Volquartsen’s Limited Run 10/22 Takedown

Volquartsen rifle

Volquartsen Firearms is a well known company in the gun industry. Its work with rimfire rifles and pistols is near legendary in the minds of many people. When Ruger introduced the 10/22 Takedown rifle, Volquartsen supported it. Now, the company is offering a limited run of 10/22 Takedown rifles that may be of interest to .22 LR shooters.

The limited edition gun is built on the Ruger receiver, but has a range of other parts to make this a solid upgrade over the stock rifle. The company uses one of its own barrels that is threaded and comes with a compensator style muzzle device. On top of the barrel is a Picatinny rail for the addition of a scope or holo site. By attaching the optic to the barrel, there is no need to re-zero the scope after the rifle has been taken down. The barrel has an OD green finish.

Volquartsen uses a Magpul Take Down stock on this rifle. The stock is also OD green to match the barrel. Unloaded, the gun weighs approximately 5.3 pounds. The company set the price at $900 for these rifles. Although it does not specify how many guns will be made, the company does state that these are a “limited run.” Presumably, you should get one sooner rather than later if it is of interest to you.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Ed

    But does it have all the volksquarten internals as well?

    • derder ed

      At that price, who cares?

  • Dave Plunkett

    $900 for a 22?
    What are they smoking?
    Fire your marketing manager right now!!!!!
    This guy is going to put you out of business with this crazy pricing.

    • USMC03Vet

      Boutique .22’s!
      Sucker born every minute and the firearm industry knows how to catch’em all.

  • JBurridge

    Volquartsen also makes a 10/22 bolt called the Firefly that is specifically designed to maintain semi auto functionality with CCI Quiet 22 ammo (which kind of dribbles out of the barrel at 710 fps) but it’s absolutely BB gun quiet. Get one of those and raise the price up to $1,100. Why not?

    • Cymond

      Thanks, hadn’t heard about that.

      • JBurridge

        It’s pretty neat. I get 100% semi-auto function with the CCI Quiet 22’s and random-seeming 75%-ish function with regular CCI subsonic and Aguila subsonic. Which means to me it’s a fun range/big backyard toy.

    • Pumpkin King XXIII

      Actually, the firefly is the bolt they designed for the 22 short conversion that they discontinued. They just repurposed it.

  • Pumpkin King XXIII

    I would prefer a charger set, with a rifle stock and riffle length barrel.