Guru

      “I’m sorry to say this but you guys found a way to make money off of a shakey business model and began to depend on that. Personally I would have never quit my day job based on something as tenuous as youtube money.”
      Agreed. I respect folks like Tim (MAC), James (TFBTV), and Adam (TGC) who didn’t quit their day jobs in favor of the YouTube model.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        For a long while I was in that same boat, once my kid was nearly here I had to choose one or the other. I still think I made the right choice, working from home and being able to watch my son grow is something I cherish quite a lot.

        Those guys that didn’t quit their day job are busy as hell. I know James hardly has time to do much of anything on short notice. It really is a hard way to live.

        • PB4445

          That’s life; choices have consequences. Sorry the biscuit wheels are wobbling on your gravy train.

          Honestly, 99.5% of the weapon/gear related content isn’t even worth the 5 seconds required to skip the initial add much less watch their content. If one’s content is of high enough quality, I would (and have) paid money out of pocket for it. The balls on some of you guys to whine about your youtube money astounds me. Time was one had to be funny, talented or have something unique to offer…I miss that.

          I saw that someone below was worried about the 1000’s of lesser-known guys being lost. The cream will rise and remain. Those with their insipid “unboxing” vids can sink to the abyss.

          • Reality

            The thing is people who live by it, now could loose theyr entire job.

            Some few channels putting out really high quality.

            This could greatly impact the amount, diversity and quality of videos.

            And yes the 5sec is annoying, but those arent even needed, these tiny ad windows at the beginning or end of a video are enough already.

            Also more Firearms related videos on youtube = a lot of young people watching = saves the 2Amendment in the long run

          • anonymous

            > The thing is people who live by it,

            > now could loose theyr entire job.

            So what? It’s not as though anyone is guaranteed a job in a Capitalist system.

            What’s next? A mandated minimum income for the producers of YouTube videos?

          • James Young

            Capitalism creates a new medium where people can get what they had before. Twitch did it just fine for Gamers. Google’s YouTube could lose it’s place too, especially with companies like Facebook and Amazon looking to displace the (not so) old guard

          • LGonDISQUS

            Like those who expect to uber/lyft as a full time job. #sigh

          • Mystick

            We haven’t been “capitalist” in the US since the early 1900’s.

          • neckbone

            Debt based monetary. The fractional reserve lending is what did us in. It’s gotta give sooner or later.

          • PB4445

            Again, that’s life. One can try to make a living doing anything, but it’s on the individual if it doesn’t work out. Don’t come bitc#in’ to me if you can’t make it as a rodeo clown, meme creator, youtube sensation or whatever your fancy. Kudos to them if they can pull enough in to not have to work. F*** em if they can’t and have to actually work.

            From what I understand, it takes some big numbers to make a what most would consider a living wage from YouTube. And to those that try, best of luck; it’s on you to depend on the whim of a 3rd party to decide if your content will pass muster. That’s a hell of a gamble.

            I also don’t subscribe to your line of thinking that more content = more shooters = more better. Much of this “content” is garbage and is of help to no one.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I think the issue here is you don’t understand exactly how much work goes into producing content. At this point I am convinced you aren’t able to comprehend the impact this has.

            Scumbag on friend.

          • Jeez Louise

            Doing high quality videos is expensive and time consuming. You don’t just buy cheapo off-brand “HD” cameras and expect it to work like the expensive stuff. Not even iPhone cameras can give you professional clarity and sharpness. And for gun channels, you probably need several to capture the shots from different angles and distances.

            And let’s not get into the expensive professional video editing tools, or mindlessly editing several hours of video into an eight minute youtube video.

          • Dan

            Patrick. I don’t much care for your existence, but in this case I totally agree

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            The cream won’t be producing videos because there is no incentive to producing them. I don’t understand why that is hard for you to understand.

            Quality videos cost money to make, if YouTube is no longer selling ad space on gun videos it becomes a losing proposition. You are going to be left with four types of channels, ones that have sold their soul to whatever company made the product they are reviewing and cant provide an honest review, the ones that rely on viewer support, ones that have so many sponsors that it is almost impossible to fit content in between the promo spots (that wont be able to provide an honest review) and lastly, the channels that you never cared about but continue to exist to put up self serving shallow videos for fun.

