AK-47, AKM/AKMS and AK-74 Blueprints

There can be many reasons why one might be looking for a blueprint or technical drawing of any particular gun or gun part. It can be for learning and educational purposes or to compare if their parts are within specs and many other reasons. If the legislation of your state or country allows, you can even make parts yourself (sounds like a nice project) to replace them on your guns or make custom ones.

So, if you search for gun blueprints online, you’ll probably find almost complete sets of AR-15 and 1911 pistol drawings. However, it is pretty hard to find anything AK-47 or “combloc” guns related. So considering the growing popularity of the AK-47 platform in the USA, I thought it would be interesting to our readers if I share the set of AK parts’ blueprints that I have gathered over the years.

I have to make a clear disclaimer first. I am posting these drawings solely for educational purposes and neither I nor The Firearm Blog have no guarantee concerning the precision of the drawings. If you decide to use these blueprint for any application, you’ll be doing it at your own risk. Also, make sure that your actions comply with your local legislation and don’t violate the laws.

I am posting the drawings by the source they are taken from. Note that all dimensions are in millimeters.

1) From a Russian book

The following two drawings are from a Russian book called “The Manufacturing of Automatic Firearms”, Vol.2 by L.T. Kreknin (“Производство Автоматического Оружия” часть 2, Л.Т. Крекнин). The book is about the manufacturing methods and techniques of firearms and all the processes are described using AK-74 parts as examples.

AK-74 front sight block

AK-74 gas block. This is usually referred to as a 90-degree gas block, because the gas port is drilled at a 90° angle in relation to the bore axis as opposed to the AK-47 gas port which is drilled at a 45° angle.

In that book, there are many more blueprints of non-finished parts in different stages of the manufacturing process. For example below is the drawing of AK-74 front trunnion forging.

2) AKM/AKMS Armorer’s Manual

Next set of drawings is from Russian AKM/AKMS armorer’s manual (1968). These are mainly drawings of small parts which were considered possible to be made at armorer’s level to replace the original ones. So they dedicated a chapter (or rather an appendix) to the mentioned drawings in the armorer’s manual. Besides the drawings, there is a lot more information concerning armorer level maintenance. If you understand Russian you can download the manual by clicking here.

AKM/AKMS hammer/trigger axis pin. Note that the drawings have their military codes and also a short technical description. In this case, it says that the material used is “steel 30ХРА” (roughly equal to AISI 4130 steel). It also says that the pin must be hardened to Rockwell hardness 42 to 50 and it should be parkerized.

Extractor retaining pin

Safety selector stop plate

Front sight drum

Front sight post

Magazine catch spring

Magazine catch axis pin

Thread protector

Recoil spring front guide

Recoil spring retainer

AKM grip

Firing pin retaining pin. Made of Russian steel 50 (close to AISI 1050), hardened to Rockwell 37-44 and parkerized.

Rivets. The first row in the table gives the dimensions of the trigger guard rivets, the second row tells the specs of rear trigger guard rivet and in the third row it says “2.5x8mm rivets”. These rivets are made of “steel 25” (similar to AISI 1025).

In this drawing, there are two sizes of swell head rivets. The drawing also says that these rivets must be hardened to Rockwell hardness 30-37.

Rear trunnion rivet. Steel 50 (AISI 1050), parkerized.

AKM magazine rear lug dimensions

Here are also a couple of AK cleaning kit tool drawings:


Next three are actually armorer tool drawings (from the same 1968 AKM/AKMS armorer’s manual):

Magazine straightening tool. This tool is used to fix dented metal magazines.

Gas tube straightening fixture

Dust cover straightening fixture

3) Drawings from miscellaneous sources

The third and last set of blueprints was found in a number of different online sources. These are mainly from Russian and European gun forums and websites. I am not sure about the original source of any of the drawings, however, judging from their appearance, they look to be scanned copies of original technical drawings. These are images with relatively large dimensions, so the description of each image will link to the original size file.

AK-47/AKM magazine. This one is made of several sheets which are misaligned. It is a bit annoying but still readable.


And as a bonus here is a very large (11800×4300) cutaway image of an AK-47. Again, you can download the full-size file by clicking on the link in the caption.

So there it is – my collection of AK blueprints. If you have something to add, please post in the comments. Let’s gather all the drawings here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please also let me know about it in the comments. If this kind of post is something interesting for our readers, then I’ll make another one with other “combloc” guns’ blueprints (Makarov, SKS, Mosin-Nagant etc.).

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
Should you need to contact him, feel free to shoot him a message at Hrachya@staff.thefirearmblog.com


  • Tim

    State ‘secrets’, no doubt? Declassified after 70 years?

