TFBTV: H&K MP7 Submachinegun Mini-Documentary

In this episode of TFBTV, James and Patrick interview representatives of Battlefield Las Vegas and Heckler and Koch to get some basic information about the mysterious H&K MP7 Submachinegun. Of course, James and Patrick (as well as TFBTV’s camera guys, who had never shot a gun before SHOT 2017) get to cut loose with the MP7 on camera. Note that the version fired at Battlefield is an MP7A1, while the model used by H&K’s rep is the A2 variant.

If you want a little background on the MP7 before watching the mini-doc, no one sets the stage better than TFB’s own Nathaniel F. The following excerpt is from Nathaniel’s article “The HK PDW: The Origins Of The MP7”:

Though rare in the wild, mostly seeing use with special units and some police departments, is a favorite of Hollywood movie-makers and Triple-A video game developers, thanks to its compact size, striking looks, and fully automatic firepower. The gun itself, however, was originally intended to be an inexpensive, compact, and unobtrusive weapon that would be better for troops far from the front, the MP7 eventually became a weapon more commonly associated with the tip of the spear, direct action teams, and SWAT officers.

The MP7 began life in the last year of the 20th Century as the Heckler & Koch PDW, which was intended to compete directly with the Fabrique Nationale P90 in NATO trials to standardize an echelon weapon for second-line troops, vehicle crews, and support personnel.

The resultant MP7 differed somewhat from the PDW, in that it was heavier (1.9kg/4.2lbs vs 1.6kg/3.5lbs) had a longer rear receiver, a flash hider, full length top Picatinny rail (deleting the molded in fixed ironsights of the prototype), taller buttpad, and mounting points for rails on the sides of the forward receiver housing, all changes which hastened the PDW’s evolution from a dedicated personal defense weapon to a more generalized submachine gun that could be used equally well by echelon troops or direct action teams. This evolution is ongoing today, as Heckler & Koch recently released the MP7A2 variant, which does away with the folding vertical foregrip of previous versions in favor of a tri-rail mount.

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  • Stuki Moi

    Is looking as badass as the kit they sell, a prerequisite for getting a job at HK?

    • Henry Reed

      You also have to say “weapon system” at least once a minute.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Well, cheaply made guns shouldn’t cost $3,000, but glass filled polymer weapon systems with “German engineering” – oh, $3,000 all day erry day.

      • Steve_7

        The most amusing bit was when he was talking about the availability of the ammunition.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    There has never been a better example of “miswanting” than the civilian romantic tragedy that is the HK MP7.

    Gun is a turd. It’s huge for what it is, it’s a .17 cal, literally everything about it is trumped by the P90. And if it were available, no one would actually want it – see PS90.

    • Nah, it is pretty badass and uber functional too

      • CommonSense23

        Have you shot one?

        • Have you flown sorties in a F22? How do know it doesn’t suck balls then?

          • CommonSense23

            Well I have spent quite some time with a MP7. The gun is huge, it’s got a really weak round. Jumps critique is pretty on the money.

    • Timmybadshoes

      I am guilty of wanting this gun. Have had the chance to shoot it and it was fun in full auto but shot the TP9 next to it and think that it is a better gun as it shoots 9mm. Only if it didn’t have the proprietary muzzle device.

    • Steve_7

      I agree, I’ve used them both and the P90 is clearly the better gun. Which is why NATO wanted to standardize on 5.7×28 for the PDW, but Germany wouldn’t let them.

  • M C

    TFBTV was brought to you today by the letters H, K, M, P and the number 7.

    (I may have got a bit carried away…)

    • Don Ward

      Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.

  • Ed

    I hate these tease articles on guns our crappy gub’ment won’t ever let us mere peasants have….but they’re WAY better than that quasi-political garbage over at T.haT. other A.rticles of G.uns writing site is running! Bravo for keeping it on the gun side!

  • durabo

    Does Mike from H&K need to put his fingers in front of the muzzle while explaining the beauty of the HK-7?

  • Ken

    “. . . the most incredible experience in my life.” Really???

  • Harry’s Holsters

    This should have won instead of the Sig P320.

  • Suppressed

    I’m too lazy to search, but wasn’t this exact same article just posted not too long ago?

  • The Brigadier

    I got shoot both the MP5 and the P90 at a machine gun ranch in New Mexico seventeen years ago. The MP5 was very accurate on single shot, but the P90 was the clear winner. On full auto with tracers it looked like a laser beam. The groupings at 20, 30 and 40 yds were simply amazingly tight. That was the first time I ever fired a bullpup. I still want a P90.

  • Blake

    what’s “Soviet body armor”?