          • neckbone

            Look at this as an opportunity to start something new as far as video content. There has to be more out there. Has YouTube really cornered the market on this?

  • Gun Fu Guru

    While I certainly understand that people may have to rejoin the regular workforce rather than rely on donations and advertising revenue, I believe that this is actually better for the gun community. There has been an exponential increase in good videography without a related increase in channel depth. Hopefully this will knock down a few people who provide commercials without any substance.

    • Yeah! Like Forgotten Weapons! Screw that guy and his shallow content! Get a real job, hippie!

      • Paul White

        I don’t want Gun Jesus to forsake us 🙁

      • Gun Fu Guru

        Even non-combatants die in war.

      • LGonDISQUS

        ??? Cut your hair, get a real job! ???

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I disagree. I can assure you that we do not sell reviews nor do we provide coverage that is not 100% accurate. We believe in fair, honest content that is useful to the viewer. While we aren’t perfect, we are getting better. If we can’t recoup our costs, that dream of providing honest reviews and fun content could die.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        Did I call out TFB? No. Why? You don’t make commercials.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Fair enough. If there is a change that affects the other channels, it will affect us as well.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            There is always a silver lining.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Yes, but is it really worth it if it hurts the entire online gun community?

      • Steve B

        Question: how/why would you not provide an honest review if you are not getting add revenue? I count 15 advertisers just on this page above the comments section.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          There are other areas of YouTube that take payments from manufacturers in order to give their product a review. We do not do that and do not believe in doing so. Ad revenue allows us to not be forced look for any means possible to offset the cost of producing content. Patreon support allows us to not be dependent on YouTube revenue and gives us a more sustainable channel.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            “There are other areas of YouTube that take payments from manufacturers in order to give their product a review.”

            Or receive free product. The payment doesn’t have to be cash.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Yep. They still find somewhere to make a bit extra cash.

    • James Reeves

      I agree with the sentiment about commercialized channels, but you have it backwards – the guys that provide the “commercials” (I can think of probably a half dozen right now) are the ones who aren’t going anywhere. They get their revenue from manufacturers and suppliers; YT ad rev is just beer money to them. The channels that get hurt the most are the ones that haven’t sold out because they are relying on a third party to monetize their videos.

  • Bobby Light

    Its odd they will remove ads from firearms related content so the creators of that content can’t make money. But I just went to a motorcycle related video and saw an ad for a firearm related content. So it looks like they are okay accepting the money from the firearms industry but not willing to pay it out to them.

  • Joe Moore

    I’m about to sign up for donating via patreon. Might do it for forgotten weapons as well.

    • James Reeves
      • TFB-where-is-Alex-Meme

        James? Wheres Alex?

        • James Reeves


          • Edeco


          • LGonDISQUS

            You guys are the best

    • James Reeves

      We have been talking about revamping our Patreon campaign for several weeks now. Needless to say this is going to kickstart that.

      • Dougscamo

        Have so much fun watching you guys….T Shirt jokes included….I’m in. This is the only blog I hit and feel that the price of a beer a month (maybe 2) won’t be missed in order to support y’all. Need to hit up Iksnilol, James!

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Thank you. Sincerely.

      I quit my regular job in December so I could be around my family more than a few hours a week (the rest of my time went to TFB and my day job.) and don’t think I can continue producing content at the level I am if I were to go back to a more traditional job.

      • neckbone

        Is it really even worth it anymore?

  • Vet for Trump

    Does full30 have advertising on user videos?

  • Jason Wimbiscus

    The more I think about it, I’m starting to wonder if there could be a silver lining here. I’ll preface this by suggesting something incredibly outlandish, divisive, and that in many states falls within the legal definition of “fightin’ words”.

    We pay for content we enjoy.

    Before heating up the tar and plucking the chickens hear me out. I can’t be the only one who is sick of the nature of online ads these days. Things are blinking at you, audio/video content auto plays, and the all the ads often take so long to load that the links bounce around so much opening the article I want is like a game of whack a mole.

    And then there are those God awful “one weird trick” ads. The last thing I want to see after reading a well thought out, carefully researched article on say, reduced handloads for the .45-70 is an ad that assaults my senses with a picture of a diseased toenail and the text, “One weird trick to get rig of toenail fungus!!”

