FN Now Offering Short Barrel Rifles to Consumer Market


In the United States, simple items like sound suppressors and rifles with 14.5″ barrels have been demonized because of their inclusion in the National Firearms Act of 1934. There is much debate about what, if any, public benefit can be had from this law. However, as far back as I can remember “sawed-off shotguns” and other NFA items have been portrayed as literal tools of evil by a lot of people – including some of those that generally support gun rights.

That, however, seems to be changing.

Sound suppressors are now much more common with nearly every major manufacturer offering threaded barrel options on its firearms. Even companies like SIG SAUER and Ruger are getting into the suppressor manufacturing business. For what may be the first time since the Great Depression, there is a very real chance that sound suppressors may be available to US citizens without the additional paperwork, taxes and delays imposed by the NFA.

I wonder if we are seeing a similar revolution taking place with the concept of the short barrel rifle (SBR). SBRs have been available in growing numbers, though mostly from smaller companies. FN America is now jumping into the SBR game with a pair of AR-style carbines that have barrel lengths well below the 16″ NFA requirement. With a major manufacturer like FN making SBRs, I wonder if other companies will quickly follow suit.

The first FN-15 is one of the company’s Patrol Carbines with a 10.5″ barrel. This 5.56 NATO gun has a barrel with a 1:7″ twist, button rifling and a chrome lining. It has the typical features and looks of an A2-style rifle, but one that weighs less than 6 pounds with an overall length of 26.5″ – 30″. The MSRP is $1,149.


The second rifle has a 14.5″ barrel with the same rifling and chrome lining. This gun differs from the shorter one by adding a Midwest Industries 12″ hand guard with M-LOK attachment points and eliminating the front sight base. It weighs in at a hair over 6 pounds. It also has an MSRP of $1,149.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Anonymoose

    Is that 14.5″ pinned and welded, and if not, why not? It would save people the headache of tax stamps and travel restrictions.

    • nuartyboy

      Having it pinned and welded would defeat the purpose of a factory SBR now, wouldn’t it?

      • guy

        Why would you buy a factory SBR at 14.5″ was the point of his question. It’s pretty silly to pay for a tax stamp and only get an inch and a half shorter weapon

        • pvw20

          Troof dat

        • KestrelBike

          Well, once the tax is paid, you can mount other uppers/barrels on that registered lower.

        • Zach Robinson

          Because FNH’s flash hider is just that, and only that. I ran a registered 14.5″ SBR for a while (it was one of two uppers I had at the time) and found it to be a more ideal length than the previous 12.5″ upper I had. That is to say once I’d added a QD muzzle device and suppressor I began to rethink that position and ended up with an 11.5″. Pinned muzzle devices are stupid, and registering SBR’s are more stupid, but I’d much rather have the ability to change muzzle devices without having to fork over $100.00 to have a gunsmith unpin and repin my muzzle.

          • nuartyboy

            ^ This. Those guys/gals that want a factory SBR (who don’t want the extra markings on the registered lower) are going to swap out the barrel/complete upper anyways. The snarky comment to @disqus_5jxOuxOxDa:disqus was regarding his dumb comment about pinning & welding a factory SBR. You can do that currently without paying for the stamp so why would you make a comment like that?? @dereksearles:disqus lets not kid yourself; maybe “Shortfellow” is more appropriate for what you contributed to this conversation…

        • int19h

          Because you want to get the same exact gun they sell to the Army. These are for collectors.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        Yes and condoms defeat the purpose of STDs. You make that comment that like you want to pay an extra $200 for your 14.5.

    • Lead Kisses

      To allow the break/gas block/rail to be easily changed of course.

  • Spade

    Will they be selling the uppers?

    • Anonymoose

      I swear I saw them for sale online somewhere recently.

  • Jarrad

    What happened to the Tactical Pro Series? I saw a 12.5 inch carbine awhile back that interested me. These are not those

  • Felix

    Welp time for that xm177 clone I been wanting since I was 5

  • Joe Schmo

    I was expecting them to be “Collector’s Edition” mil-spec rifles for the low cost of $1,700.00!

    Pleasantly surprised they are actually affordable.

  • USMC03Vet

    I’ll never understand the allure of the SBR when braces exist and are available. Even then it’s a stretch since you lose velocity for hypothetical operator operations that are less likely to happen than Hillary admitting she’s a reptilian.

    • because a brace isn’t a shoulder stock and was not designed to be such. it was meant to be used by cripples who couldn’t put both hands on a gun.

  • plenty of people are fine with the nra because of the harsh penalties if someone straw buys one of those items or uses one in a crime. hence why next to none that are legally bought get used in crimes.

    you should be advocating for repeal of the hughes amendment that repeal is much more likely to get done and far more public support.

  • Thomas Acton

    “has the look and feel of a typical A2 rifle”??
    dude, do you even know the features on A2 Rifles? smh.

  • Colonel K

    It really is ludicrous how anti-gunners in the press, politics, and entertainment industry have been able to demonize and mis-characterize different types of firearms for the better part of a century. Machine guns are bad because they put too many holes in you too quickly, but buckshot is okay. Short barrel rifles and shotguns are dangerous because they are “concealable”, but handguns are fine. Suppressors are evil because…well that one has me stumped. These propagandists are so practiced at selling snake oil to the naive and lazy that I bet they could convince the majority of the public that sugar and fat are deadly, but turds are nutritious. Come to think of it, they have.