    • Drew Remington

      Makes sense. Now we know why it was never copied.

      • roguetechie

        Yup I’ll make sure and delete my armorer manuals from half a dozen countries to comply with stupid IP law etc

  • Matt

    Please be careful when posting technical drawings online. The AK drawings are *not* considered public domain.

    • Wow!

      And really who is going to enforce that? No one. Once it is out, it is out. The more you try to suppress information the more prominent it will become.

  • MPWS

    Pretty rudimentary stuff. However, look at the AK74 gas block’ port size (passage in barrel may be smaller) and piston diameter – same as AK47. Unbelievable! Now you know why they are “overgassed”.

    For comparison; AR standard length barrel gas port dia in just under 0.1″ (2.5mm).

    • Major Tom

      Early run AK-74s were simply AKM conversions to 5.45mm. It would make sense that in earlier pre-AK-74M production runs, they kept the gas system similar for ease of manufacture. (Especially considering AKM’s were still selling/being given out like hotcakes even beyond the 1980s.)

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    Tech drawings look much cleaner in milimeters…

    • Wow!

      The problem is that milimeters are much rougher measurements than thou if you retain the cleaner whole number look.

      • Rnasser Rnasser

        Of course you need decimals too with milimeters…. normally up to 0,01 mm , which is smaller than a thou.
        But you seldom need two decimal places, for example the Piccatinny rail has a 10 mm spacing and 3 mm high notches. Obviously, the primary units from the beginning were metric.

        • Mr Saturday Night Special

          There are two types of people in this world.
          Ones that use metrics
          Those that go to the Moon.
          Take your pick.

          • Rnasser Rnasser

            “those that went to the moon” have long adopted metric units… as well as nearly all US industries, labs, etc. Just the peasants use the US customary system.

          • ArjunaKunti

            America went to the moon by using German scientists and technology!

            Had the Germans the same budget for space industry as the NASA in the second half of the century they would have colonized the solar system since then.

          • Lee Enfield

            LOL….as an engineer I’m pretty sure we primarily went to the moon using metric but your comment exhibits the best of that “American exceptionalism” spirit.

  • DaveC79

    Thanks for sharing. To me blueprints are art, love looking at them.

    • Just say’n

      Nyet blueprints, AK made with hammer and anvil.

  • Lee Enfield

    So when can we expect this to be entered into FreeCAD with a working 3D animated model that’s verified on a 3D printer?

  • Erik Davis

    forget that, where’s an M3A1 grease gun?!

  • Freefly

    Very cool and much appreciated.

  • You have a few errors on the names/model of guns you labeled your drawings. The “armors tools” are actually the butt stock cleaning kit tools. The AK47 receiver drawing is actually the AKM drawing and the AKM pistol grip is a AK47 grip.

  • McThag

    QUICK! Someone tell Palmetto State Armory!

    • Stephen Paraski

      Tell IO Inc.

      • Wow!

        IO Inc makes fine rifles. I don’t understand the hate on them. Same with Palmetto. I have not see any flukes from the ones I have done orders for.

  • @Hrachya Any thing for the AK-74?

    • Hrachya H

      First two drawings from the book are AK-74 blueprints …the gas block and the front sight block.

  • B. Young

    I found this place 20 years ago called Lakeland Blueprint and they will print to scale this type of waaaay out of patent plans for you very reasonable. I’ve also had them print plans of my own design for a 1919A4 semi and a M2Hb semi for ATF approval then mailed to me. The owner actually understands what semi kit building is and that is legal to print plans. Some plans I emailed to them and some they scanned for me and printed and then sent me a PDF. They also have a military helmet/hat museum with 300+ samples! sent me some pictures…

  • Max

    Smeagol, why you will not share !

  • Fox Hunter

    Trump should remove all sanctions on Russia. Americans deserve to have all the Russian guns they can afford. Come on Trump! Make America Straight Again!

    • Wow!

      Yes, but all trade should be paying tarriffs to get the privilege of selling to our market. Free economy refers to a national condition, not to international trade. If foreigners can participate in our economy against private businesses, we get the situation we have with China and Mexico where they can outcompete due to having a lower standard of living and higher government control of production.

  • MPWS

    You have my respect and admiration. You are right with hand-work contents on AK rifles. Videos from Izhevsk prove it.

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    Thanks for the dwgs. Much appreciated, looking for future of the same.

  • Wow!

    Why won’t you share the blueprints? It isn’t like it is special information. Plenty of PDFS online show the dimensions for broaching all the parts of the AK.

  • cncguy

    RifleConnection is a great source for most all AR, AK, 1911 models. They offer blueprints and 3d solid models to spec.