    I’d pay a reasonable amount of money for distraction free reading. But, I’m probably alone there.

    • Ed

      You can do that now by subscribing to YouTube Red. It’s gets rid of all ads.

  • st381183

    I just went to watch the TFB video subcompacts part 2 and a holster commercial came on before the video. So if YouTube is not sharing that revenue it seems highly suspect for them to still show an ad at the front end. Also, why not sell your own ads as part of your content, much like the gun collective does.

  • aka_mythos

    Good luck on getting that response from YouTube, they are notoriously difficult to establish real communications with. There operation is very automated and they don’t really have a means for their content creators to get in contact with anyone.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Clearly the author doesn’t get out beyond the gun section in youtube. This is happening to EVERYONE, even to the people on the left.
    Want somebody to blame? Blame the advertisers. They’re boycotting youtube, so youtube has to change their policies. Like always, the creators are caught in the crossfire.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I am aware it extends outside gun videos but seeing as this is a site for firearms news, the gun videos seemed to be the proper focus to take.

  • TyrannyOfEvilMen

    One option could be for content providers to remove YouTube content and move it over to GunDistrict.

  • SocialInjusticeWarrior

    I am a content creator on YT with diversified subject matter including but not limited to Guns. I have noticed my monthly earnings have dropped about 10 to 20 percent year over year and dropping.

  • Graham Baates

    I want to know why TFB didn’t report this yesterday. C’mon TFB!

  • Jeff Heeszel

    Are your videos actually “not monetized” ? I’m not seeing this at all.

    • James Reeves

      Jeff, ours are showing as monetized, but they aren’t playing ads. InRange is seeing the same thing. I just tried to manually insert an ad through the monetization tab and, lo and behold, no ad.

      If your ads are showing, remember that you make sciency videos that are actually of good quality.

      • Jeff Heeszel

        Have you looked at your adsense impressions? I’m seeing prerolls on my gun videos. I looked at some non-gun videos and I’m not seeing “display” or “overlay” ads on those either. But I am seeing normal page views on adsense. About 10 days ago I was seeing a very low number of page views vs video views during the “boycott”.

      • I’m not seeing many types of ads on EVERY genre of video I watch. (not just gun videos) I’m looking at my AdSense impressions and I am seeing pretty normal page impressions despite not seeing ads. It was pretty bad around March 25 to 29 when the impressions were very low, but things seem to have corrected and have normalized. I had two video demonetized last week, but I appealed and that has been fixed. Most of my popular videos are shooting videos.

  • The companies doing this are basically a hybrid of media companies, public utilities and monopolies. They need to be busted into a million pieces, then regulated. The private business arguments don’t fly here, at all, because they control access to information. You cannot hold yourself out to be a public commons, and then deny access to those you disagree with. It’s an example of a market failure.

    For the victims of this attempt to censor and harm your ability to generate revenue, I suggest finding the best constitutional attorney possible and file a RICO lawsuit against these companies. There is a concentrated effort to harm you and silence your voice.

  • Josh Miller

    shocked it took this long for them to do this they are pro liberal and want to make a site where they dictate what you see there like cnn they want to manipulate what you see and believe

    • Mystick

      Strange how much fuss they make when a baker decides what he will and will not put on a cake, though.

      • Dan

        Strange that the first news I heard of Youtube doing this was when the LGBT crowd were havin their videos restricted. Weird thay the evil libs would sacrifice their own. Unless of course there isn’t really some anti 2A anti right comspiracy? No that couldn’t be it. I need to go get my tin foil hat now.

        • Mystick

          Ridicule is the tool of the fascist.

  • allannon

    Out of curiosity, is this an aftereffect of Youtube recently not allowing monetization of channels with less than 10k views?

  • tony

    This is easily solved. Video makers negotiate directly with potential advertisers and use product placement in their videos. Bypass youtube entirely, and they will make more money than they have been making from google adds too !

    • gordon

      Some channels, LindeyBeige for instance, have been doing that for a while now.

    • Jones2112

      Yep, this is one way around it…for now…


    Tiborasaurus Rex of Rex Reviews said this was coming.

    • Mystick

      As did Jones and Drudge. Last year. Look up “internet ghetto”

  • Gary Kirk

    Hate to be the one to say it.. But, might be a blessing in disguise (hear me out)..

    So, no more PAID FOR videos by who cares who.. But honest reviews about this and that by people that had to bite the bit and actually go through acquiring the piece in question. And may cut down on the showmanship of these so-called experts. May also lead to people just maybe PUTTING DOWN THE DAMNED COMPUTER/PHONE AND ACTUALLY GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE AND TRYING THE SHOOTING SPORTS FOR A CHANGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

    Sorry, all CAPS rant over now..

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I don’t think you understand. The paid reviews will stay, unpaid ones like ours will suffer greatly.

    • Quest

      It only means that non baised creative people with good content die out, and sponsored (=verry baised) channels survive…

  • MadFerret9

    no one cares

  • txJM

    I have trouble caring. People who make a living off YouTube tend to be clickbaity and asinine. The most worthwhile videos are the ones that were made out of a passion to contribute to the shooting public.

    • Gun Fu Guru

      And are not typically done with $3000 cameras as VSO channel reminded us that he uses while addressing this issue.

      • txJM

        Oh, God. VSO is the epitome of the notion of retards making money by being shitposters of terrible videos.

        • Gun Fu Guru

          Yes, they are.

  • Camm Camm

    I have a channel on youtube and all of my gun stuff is demonitized. Everything with no guns has commercials like normal. This sucks

  • Ron

    Fake News

  • MrT

    It’s just not true. The earnings are fallen to 1/4, because the large advertisers left and there is a 750 million dollars gap. So it’s not the gun channels having issues, it’s all the channels. My gun videos are still making money, just way less than a month ago.

    “It appears that all gun related videos on YouTube have been flagged as restricted material. That means that either YouTube’s algorithm or users have flagged them as inappropriate for one reason or another. Once a video is flagged it is no longer eligible for monetization. Once a video is flagged it is no longer eligible for monetization.” – Not true. Innapropriate and restricted are not the same. Inapproriate just means means minors can’t see the videos if their settings are restricted on Youtube. The restricted videos are still making money.

    I have 7 years experience with Youtue revenue.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      You can’t possibly know what your videos are doing today, YouTube won’t display hard numbers for a couple of days. If an ad doesn’t play, there is no revenue. It is that simple.

      • MrT

        I just heard 1 gun channel got in trouble, but the others are fine.

  • RicoSuave

    ISIS videos are fine though.

  • TyrannyOfEvilMen

    If this change is in fact gun-related and not some sort of ad recalibration generally, then full30 and gundistrict may be the better options.

    I mainly go to YouTube for gun videos so I will be going elsewhere if this is not simply a temporary change. Long ago I abandoned Google search in favor of DuckDuckGo…

    As for YouTube, if I want to watch silly cat videos, I can video my own cat!

  • Jim

    1984? Big Brother? Mind control? Limit what information the masses are exposed to? Or is it a ‘business’ decision? I guess we will have to wait and see……………….

  • Sam Bowles

    start flagging anti gun videos. don’t be a victim

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Sorry to get political, but this is ultimately the fault of the dominant liberal culture that has
    taken over the entire Western world like a wildfire since the 1960s.
    Liberal ideology has become the new religious orthodoxy of the Western
    world. They’re obsessed with spreading it and protecting it like the
    gospel, and anyone that dares to challenge it even slightly is branded a
    heretic and punished. It’s spread to most corporations as well. These
    corporations don’t want their brand associated with heretical content,
    so they’re pulling their ads in order to coerce YouTube into punishing
    these content creators.

    It’s also disturbing how anti-free speech liberals are these days. It’s pretty obvious to me now that liberals only pretended to care about free speech during the 1950s and 1960s because they wanted to subvert the dominant conservative culture in the West. But now that they’ve become the new dominant cultural force they want to protect their power and crush right-wing dissent. Western countries outside of America set the dangerous precedent by enacting so-called “hate speech” laws which limited free speech. It was obviously a slippery slope which has spread to America. While it might not be technically illegal (yet) to espouse politically incorrect views, practically it has become illegal through public shaming, ostracization, and financial warfare.

    • Mystick

      One step to take would be to stop calling them “liberals” and [ironically] label them for what they are: fascists with the associated modern Brownshirts. The playbook is not new.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        It really annoys me when conservatives call liberals fascists and Brownshirts because fascism was largely a defensive response to the rise of communism. Likewise, the Sturmabteilung was a defensive response to militant Leftists shutting down National Socialist gatherings. So, calling modern Western Leftists fascists and Brownshirts reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of history. You’re letting Leftists off of the hook by portraying fascism and the Sturmabteilung as unprovoked violent extremism. Leftists in the first half of the 20th century were trying to spread a radical and genocidal form of Marxism across the entire world. They tried to shut down the free speech of National Socialists by force, and in so doing they provoked the National Socialists to create the Sturmabteilung, which grew rapidly and copied Leftist tactics to crush the Left. So, that’s the real lesson to be learned from the Brownshirts. The tactics that Western Leftists are using to suppress right-wing speech could radicalize the Right and backfire on them.

        • Mystick

          If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it sure as hell isn’t a horse. The structure of the tactics are the same, with different targets and vectors substituted. The playbook was written 80 years ago. Fascism was communism dressed up not in the “world revolution” but in nationalism. Two sides to the same coin.

    • n0truscotsman

      Your core point is right, but I would argue against the idea that they are even ‘liberal’ to begin with (irony). But there are many liberals like myself that have permanently disassociated ourselves from these idiots because we recognize the brand of bulls–t they are peddling.

      We’re plum sick of it.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        I only called them liberals because I don’t really care about semantics and because I didn’t want to be too derogatory and overly political.

        Yes, I know that some liberals still support free speech, but like you said, that segment of the Western Left is being pushed aside by these aggressive intersectional social justice activists that have taken over the modern Left.

        • Jeez Louise

          Just call them regressives. I’m a liberal, and I pretty much attack SJWs and regressives whenever I see them online. They’re the ones that are shoving their stupid identity politics and censorship into the mainstream. I do not identify with the modern left, but I do still hold to classic liberal values. I may sometimes refer to myself as libertarian, but I think classical liberalism is a bit different and closer to my principles.

          And of course I am a proud gun-toting liberal. And I rub it in their faces.

      • neckbone

        The problem is you supported their twisted ideology, until they came for something you believed in. When they were trashing freedom across the board you probably didn’t care.

        • n0truscotsman

          Sounds a lot like 1980s Reagan conservatism…

  • Mystick

    Welcome to the Internet Ghetto’s.. as predicted by us “crazy conspiracy theorists”…

  • Chris Bartocci

    I’m not sure our gun channel (Chris Bartocci) will survive if this is permanent. We were just starting to finally get traction. Hopefully Full30 will invite us over.

  • Yes they do—–

  • Not really

  • Louis C

    There is one thing you can do. If you were thinking of getting YouTube red, don’t. If you have it cancel it.

  • Wjacheslav Wolski

    It’s time to move to another video hosting platform, i see no another way to survive. Google will never go back.

  • Robert Rivers

    Wish Full 30 would develop an app for Apple TV, AirPlay is to choppy to use for regular viewing.

  • Paul

    Why can’t someone create a right leaning, conservative, pro-gun version of Youtube?

    As a middle aged man,and not real up on technology, I may not understand how difficult that may actually be, but, it sure would be a breath of fresh air and not have to rely on globalist, leftist, liberal, gun hating companies or server owners to control what content is posted or not.

  • datimes

    This looks like an entrepreneurs opportunity to create a competing channel.

  • Jacen

    This can’t be a coincidence after Youtube now state you have to have 10,000 views in order to get money

  • Disarmed in CA

    ScrewYouTube eh?

  • Mr. Redbull600

    Time to move all gun vids to Full30

  • valorius

    Good to see they’re already a step ahead of the game. I just bookmarked it. 🙂

  • It’s in no way fear mongering and the situation is very real. We are certainly not trying to scare you or anyone watching TFBTV. The current situation is one created by YouTube and we would prefer not to rely on YouTube for revenue to cover expenses.
    Good luck complaining to YouTube rather I should say good luck getting through to a person to talk with.

    Yes I edited your comment to remove the foul language.

    • neckbone

      “In a few weeks, we’ll also be adding a review process for new creators who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program. After a creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel, we’ll review their activity against our policies. If everything looks good, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content. Together these new thresholds will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules.”

      Sounds like this will push guys to put out better content. Instead of the garbage that’s out there. The better videos will get more views. It’s Darwinism for YouTube it’s kinda looking like. Or am I not getting this?

    • Matt Lail

      Sorry, for my foul language, It was totally, uncalled for. There may have been vodka involved.Please accept my apologies.

  • gimmer

    Permanent or not, in for some support anyway just because I value TFB.

  • Wow!

    I use ad blocker except for websites I want to support anyways. While I don’t like the idea of Google favoring a bias against right wing or 2A content, they do have the right to do as they please with their company. If you want to display your videos, there are a multitude of alternatives like vimeo and vidme. As far as channels depending on ad revenue, I think most channels worth watching are not dependent on Ads and instead they don’t post regularly but only when they have something to show (example: Allan Hart, Clinton Westwood, Southernprepper1, Personal Defense Network etc), which produces a much higher quality content than say Demolition Ranch, Twangnbang, or TFB. I mean, if you want to look at an example, check out the many gaming channels out there. Completely pointless videos that often are clickbait and next to no one watches the entire video.

  • rc_vic_kerman

    We do not ever have to watch You Tube!

  • jim

    This is true for gun related and 2a rights advocates as well as conservative political blogs. Some of you gun content providers should pool resources and make a video server (is that the right word for what a “youtube” is?) that solicits advertisers for gun, and gun rights, and conservative commentary content providers. An alternative Youtube if you will.

  • Keeni

    Blatant hypocrisy, prejudice, and discrimination. Why firearms and not something such as, yada yada pick your poison. What subject is next? What about freedom of speech?

    • Jones2112

      Alternate YT news sites have also been hit the same way as the YT firearm community…

  • Stephen

    so why do we not start flagging content as inappropriate, lets go after some of this liberal garbage and see what we can do.

  • Ced Truz

    Not surprised. YouBoob has also been restricting and removing ads from popular conservative channels and labeling them as “extreamist”. Even channels that only dabble in politics have been flagged if their dabblings lean even slightly right. YouBoob is slowly killing itself. It’s their loss really. It gives something new and less restrictive a chance to pop up and thrive.

  • Jeff Markle

    There is something you can do. Start a gun friendly video viewing site. Get advertising. Make money again. Stop giving money to people that want to destroy you.

  • Tom

    Isn’t this a First Amendment/anti-rights/discrimination issue?

    • Dj 708

      Hi I am responding to you but this is my thought on the subject and all the responses I have read. The first amendment ONLY applys to the .gov, you can’t make a 1st amendment claim against google or any other private non .gov organization or person. If a business or person kicks you off their property for what you say , you can’t claim 1st amendment violation, it is because thay have a right to let in who they want.

      Also this is most likely because google is getting banned or dropped as a customer by many large business for their ads being inserted next to content they don’t want to be associated with. It’s a huge story outside of the USA. Also Germany just passed a law calling for something like a $50,000,000.00 (yes, fifty million+) fine for google and Facebook, and twitter, etc (online tech types of sites) publishing story’s that are not legal there, per incident or violation, aka “fake news, etc”. Google is a worldwide business so they have 100’s of country’s of laws to deal with.
      I think in the future it will be, to hell with the norms and ideas of citizens of the USA’s beliefs and what is acceptable and enforcing laws from other country’s on ALL users as far as content goes. Since it is easy to bypass geo restrictions it will get removed everywhere. Is that right, we would say no but Alphabet, aka: Google could care less, they are a business, and in the business of making money. They have more users outside of the US than in it so what we want may no longer matter.

      I work in tech and am familiar with international story’s like this.

      As a side note their algorithms for identifying content is easily bypassed. By inserting one frame out of 50 with a. In associated image you can fool the algorithm into thinking your video is about something else.

      • Tom

        Analogous to radio and tv stations, the “airwaves” are free according to the FCC and, by law, stations are obligated to air PSAs and opposing opinions. So, my question is, does the bandwidth on the WWW fall into the same category and prevent YT from banning pro 2A material?

        • Jones2112

          YT can state in their TOS that videos containing firearm related material isn’t allowed and there is nothing you can do about it because its their site, they make the rules and they can literally change the rules overnight…

          The way to change things is to either create you’re own video uploading site or upload videos to another video steaming site…

          • Tom

            It would seem to me that corporations in general, regardless of enterprise, are prohibited from discrimination, TOS notwithstanding. There are analogs to the EEOC regarding corporate behavior and constitutional rights. A private agreement cannot violate established rights. If there is a violation of rights in a private agreement, that agreement is considered to be null and void.

          • Jones2112

            Nope, you only have what the TOS you agree to when you sign them. YT is not a government agency, therefore they make their own rules, if they don’t want gun channels they don’t have to have them…

            …and the TOS can change anytime they want to change them with or without notice…

            Government CANNOT force any private sector social media company to allow content they don’t want to have on their sites…

            If you think you have a constitutional case against YT then file a lawsuit but you won’t find a lawyer willing to waste their time, you could always file it yourself but it’ll be thrown out…

          • Tom

            The problem is, the City of San Bruno, the County of San Francisco and the State of California are all political subdivisions of the United States. YouTube is a corporation through the blessings and largess of the State of California. So, while not enumerated in the TOS offered by YT, YT is operating under certain restrictions and permissions imposed and granted by the state – federal or otherwise. A corporation can write any agreement it wants and subscribers can go along with that. However, that doesn’t mean that the TOS can intentionally deprive someone of their rights, civil or otherwise.

            I agree, a lawsuit is in order.

          • Jones2112

            Any business has to obtain a license from federal, state, county and city government in which they are located regardless of the state the business is located because there are federal, state, county and city government laws that may or may not allow certain types of businesses. If approved then they are granted a license for the purpose of taxation…

            I’m not located in CA but being a business owner myself of more than 12 years I had to through the process of obtaining federal, state, county and city licensing…

            You’re confused, YT isn’t restricting anyone’s constitutional rights, their business, their right to chose which content they want to allow, simple as that…

          • Tom

            Maybe I am. Maybe you’re overlooking something because you think you know all aspects to federal law.

          • Jones2112

            No, I was paying attention during history and civics class but then again I’m close to 60 years old and maybe they don’t teach those anymore in school…

          • Tom

            You know what “they” say about people who make assumptions…

            I’m just over 60, thank you very much.

          • Tom

            You know what “they” say about people who make assumptions…

            I’m just over 60, thank you very much. And, not only did I pay attention, I learned quite a bit… and then some! :)))

            You argue like a democrat.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      The de-monitization is a way to get around that.

    • Jones2112

      Its their site and their rules, when you sign the TOS you’re AGREEING to them…

      1st amendment applies to government not private entities…

  • Mike Lashewitz

    With all the BULLSHIT from liberal leaning outfits WE DON’T NEED YOUTUBE. Seriously folks the “technology” to do a video channel is not anything hard or special.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    This is yet another attempt by the Establishment types to stifle free speech. Not just gun channels, but anybody deemed unworthy.

  • Corey

    This is an opportunity for someone to fill the vacuum with free video hosting. YouTube loses. Who wants to get rich? I wouldn’t pay anyone to host in this day and age. It’s just a medium to get targeted customers to merchandise: YouTube is the ultimate way to drive your ideal customers to your products, why would you pay for it?

  • Scott Goofus

    Anyone who doesn’t think YouTube and Google are as far left-wing as can be is delusional, and these moves can most likely be directly linked to their Marxist politics. The DNC and their big poppa Soros are in the background smiling and spreading bribe money around to make sure 2nd Amendment proponents suffer as much as possible. These evil asshats work overtime to crush the 2nd Amendment and will never rest until we are all disarmed. Understand the game and be prepared for the day when they regain power, as civil war is inevitable. Take my Constitutionally-guaranteed weapons? Come and get ’em.

  • Mark Wynn

    That would be a shame. I looked at a lot of You-Tube reviews in a category before I purchased my last gun. Did the same thing for a replacement for the wife’s vehicle. Why should gun reviews be singled-out?

  • VeteranGunsmith at large

    I just let YouTube know what I think of this discrimination. The broad-brushing of all gun enthusiasts into a monolithic slobbering group of Neanderthals who only have guns to kill and destroy everything in sight. I honestly believe this is their impression of all firearms enthusiasts and by doing things like restricting any and all firearms content video they believe they are striking a blow for libtards everywhere.
    We know that most of us are law abiding, decent folk who happen to enjoy owning and using firearms for recreation and defensive purposes but somewhere in their twisted little prohibitionist minds they are restricting gun ownership and use by imposing this snowflake politically correct control freakism. I for one have been a lifelong firearms user and enthusiast and have fed my family using a sporting firearm for decades. If you believe the Constitution we have a God given right to defend our home and family by use of arms, whether that means a sharp stick or by use of a projectile launching implement of our choosing. Their attempts at dissuading people from doing so will not succeed, and will only hurt YouTube in the long run. Once they have driven us from using their portal to view firearms related material, they will feel the economic consequences. This equates to a self imposed boycott of YouTube for many of us, and frankly I can live without YouTube.
    I am encouraging everyone who reads this to comment in the Contact email section and let them know that without firearms related content you would not be watching YouTube.
    That is what I told them, and I am a man of my word.

  • Davis

    Real easy.. Start flagging as many other channels as you can find time to!
    You can bet That I will move my main search engine to anything other than Google.
    Especially after seeing You Tube supporting Gang videos.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    Now to get paid for posting Vlogs.You have to follow the TOS of YouTube without incident.I don’t cuss or swear and I’m not playing around with firearms when I start Motovlogging.So I know my experience with YouTube will be positive and productive.Start out right and all will go well.

  • Jones2112

    I’ve been warning the youtube firearm community about this for YEARS…

    My advice to them was to back up their videos AND seek other video streaming avenues so when it all came crashing down they’d already be established elsewhere…

    …and BTW, this isn’t just happening to the firearm community its also happening to alternate YT news channels as well…

    I gave the same advice to those who sell on eBay and Amazon because your business that spent years to build could literally disappear overnight because of political correctness when these venues decide the products you’re selling cannot be sold anymore through a policy change…with a click of a mouse button you’re out of business, its their site and they make the rules and the rules can change in an instant…

  • fmike15

    This sounds like the bogus hickok45 youtube story all over again

  • Bobd06

    E-Bay dumped gun sales on their site.
    What happened?
    Gunbroker started up, billions in sales.

  • Mad_Gorilla

    I think its arbitrary and stupid, and ultimately anti-gun, but you have to remember that YouTube is a private company and they can do whatever they want to with it, whether its detrimental to their clientele or not. It will end up costing them in the long run.

  • jimpeel

    It sounds like Everytown, Brady, et al are instructing their hoplophobe members to flag all firearms related content on YouTube.

    Time to start a GunTube channel and remove all content from YouTube.

  • UWOTM8

    I pledged with you guys, MAC and a conservative commentary channel on Patreon. If there’s ever a mass migration to anew platform, I hope to hear about it.

  • MarkoR

    I do some research on this and my thoughts are that, first, I hope that all YouTube people find a better platform that will allow them to sustain a living from their videos but second, this is not a free speech or censorship issue. I immigrate from Russia so know something about censorship. Because bake shop no longer pay you for your cherry pie because they only want vanilla does not mean they discriminate against you.

  • CJ

    Here is an idea, might be too smart for some of you… The creators should contract directly with the companies advertising. Uploading the ad with their video. This would cut out the middle man and increase revenue for the channels.

    • Jones2112

      Yep, in fact the big firearm YT channels have been doing this for years, they don’t receive the bulk of their money from the YT monetization program…

      The only thing this will do is cutout new channels and channels that don’t receive a lot of views if they upload videos strictly for making money…

  • Biggiewood

    Time to start moving content to Full30. And YouTube can become the next Tweeter to disappear.

    Ignorant idiots, never learn.

  • James Reeves

    For anyone still watching this thread, let the record reflect that I just got piped for $133.69 because my TFBTV-only HD (Drive T:, of course) is on its last legs. Nothing more irritating than replacing something that shouldn’t need to be replaced.

    Anyways, just a timely example of the little, annoying things Patrick and I have to screw with. Thanks for listening to me carp and complain.

  • MrSottobanco

    Maybe TFB could get major sponsors to support their patreon account. It is just advertisment.

  • GunzRloaded

    F**K em’ all…….!!!